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Sphere AUTHOR Michael Crichton Read & Download ó 4 Â A group of American scientists are rushed to a huge vessel that has been discovered resting on the ocean floor in the middle of the South Pacific What they find defies their imaginations and mocks their attempts at logical explanation It is a spaceship of phenomenal dimensions aTheir attempts at logical explanation It is a spaceship of phenomenal dimensions apparently undamaged by its fall from the sky And most startling it appears to be at least three hundred years old. I had some idea what to expect when I picked up the late Michael Crichton's sci fi thriller Sphere because I'd seen the movie years ago a movie I love by the way despite a lot of lambasting from the critics and grumbling from the book's fans Sure it isn't perfect with its moments of cheese and flubs; nevertheless the exciting chilling core of Crichton's story is evident and for me the film still stands as a great example of escapist cinema that mesmerizing addictive blend of science fiction and horror But I'm probably forgiving than most One of my favorite movie genres is space horror There's something about the claustrophobic sueeze of the 'group in peril' scenario as it hurtles through the freezing oxygenless void of space where no one can hear you scream Or the imperiled stranded on an uninhabited hostile planet where the very environment wants to kill you Alien Aliens Moon 2001 A Space Odyssey Event Horizon and Pitch Black just to name a few Sphere is not set in space but it might as well be It takes the reader deep into the darkest part of the ocean where unfathomable pressure forces threaten to crush and demolish where the only breathable oxygen is what you bring with you where the landscape is as alien and inhospitable as anything found in outer space A thriller should thrill It should keep you turning the pages long into the night white knuckled and on the edge of your seat Horror should unsettle and disturb you compelling you to look over your shoulder and under the bed for that unnamed threat Science fiction should challenge your concept of reality bending your mind to what's possible to what could actually be In Sphere Crichton is firing on all cylinders as a storyteller accomplishing all three of these seemingly without any effort at all It's such a treat to see an author in this much control of his narrative I read this compulsively voraciously rarely coming up for air I can only imagine the inexorable tension I would have experienced had I not seen the movie and therefore knew most of what to expect Even so the whole experience remained thrilling and deliciously unnerving The pacing is pitch perfect each devastating reveal coming at the exact right moment Who or what Jerry is becomes a maddening puzzle his voice and demeanor as terrifying and memorable as HAL 9000

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A group of American scientists are rushed to a huge vessel that has been discovered resting on the ocean floor in the middle of the South Pacific What they find defies their imaginations and mocks. First an overlong apologist's review of Michael Crichton Then a very short review of Sphere Life update I am procrastinatingIn my opinion you can only truly rate a Michael Crichton book by a the depth and originality of the concept and b the lucidity of the monologueessay that will always occur usually as a rant from some broken visionary genius or another approx 45 of the way through the book Rating Michael Crichton on his prose either its subtlety or execution is sort of pointless there's no doubt that this man is a shitty prose writer short on synonyms and prone to spend most of his energy on frenetic descriptions of action He's basically writing scripts which is why the man gets the Dan Brown money but no respect from the smarties So in the man's defense Michael Crichton is not really a writer he's an idea man and that's what attracted me to him in the first place way back at age eleven He's the first person I know of since maybe Jules Verne or HG Wells to do high uality sci fi thought experiments almost always focused on some aspect of humanity's inexorable progress In his better books these are made far interesting by the aforementioned monologueessay This is a hat trick I've never seen another writer skilled or not employ so effectively; these speeches almost always provide a genuinely surprising counterpoint and reframes the innovations Crichton describes in terms of different core needs So suddenly the Timeline is not about BS uantum physics it is about the rising social need for authenticity Lost World is not about cashing in on the notion of cloning again; its about successful species as extinction level events These speeches are usually so tightly written in comparison to the rest of the text that I've started to think that Michael Crichton starts with them and build a plot outafterwards Sphere is in my opinion Michael Crichton's most interesting book on two levels First the plot a truly great parable on the endgame of technology and the long sought after dream of Alladin's magic lamp I don't want to go too deep but I'll say that it is in my humble hypothesis the uncredited inspiration for the excellent show Lost While the plot is a highlight I personally keep this book high on my list of favorites after all these years because of the Essay which breaks withplays off Crichton's typical form instead of a broken monologue with a human genius it takes the form of an italicized nearly stream of consciousness Socratic dialogue with something Again the writing is problematic Crichton manages to use the word foam 23 times or so in two paragraphs but even after all these years the content still stirs me the subject is consciousness and the power and meaning of the uestion mark again I'll let him do the rest You can and should disagree with his analysis you can shrug aside his monosyllables but if something in his notion of What Makes Humanity doesn't stir you then you are missing out You have finally and irrevocably left the seventh grade that painful age of wondering in favor of a well fortified adulthood and as nice as that sounds you probably left something essential behind Hmmm I may have gotten a little presumptive towards the end there I'm sure some very smart people have very good reasons for scoffing at Michael Crichton Allright let me adjust my position if you read Sphere and have thoughts positive or negative about the Essay please write me If

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Sphere AUTHOR Michael CrichtThe suspense is realTHE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEWA page turnerChichton's writing is cinematic with powerful visual images and nonstop action This book should come with hot buttered popcornNEWSWEE. Well that was very strangeThis book is a combination of psychological thriller and science fiction It follows a group of scientists as they investigate what is thought to be an alien vessel that crashed on the ocean floorCrichton's musings have a tendency to be deeply speculative of the human condition but without using language that alienates the audience I can follow his line of thinking easily without getting lost This novel's plot takes a sharp left turn off the path I expected it to take which isn't necessarily a bad thing It just gave me an odd feeling I wasn't sure how to anticipate what was coming Shit got real weird real uickThe conclusion of this novel was genuinely shocking There were moments here and there where I felt authentic fear I had the urge to keep looking over my shoulder even though the events taking place in the book didn't relate at all to what I was doing in real life But something was keeping me from investing in the characters I just couldn't relate to any of them on a personal level and I didn't much care who survived to the end of the book It's a well written piece of sci fi and definitely a novel that fans of the genre can enjoy It doesn't compare to Crichton's Jurassic Park but still a fun ride