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SUMMARY ☆ Hidden Paradise Ë Louisa Connelly a recently widowed Jane Austen scholar needs some relief from her stifling world When a friend calls to offer her a temporary escape from her Montana ranch she is whisked into a dizzying world of sumptuous food flowing wineand endless temptationShe's an honored guest at Paradise Hall an English resort boastingBoasting the full experience of an authentic Georgian country house weekend Liveried servants tend to every need of houseguests clad in meticulous period costume snug breeches low cut silken gowns and negligible undergarmentsIt's Mac Salazar a journalist immersing himself fully deeply lustily in the naughty pleasures. Received from Harleuin through NetGalleyLouisa Lou Connelly an American Jane Austen scholar who has recently been widowed after only five years of marriage is finding it very hard to come to terms with the loss of her beloved Julian while at home on their Montana ranch When two friends invite her over to England she jumps at the chance to change her surroundings and the opportunity to think about what she wants to do with the rest of her life Lou’s friends Peter and Chris are in the last stages of opening Paradise Hall a resort in which people will have the opportunity to experience an authentic Georgian country house weekend and they need her knowledge about Jane Austen and her time to make sure they are getting all the details right However while the weekends will be authentic as far as setting food and clothing are concerned it is anybody’s guess if their ideas about the sexual exchanges between the visitors are also true to historyOnce in Paradise Hall Lou finds that while being there doesn’t make her feel any closer to her deceased husband it does re awaken her interest in men and the joys of intimacy Her exchanges with Mac Salazar a journalist with a lot of Mr Darcy ualities are belligerent and exciting and soon lead to steamy encounters And then there is Rob the young servant who Lou can’t uite get out of her head and who has a lot to learn from herTwo shocking discoveries later it seems that Lou’s time in Paradise is well and truly over The real world beckons and with it some tough decisions This is a book that both delighted and disappointed me I loved the idea of the Jane Austen naughty weekends and enjoyed the descriptions of the house its surroundings the clothes food and activities In fact I would have loved detail like that But it seems that the author was so busy making sure that every character who got mentioned than three times had a back story with some drama in it that there really wasn’t the time or pages to get period –or any other detail in Don’t get me wrong I want the characters in my books to have a back story as well as issues they have to resolve However I do not think the story improves just because every single character has issues If the author had left some of the characters – Peter and Chris Di – issue free she could have devoted time to the three main characters in this story as well as the historical detail and I feel the story would have benefited from such an approachI’m also not sure how happy I was about the perspective in this story being shared between four characters with every chapter being narrated by somebody else I found this to be a bit confusing at times and it didn’t help the smooth reading of this bookHaving said all of that overall this book was easy to read and the story managed to carry me away to its fantastical setting on several occasions Some of the plot lines in this book were fascinating and could have deserved a whole book of their own rather then being sueezed in here amongst many others I’m not very knowledgeable about Jane Austen her books and her time so I can’t commend on how true to those origins this book is What I do know is that despite my reservations I did enjoy this story and loved the naughty nature of the weekends The sexual content while in good supply was rather straight forward and sweet as were the relationships between the charactersOverall I spend a few enjoyable hours with a charming story that could have been uite a bit


Louisa Connelly a recently widowed Jane Austen scholar needs some relief from her stifling world When a friend calls to offer her a temporary escape from her Montana ranch she is whisked into a dizzying world of sumptuous food flowing wineand endless temptationShe's an honored guest at Paradise Hall an English resort. This book was fantastic I loved the emotional journey that Lou finds herself on She is trying to deal with grief denial anger betrayal guilt lust and love all at the same time Lou is trying to maintain a connection to her recently deceased husband while also trying to establish new romantic connections She finds herself back in time while visiting the newly renovated Paradise Hall a project of good friends of hers While there Lou realizes that she is not going to find the connection to her husband she was looking for but she may be able to love again Lou struggles with the guilt of letting her husband go and the fear of connecting with someone new and risking loss again When Lou discovers that her extreme happiness with her husband may not have been all that she thought it was she is thrown into even emotional turmoil Her new friends and potential love interests Mac and Rob are there to help her sort through some of her emotions and her desires But can either of them be strong enough to help Lou regain emotional stability

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Hidden ParadiseOf upstairs downstairs dalliances who piues Louisa's curiosity and libido most He's a dilettante straight out of a novel uninhibited unapologetic and nearly insatiable But Lou's not romantic about this much at least Paradise Hall is a gorgeous fantasy nothing A lover like Mac is pure fiction And the real world beckons. This book was provided to the reviewer by the author in exchange for an honest review at SeductiveMusingsblogspotcomAt first glance “Hidden Paradise” appears to be a standard literary device where disparate personalities are brought together at a semi isolated location where they exist in a time limited protected bubble to interact in various combinations which may result in love and other complications Think “Grand Hotel” or recently “The Love Boat” As the title hints however there is here than what appears on the surfaceThe location where all our characters are gathered is “Paradise Hall where anything can happen” according to the brochure produced by its proprietors Although several secondary characters weave in and out of the story our attention is paid most to Lou and Mac who are both subconsciously searching for something in their lives not realizing that what they seek could be found in each otherLou doesn’t really want to be at Paradise Hall but the scholar in her can’t resist the lure of a place where Jane herself may have once been a guest After all there may be something yet to be discovered on its grounds that can help Louise finally finish the dissertation she hasn’t been able to complete since the sudden death of her husband And the change of scenery complete with a full immersion in the Austen experience orchestrated by her two dear friends might just help her move on from mourning and be open to a new relationshipMac doesn’t really want to be at Paradise Hall either but he’s agreed to write an article on Paradise Hall for publication in advance of its grand opening He’s dallied about with women and relationships his whole life almost never turning down a chance at intimate female companionship This carelessness has resulted in Mac being emotionally alone despite the constant flow of women in and out of his life Until he meets Lou he’s never wanted to be better to do to deserve a real emotional connection with a woman Mac and Lou are immediately attracted to each other in spite of or perhaps because of the fact that their first meeting involved her looking in from a doorway while he was enjoying rather vigorous sex with someone else But there’s no guarantee that this attraction can become something let alone survive all the surface conflicts and unspoken expectations that each of them brings to Paradise HallThis was my first Janet Mullany book and if “Hidden Paradise” is any indication it will not be my last Normally I tend to consume books uickly especially romance novels where I am assured of an HFNHEA But I loved this book so much that I wanted to savor every minute reading it “Hidden Paradise” did such a good job of bringing these characters and this world to life for me that I wanted to stretch out the experience of reading it for the very first time The author’s knowledge of Austen and the Regency period are an invaluable part of sharing the Paradise Hall experience without becoming a distraction and the well drawn supporting characters only enhance the love story between Lou and Mac at its center For once I had no idea what would happen at the end and I was okay with that The journey was the gift and the ending was perfect