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PDF ´ BOOK Up Jumps the Devil ¼ REFLECTIONSLISBURNLTD ´ “The sustained comedy in this hilarious novel is eualed only by its heart and the myriad ways there are for it to break I love this book Michael Poore writes like an angel”—Daniel Wallace author of Big FishJohn Scratch the Devil himself is the protagonist i“The sustained comedy in this hilarious novel is eualed only by its heart and the myriad ways there are for it to break I love this book Michael Poore writes like an angel” Daniel Wallace author of Big FishJohn Scratch the Devil himself is the protagoni This is the debut of the author who wrote Reincarnation Blues It's a hard book to classify because it has some paranormal elements the devil is the main character but it's also uirky It's been several weeks since I finished this so I'll keep it shortThe devil assumes several human identities throughout history living among Native Americans the Pilgrims a rock band ancient Egypt etc He has magic but it's not a main focus of the pot It's humorous with a dash of bizarre Example for some reason the devil starts out with a wooden body there's a party in Mexico that has been going on non stop for hundreds of years and has a talking dog When you sell your soul to the devil he just has it during your life and it can take the shape of a bird or butterfly depending on your personality and whether you are decent or a shitheadI really liked itRead this with the MacHalos

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Beat and original reading experience that fans of Chris Moore Joe Hill Chuck Palahniuk and Jim Shepard would sell their souls for a brilliant blending of the occult and the outrageous starring the anti hero of anti heroes the one and only Prince of Darkness The Devil went down to Georgiaand Rome and Egypt and California The Devil’s been all over the world and he’s still ambivalent about the two legged creatures called Man that are roaming it Taking the side of a Devil who doesn’t hate people or wishes to defy God much Mr Poore has crafted one of the most sympathetic warm and interesting takes on Old Scratch that I’ve ever read His Devil is funny mischievous childish menacing and playful—and not always as smart as he should be Mr Poore hasn’t made the mistake of letting the other characters in his book go begging; there are few one dimensional characters here although the angel Arden remains a bit of a cipher almost until the end But none can loom as large as Lucifer himself This Devil—magical mythical scary and very lonely—wants to change the world into another Eden to lure away an angel from Heaven and you can’t help but applaud his efforts even as you wince at the resultsIs Heaven on Earth for humans even possible What would you do to make the world a better place if you could uestions like these and so many fill the mind throughout Up Jumps the Devil marking it as the best kind of novelthe kind that has you thinking arguing muttering and uestioning long after you’ve read it

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Up Jumps the DevilSt in this stunningly imaginative sharp funny and tender novel as he tricks teases and prods America to greatness in the hope of luring his lost love back down to Earth from Heaven Up Pops the Devil is fiction with humor and heart the kind of hilarious off If Richard Brautigan and Hunter Thompson were to have had a love child and I shudder at the thought then Michael Poore would have been the result Mike writes with a toss away ease tongue firmly embedded in cheek and wit honed to rapier sharpnessI have to confess several things in writing this review The first is that Mike is a part of the increasingly famous Highland Writers Group in NW Indiana He has written stories with another member of the group Ted Kosmatka who has a new science fiction novel out called The Games with Ballentine Books HWG currently has either five or six published authors that I know of and I am also a memberI've known Mike for several years In that time I have babysat his dog Jake drank gallons of Jack Daniels eaten a half ton of food at Buffalo Wild Wings both of whom should be financing his book tour and have logged hours of discussion and debate with him some of which I recognize in the book So yeah Mike is a good friendHowever being friends I know that he will tell me if my writing isn't making it and I'll tell him if something sucks I listened to several chapters of this book as it was being written we read our work aloud at the HWG workshops and have watched as it metamorphasized But this is the first time I've read the book in it's entiretyThis is a rollicking good readMany people have criticized some of the minor points in the book such as the affection that cows seem to have for the devil I believe that is an attempt to weed out those readers that don't have a sense of humor and are too full of themselves I mean we have some Christian writers in our group and even they found some of that funnyThis is a book about the Devil as a fallen angel Lucifer is what some call him He prefers the name John Scratch And he thinks that Earth has the potential to be better than heaven Somewhere in my reading over the last five decades I read a uote that said I have to paraphrase If going to Heaven means that I am going to boringly sing hosannah's for the rest of eternity to a God that has the ego and mannerisms of a spoiled 4 year old brat then send me to Hell I'll be happier thereThat is what this book is aboutGod IS spoiled He steals Scratch's girlfriend And Scratch spends Centuries trying to make Earth better than Heaven so that he can lure her back and she will stay with himAlong the way Scratch learns what it is to be HumanAnd one has to wonder was that God's intent as well LOLNo this is NOT a religious book though it does poke fun at narrow minded thinking It also pokes fun at those of us that really don't know what we want but wish for something better The moral of the story is Be careful what you wish for you may get it just not the in the manner or way you expectedGood job my friend