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free read Mothers Heart (Mother-Earth, #3) ð PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ United we stand divided we fall The cunning and powerful Mogritas and his allies like a pride of ferocious lions maneuver and toy with the citizens of Mother before moving in for the kill Scattered across not one but two worlds Jenni and E moving in for the kill Scattered across not one but two worlds Jenni and her classmates struggle to reunite for a final battle against the centuries old shapeshi. Mother’s Heart Book Three of the Mother Earth SeriesBy Alan TuckerPaperback ISBN 978 0982686447 1499Kindle ASIN B007CL4ISU 399Alan Tucker brings the story of Jenny Kershaw and her friends to a dramatic conclusion in the third installment of the Mother Earth series Mother’s HeartAt the end of the last book Jenny was stranded back on earth in the company of a fire spirit named Neseus and his daughter an air spirit named Xenia Jenny was searching desperately for a way back to mother where all her friends and now even her parents areEventually after trying many different locations Jenny makes her way back to Mother This time Jenny isn’t the only human who finds a way to Mother in fact an entire group of Army members find a way to make a portal between Earth and Mother and are there to explore the planet and exploit its resources What they don’t realize is that like every other human who has ever come to Mother they are all changing into whatever the planet will make of them Thankfully the officer initially in charge of the team on Mother has one of his men record the changes taking place as a way to let the people back on Earth know that perhaps coming to Mother might not be the wisest decision they can makeWhen Jenny makes it back to Mother she discovers herself on the opposite side of the planet from her friends and family While there she makes friends with a young Gobinstratorai boy who is essentially a victim of forced slave labor Jenny manages to free him but becomes extremely aware of the fact that outside of Seren’naie the advanced city where Jenny and her friends eventually ended their initial travels on Mother there exists grave injustice Realizing she has to pick her battles Jenny has to ignore what is going on with the mind controlling class of elves and concentrate instead on getting back to her friends and familyThere is a ton of action in this book involving Jenny her old friends and new ones the Army and relatively new extremely dangerous threat Mogritas is at it again and is out to destroy Mother itself this time; taking away all that makes magic thrive on the planet Can Jenny and her friends stop him in time Is there even a chance of winning when the battle this time is so stacked in favor of the opposition I highly recommend you read this exciting YA and Middle Grade series

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United we stand divided we fall The cunning and powerful Mogritas and his allies like a pride of ferocious lions maneuver and toy with the citizens of Mother befor. The Mother Earth series has not only changed my opinion on reading but has also heightened my love for fantasy books a hundredfold Alan Tucker has woven a world into these pages unlike any I have ever read aboutMother’s Heart was an ending to a wonderful series Although I am uite sad that it is the end I cannot think of a better way that it could’ve ended This book was epic Absolutely epic Fantasy has also been my favorite genre of books and this series is definitely one of my favoritesThe character development that takes place from the very beginning is incredible Mr Tucker writes with such honesty that you feel like you actually know these characters that you’re feeling what they are feeling It’s all very cool beans Unless they’re hot Then aren’t cool at allAnother one of my favorite parts about this series and especially the final book is summed up in one fearsome word Dragons Dragons played a very significant role in these books and being some of my favorite mythical creatures I loved this The variety of the dragons was also greatly done Some breathed fire some acid others gas It was pretty awesomeThis is definitely a story that I recommend to any lovers of Tolkien Lewis and many of the other greats This series will always be among my favorites and I thank you Mr Tucker for writing a series that impacted me so AustinReadingteennet

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Mothers Heart Mother Earth #3Fter Can they band together in time Or will old frictions and new threats tear them and their adopted world apart Ruin or salvation the answers lie in Mother's Hea. Filled with imagination at its best this original story captured my interest from the startThis continuing saga finds Jenni and co fighting for their very survival that and the amazing and magical world of MotherBattles rage on all frontsthat's all I will sayIf you want a fabulous read steeped in the unusual with a cast of original characters my favourites being the elementals this story is perfectWell written with wonderful descriptions loved itHighly recommended