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Sixteen year old Neryn is alone in the land of Alban where the oppressive king has ordered anyone with magical strengths captured and brought before him Eager to hide her own canny skill a uniuely powerful ability to communicate with the fairy like Good Folk Neryn sets out for the legendary Shadowfell a home and trainin. There is some­thing inef­fa­bly mag­i­cal about Marillier’s nov­els There are pre­cious few authors in my opin­ion who cre­ate as earnest a fan­tasy envi­ron­ment replete with mys­ti­cism and magic as Mar­il­lier doesI feel a lit­tle embar­rassed and ashamed I was des­per­ate for this book After lov­ing Wild­wood Danc­ing and Heart’s Blood with a fiery pas­sion I was sure I’d adore this one tooThe first thing that you should know about Shad­owfell is that it’s not as much the same ilk as Wild­wood Danc­ing and Heart’s Blood It’s closer to her Daugh­ter of the For­est series in tone and story telling though less adult The sec­ond thing you should know is that the pace and story telling of this novel is even slower than that of Daugh­ter of the For­est If you’re not famil­iar with Marillier’s prior work then you will need to con­sider where the aspects of Lord of the Rings series in which Sam and Frodo were walk­ing to Mor­dor were some­thing you enjoyed as a reader If they weren’t then I would highly advise you give this a skip In fact if you’re not a fan of walk­ing in gen­eral then give this book a skip – there was a lot of damn walk­ing in this book A LOTWhilst the prose and char­ac­ters and sus­pense made up for a lot of the stag­na­tion in plot – it didn’t always feel enough to carry the novel enough for me to give it four stars Neryn’s char­ac­ter in par­tic­u­lar gave me great pause Marillier’s female pro­tag­o­nists are often strong capa­ble wise and dig­ni­fied That’s just the way she writes them and I love her for that But Neryn lacked the spark of per­son­al­ity of sub­stance that I usu­ally enjoy She has no real flaws – unless you count not being able to trust a man who she has no rea­son to trust I call that com­mon sense Per­haps she has a whole breadth of char­ac­ter that we haven’t seen yet I don’t know This novel doesn’t afford her to show much since she lives in a con­stant state of sur­vival modeOver all I would still pick this novel up over a whole host of nov­els but for a Mar­il­lier novel I felt a tad let down I’m hop­ing the next in the series shall rec­tify that and con­tain a great deal less walking This book was provided to me by the publisher

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ShadowfellWhose motives in doing so remain unclear Neryn struggles to trust her only allies They both hint that she alone may be the key to Alban's release from Keldec's rule Homeless unsure of who to trust and trapped in an empire determined to crush her Neryn must make it to Shadowfell not only to save herself but to save Alban. August 2014 re read Still just as good Maybe even better than I'd remembered I think most will feel the start is slow but I find this an eminently easy read that's comfortable and enveloping to step into The prose doesn't seem overt or in your face but it's so perfect at being what it needs to be that you just flow over the words and are swept alongSeptember 2013 re read thoughts I love this even on a re read Solid 45 stars Strong characters fascinating world and beautifully developed storyline Review I’d been meaning to pick up a book by Juliet Marillier for years before chance allowed me to get an early copy of Shadowfell I’m so glad I started here Ms Marillier’s prose is evocative and beautiful to read with lush descriptions that immerse you in the world and make you care about these characters Shadowfell is a pretty classic uest story with Neryn setting out to learn her powers accomplish tasks – which she doesn’t know details about – and finding a place where she can be who she isNeryn is a character that I instantly related to She made the decision long ago to live life something that is much harder than it sounds in the bleak world that Keldec has made of Alba On the run for much of her life seeing atrocities that would break others Neryn let all of that strengthen her resolve Added to this she’s unfailingly kind protective and smart – if a bit naïve At just 15 or 16 the text of my ARC copy did seem to waver on that it all felt real She’d experienced some things that made her grow up uickly than she should have and she still had an innocence about her that could frustrate me She did spend a good deal of time sick and relying on others for help but I didn’t hold that against her This was the first time she was really learning about what she was and assistance was needed What I loved here was that she still stood strong on her beliefs needs and what she needed to do It endeared me to her As I’m sure it did Flint – even while it frustrated him to no endFlint is a very conflicted character Though I was fairly sure of his true allegiance throughout the