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Night of the Grizzlies free read å 106 Þ Jack Olsen's true account traces the causes of the tragic night in August 1967 when two separate and unrelated campers a distance apart were savagely mangled and killed by enraged bearsHt in August 1967 when two separate and unrelated campers a d. As I've mentioned before I am perversely interested in stories of grizzly bear attacks This is a true account of two deaths in Glacier National Park Montana in 1968 written by the popular mysterythriller writer Jack Olsen It is a readable and intriguing report

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Istance apart were savagely mangled and killed by enraged bea. Up until the early 1970s Americans viewed their immense wilderness much the same way they had zoos national parks were places to go animal watching Montana’s Glacier National Park in 1967 was no different In fact Glacier rangers understood perhaps than anyone that park goers dropped huge sums of money each summer for a chance to see a real life grizzly up close and personal Despite the official ban on bear baiting like good entrepreneurs park officials overlooked if not encouraged employees to lure bears with garbage Visitors became spellbound by the nightly displays of huge grizzlies rummaging through half eaten donuts bacon grease chicken bones Such an unnatural disrespectful attitude toward wildlife was bound to reach a catastrophic apexWritten 45 years ago Jack Olsen’s “Night of the Grizzlies” details the separate fatal mauling of two young girls on the same sticky summer night back in 1967 Originally written as a journalist piece Olsen realized the story reuired far attention A fascinating straightforward 200 page book unfolded that has captivated readers for nearly 50 years The book builds from scenic descriptions of Glacier National Park to the individuals and animals living visiting and working in the park that are central to the story Each individual has a backstory and reason for being at the park Each provides clarity into what might have gone wrong that led to the two women’s deaths The two grizzlies themselves become central characters One is an old gangly deformed boar with signs of brain damage and despite the number of complaints about its harassing of campers and fishermen park officials largely allow the bear to roam freely to scavenge from unkempt campsites and fish guts left along the lakes The other is a sow concerned with rearing her young She knows the easiest way to feed her two offspring—the bear baiting areas around the popular lodges There’s little information about the backdrop of the times other than uick mentions of the central characters' backgrounds A park ranger is a Vietnam veteran many of the kids who work summer internships at park souvenir shops participated in a few protest marches before discovering the park’s grandeur The novel focuses on the activities inside the park as if the rest of the world is a mere frame This gives the reader a sense of timelessness and perhaps explains partly why Olsen’s book has endured for nearly five decadesThere’s no hardcore or sentimental environmentalism in this book Written in 1968 pre PC era some readers might cringe from the constant reference of one figure as “the Indian” The book today is as important as when first published The two catastrophic events that took place on the same night symbolize than a rare occurrence Americans reuired a long and hard look at how we viewed our expansive wilderness Beyond park mismanagement a culture of disrespect and ignorance permeated It’s almost embarrassing reading the attitude many people had toward nature America’s immense wilderness had become a circus sideshow Fortunately in large part due to books like Olsen's “Night of the Grizzlies” that attitude has changed although improvement is needed especially from the wildlife management angle which now views wildlife as so venerable they've gone from mistreating wildlife to worshiping it I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in bears wildlife management Glacier National Park or if you like a gripping tale that smolders until you can bearly stand it

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Night of the GrizzliesJack Olsen's true account traces the causes of the tragic nig. Obviously Olsen is uite taken with Glacier National Park and the first section of the book is devoted to a close examination of the flora and fauna of that region before he delves into the habits of Ursa Horribilis otherwise known as the Grizzly Bear They are huge creatures standing erect sometimes close to eight feet tall and despite their size can run faster than you’ll ever hope to Their habitat has been under pressure for decades “ the destruction of the forests in which he could hide the plowing of the plains on which he grazed the stringing of thousands of miles of barbed wire and the pervading unpleasant stink of man who only smells good to himself and his fellow man and not always then The grizzly of the plains as was his custom backed into the final suare miles of American wilderness avoiding a fight He is holed up there today his numbers reduced to less than 1000 perhaps as few as 500 his range restricted or less to a few states Montana Wyoming”Grizzlies had been living in Glacier National Park for decades and their relationship with humans had been a comfortable one each leaving the other alone In 1967 however an emaciated bear was seen foraging in garbage cans around Kelly’s Campground The permanent residents noticed his strange behavior and warned the rangers that this bear was not acting normally standing his ground when yelled at instead of running awayThe Park Service was torn clearly it had a rogue grizzly on its hands yet the ethic was to leave the wildlife as intact as possible The visitors didn’t take numerous warnings seriously and the end result a combination of negligence and procrastination coupled with some rule violations and insouciance resulted in two deaths and a maulingSeveral years ago my wife and I went horseback riding in Glacier National Park We had been told there had never been an attack on a person while on horseback Just the following week a group of riders ran into a large grizzly on the same trail we had been riding When one of the children fell off his horse and attracted the interest of the bearone of the guides reflexively charged the bear on “Tonk” a huge horse part Percheron and 18 hands high I owned a large Arab that was 16 hands and he was big that must have terrified the bear for he took off The horse and wrangler made it on Letterman The Letterman show can be seen at writes well and I must say the scenes describing the humangrizzly interactions are the stuff of nightmares