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Murder Takes Time (Friendship Honor #1) free read Ô 106 ò Nicky Fusco thought he knew right from wrong living by an oath of friendship honor with his three best friends But life took them down separate paths and the oath was broken Secrets were kept Years later they are reunited and the bonds of their friendship are brutally Nicky Fusco thought he knew right from wrong living by an oath of friendship honor with his three best friends But life took them down separate paths and the oath was broken Secrets were kept Years later they are reunited and. The author of Murder Takes Time Giacomo Giammatteo may be the Mario Puzo of our timeThe story begins 30 miles south of Philadelphia in Wilmington Delaware Located on the confluence of the Christina River and the Brandywine Creek A sizeable percentage of the residents as of the 2010 census claim Italian Irish and Polish ancestry Some spoilers if you continue readingNicky the Rat Fusco Tony the Brain Sannullo and Frankie Bugs Donovan grow up best friends in the southside Wilmington neighborhood of Cleland Heights Bound by their neighborhood code of friendship and honor Nicky rushes to aid his friends in a gang fight In an effort to save Frankie's life he shoots two of the rival gang members Nicky is sent to prison for 10 yearsWhen Nicky emerges from incarceration he finds the woman he loved has married another man His best friends Tony and Frankie have moved to New York City Heartbroken and with few contacts left he moves to New York to start a new life There he finds Tony involved in the mob which as an ex con he uickly assimilates into the culture and lifestyleFrankie on the other hand is now an adept homicide detective While investigating execution style murders of mobsters he notices all the evidence leads to his old neighborhood friends He must now choose between his oath and duty as a law enforcement officer or the bond of honor forged so many years earlierIn real life nothing is easy neither is it black and white Giammatteo creates a story that involves the conflicts of reality that sometimes pull at us from both sides of the tracks The author grew up in the Wilmington neighborhood of Cleland Heights The characters are fictional but certainly are drawn from real people and actual eventsThough there are some violent and graphic depictions frank and coarse language along with some titillating sexual encounters this isn't your typical mob story It entails complex situations and life choices which illuminate the human side of the characters regardless of their transgressionsGiammatteo's debut novel is breathtaking and groundbreaking He is purportedly working on a seuel The author attributes his writing acumen to St Elizabeth's the Catholic College Preparatory High School he attended where the nuns inspired encouraged motivated and beat an education into him The nuns may have been doing God's work but this novel is a gift to the rest of us mortals eNovel Reviews

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Hat rips your heart out By the time you’re done reading it you just might find yourself rethinking the definition of friendship honor even right and wrongThree boys one girl Friendship honor love betrayal It ends with murde. Book Synopsis A string of brutal murders has bodies piling up in Brooklyn and Detective Frankie Donovan knows what is going on Clues left at the crime scenes point to someone from the old neighborhood and that isn't goodFrankie has taken two oaths in his life the one he took to uphold the law when he became a cop and the one he took with his two best friends when they were eight years old and inseparable Those relationships have forced Frankie to make many tough decisions but now he faces the toughest one of his life; he has five murders to solve and one of those two friends is responsible If Frankie lets him go he breaks the oath he took as a cop and risks losing his job But if he tries to bring him in he breaks the oath he kept for twenty five years and risks losing his lifeIn the neighborhood where Frankie Donovan grew up you never broke an oath My Thoughts The first thing that I would like to talk about is the sheer physical weight of the book it is printed in Trade Paperback but the book is substantially heavy than one expects when it is sitting on a flat surface The subject matter is heavy as well Starting out with an immediate setting of a murder being committed the reader is drawn into the lives of 4 childhood friends following along you just sit back eagerly waiting to see what happens as things shift back and forth over the course of past and present day happeningsThe second thing that jumps to mind is how well crafted this story is it goes from past to present and back again without ever losing the reader along the way The childhood scenes are enthralling as the 4 boys Tony Frankie Nicky and Paulie will find their way into your hearts and you cannot help but feel a fondness for them as you watch their stories unfold Seeing these same 4 boys as grownups in the present day scenarios just cements your affection for all of themThe third thing that I really enjoyed was the sense of family that came through the love and care that the character of Mama Rosa Sannullo gave to each of the characters both as children and as young men was such a joy that you could not help but feel her warmth shine from the pages of each scene of the book she appeared in Her kitchen was a place where no one left hungry but her home was a place where no one felt unloved for me that really brought home the essence of what a true refuge she created for her son and his friendsI am now and always have been fascinated with relationships that start out in childhood and carry over later on in peoples lives The friendships that Tony Paulie Nicky and Frankie shared were intense than most because of their poor start in life as none of them came from well to do families The biggest difference between them came later on as the boys grew into young men Tony and Paulie became part of the Mob while Nicky ended up doing a stretch in jail and Frankie turned his back on the streets and became a police detectiveThis leads to my second fascination with the story that made me accept a chance to read it for myself the choices that Frankie has to make between upholding the law and upholding his honor by standing by his friends when things get dicey There is a fine line drawn between right and wrong however finding out that life is not really black and white but rather shaded grey is what really makes the final decision on Frankie's part so interestingAs I followed the lives of these characters they became and real even when reading about how the murders were orchestrated the brutality shown by the killer was not my main concern but the reasons behind why the crimes were committed in the first place was what really interested me Reading the how the why and the what was truly a lesson in how the human mind works and very well described by the author to the point you forgot that the man who committed the crimes was himself a criminal as there were justifications for some of his actions It is a story that has to be read for you to understand for yourself why I think so I do not condone murder for any reason but in the context of this book it has it's placeThere are many crime drama writers today that I enjoy but very few of them managed thus far to encapsulate into one tale the compelling ties of family loyalty friendship love trust betrayal honor and romance that fill the pages of this book Murder Takes Time may be the first book author Giacomo Giammatteo has penned but it will not be the last book of his that I will read that is for sureThrilling story riveting plot fantastically real characters all combined to make this one of my favorites for 2012 reading experiences Copy of book from author in exchange for honest review

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Murder Takes Time Friendship Honor #1The bonds of their friendship are brutally tested putting them on a collision course set in motion long agoMurder Takes Time is not a typical murder mystery or mob story It is a thriller a romance and a coming of age story t. For all the times you’ve heard the phrase ‘couldn’t put it down’ about novels let me tell you MURDER TAKES TIME fills the bill perfectlyGiacomo Giamatteo has produced a terrific story woven through the lives of several young men from the ghettos Friendship and Honor feature almost like characters themselves in this bonding of their pathways from adolescence into adulthood The strains that threaten to sever the ties develop beautifully under Giamatteo’s superb ear for the language of the streets and particularly the overriding tones of family Detective Frankie Donovan finds a series of gruesome murders spinning back towards his old friends most of whose lives have grown apart from his into the world of the New York mob The seuence of events seem to be always a half a pace ahead of the law as each part of the story unwinds However with each personality clearly marked across its pages this is not a run of the mill mafia saga The detail that leaps into each scenario is riveting hence the ‘couldn’t put it down’ tag I won’t give any spoilers in this review but suffice to say lovers of great crime story telling with its balance of what’s right versus what’s legal will have a field day with MURDER TAKES TIME Most enjoyable