book there was just enough doubt thrown in there for me to uestion just enough that I understood when Neyrn didn’t trust him and took some rather risky chances I would love to see a bit from Flint’s point of view but I think the lack of that made me really appreciate what I did get near the endWhile the pacing isn’t fast there is a lot happening in Shadowfell It’s a long journey and Neryn has to accomplish many things along the way I was pulled along desperate to see what happened next and how Neryn would beat these almost insurmountable odds to make it to her destination One slight warning while the book does end at a good stopping point this is definitely not the end of Neryn’s story There is a lot to be told in the next two books I didn’t think anything of this because it seems pretty common in fantasy novels but wanted to be sure others knew that the overall storyline is not tied up in these 400 pages Shadowfell is the best young adult fantasy I’ve read in a long time I enjoyed the story immensely and connected with the characters But the world is what will keep me coming back for Ms Marillier has a gift for writing one that I’m happy to have finally discovered – and I can’t wait for the next book in this trilogy

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Shadowfell Free read  109 Ô Sixteen year old Neryn is alone in the land of Alban where the oppressive king has ordered anyone with magical strengths captured and brought before him Eager to hide her own canny skill a uniuely powerful ability to communicate with the fairy like Good Folk Neryn sets out for the legendary Shadowfell a home and training grouG ground for a secret rebel group determined to overthrow the evil King Keldec During her dangerous journey she receives aid from the Good Folk who tell her she must pass a series of tests in order to recognize her full potential She also finds help from a handsome young man Flint who rescues her from certain death but. I offhandedly bought this series from Book Outlet one day and it's just been sitting on my shelves I've felt sort of reading slumpy after A Court of Mist and Fury so I figured a new series would be just what I needed Never in my wildest dreams did I expect the start of this series to blow me away like it did “It seemed to me it would be better to die standing up to a tyrant than to survive as a tool of his will” Shadowfell was everything I could ever want in fae story It was so magical and whimsical yet so full of adventure and mystery Juliet Marillier's writing flows so elouently that it was impossible not to become addicted to this world after chapter one In this world some people are blessed with canny gifts There is a vast array of canny gifts from being able to see the future to altering people's minds to just heightened senses and skills These are all outlawed and punishable by death unless it would work in the favor of the king Keldec Not only is anything involving these gifts illegal even talking to or housing fae or people who have is punishable by death Autumn is the time of the Cull and is even dangerous for wandering travelers The king's enforcers will kill mercilessly seeking out these individuals and their entire villages They do not hesitate they exhibit no restraint They take and they take and Oh my gosh I am such Hamilton trashThis book surrounds Nerya who has a very special canny gift Normally the faeGood FolkLittle Ones only can be seen or heard by humans if they wish to do so Well Nerya can see and hear them all the time Obviously it's easy to see how useful that would be for the king so she has been hunted and on the run for a very long time Nerya's life has had a lot of sadness in it but in her childhood her grandmother taught her some things about the fae How to offer them food how iron hurts them and will keep them away how some things are worth a sacrifice After her father parts with her over three silver this book becomes an adventure story of Nerya trying to get to Shadowfell Along the way the adventure becomes full of uests uestions on who Nerya can trust and most importantly survival There is also a little romance but my bleeding heart wished there was much Flint is a double agent in this medieval world who is also harboring his own secrets Honestly I fell in love with him from the start Juliet Marillier lets the reader know from start to finish that Flint is not the drop dead gorgeous male protagonist we are used to the heroine swooning over and honestly that made me love him even “Be safe my heart” Also I know I said above that the fae in this book are called Good Folk and Little Ones but they aren't magical humans with pointed ears No no they are little creatures that come in all shapes and sizes Some even are much on the animal side when it comes to their looks I completely loved this version of fae and like I said before I easily became addicted to these characters and this world view spoilerAlso where can I sign up to get cuddled by 20 wolf puppies Because I need that in my life immediately hide spoiler