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Athe An amazing story Sit down Inhale Now while you still can Ever since the Switch when the oxygen levels plummeted and most of humanity died the survivors have been protected in glass domes full of manufactured air Protected or trapped Or controlled Alina's a revolutionary who believes we can save the environment uinn's a Premium who's never had to worry about having enough air His best friend After I finished this book I started thinking about how sometimes writers who are known for a particular genre suddenly decide to write something different and how odd it is I guess there are obvious genres a writer can go into Fantasy authors are comfortable writing sci fi Horror authors can write paranormal booksBut verse novels to dystopia I was sceptical to say the leastThis book was alright I’ve read a lot of dystopian books and I’m beginning to feel a bit disillusioned I think dystopians and me well we need to break up for a bit I need to take a step backlook after myself see other genres eat chocolate the usualWhile the story of Breathe was ok and relatively different to other dystopians out there I can’t really say that it brought anything new to the genreIn the YA house party the dystopians are the cool kids that stand around in the kitchen making people feel uncomfortable and inadeuate when they go in for some vodka They’re loud and everyone knows who they are even if they're not in that group and they’re exciting and everyone wants to be in their gang But then if you get to know them a bit you realise that they’re all well kind of the same They do the same things They say the same things And they can’t take their alcohol And they inadvertently grope you when you try and grab a handful of party ringsI guess I’m just getting a bit tired of them Maybe it’s because I don’t have as much time to read as I used to but I’m starting to actively seek books that are different and challenge me as a reader I want books that tell a different story have different kinds of characters Maybe I’m just a renegade YA reader but I want to be genuinely shocked at plot twists; I don’t just want a story that relies on a love interest who’s strong and serious and a bit dull a feisty heroine and a grouchy governmentI think I just want to hang out in the garden taking hilarious pictures and sharing a bottle of wine and talking about life with the contemporariesBut this wasn’t a complete write off for me Ms Crossan can write it’s obvious that she can She has a story and she tells it Whether or not I believed in the story is beside the point I read this book in a day while the Olympics were on Whether I want to admit it or not this book had my attentionAlina was was well she’s OK Of course she was a badass and of course she was feisty and of course she was beautiful and of course everyone loved her I’m just getting a bit bored of these girls who want to start revolutions but then end up getting everyone into a pickle because they’re a bit dim and there’s a hot boy involved I think we started off on the wrong foot and unfortunately we never recovered I didn’t really feel like she added much to the story and I can’t decide why I have theories about the next book and I’m guessing that we’ll get to hear about her in the next bookLuckily we have Bea Oh Bea how I adored you Yeah you get a bit giddy over The Boy and we’ll talk about him later but on the whole you were a wonderful character Smart caring and really adorableRight uinn we’ll deal with you shall we As far as YA boys go you’re alright There were things I didn’t like which I’m going to talk about nowview spoilerYou’re best friends with a girl and you love being around her and you punch boys who get a bit flirty with her and you go on and on about how much you love Alina and you perve at her bum when she’s walking But all that’s OK because at the end you finally open your eyes which we’ll talk about later and snog her and then you’re a couplePlease Bea You should’ve made him work harder He doesn’t even know what colour your eyes are I wasn’t buying it As much as I love the shy girl getting the guy she’s pined over for yonks I’m not entirely sure that uinn deserved Bea I almost wanted Bea to kiss him and wipe her mouth and be like “Oh so that’s what it’s like to kiss you Meh I’ve had better” and then skip off hide spoiler

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Breathe author Sarah CrossBea is an Auxiliary who's never worried about anything but having enough air When the three cross paths they will change everything Sarah Crossan's thrilling and provocative novel is about passion about yearning for something better and about breaking free for the very first time The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books proclaims it an action packed dystopian series opener to watch out for It really pains me to say that I found Sarah Crossan's Breathe a significant disappointment in the line of YA dystopia fiction despite an interesting offering on a scientific concept what if oxygen were in rare supply in the overarching world What would happen to the people who couldn't afford to have it since trees are said to have become extinct and only the wealthy who control the production of the oxygen can afford to buy their sustenance It sounds like an interesting concept rightTo be blunt the oxygen notation of the book is just a side aspect of this dystopic universe it's never fully vetted out though noted with some half hearted assertions about why the world is the way it is that comes across as offending and scientifically bogus Breathe chooses to center on the lives of three teens two girls and one boy Alina Bea and uinn respectively in viewpoint Alina is a rogue young woman part of a rebel group fighting against the oppressive rule of the Breathe society which controls the amount of oxygen She undertakes a mission that she knows might get her caught and ends up recruiting the help of two other teens to make it back into the land outside of the controlled societyBea is a young woman who comes from a poor background and seeks to move herself up on her own terms in the Breathe society She's known uinn a boy who is part of the elite class of Premiums for a long time and has admired him from afar for some time Unfortunately he doesn't really notice her uinn can afford all the oxygen he needs among other things because of his family's rank so he comes across as a bit of a wealthy spoiled brat in terms When Bea and uinn are asked by Alina to accompany her past the Pod they have a two day supply of air to undertake a journey that they have no idea what will eventually happenTo say that I was underwhelmed and disappointed by this book in retrospect is an understatement The characters are incredibly flat and difficult to care about lacking a due amount of intimacy in the very beginning despite some rather stark turns in the plot To start the only reason Bea and uinn are following Alina is because uinn takes a liking to Alina and Bea goes along hoping that when they're done she can have uinn to herself winces Not a good way to start a story It's a weird measure to approach a love triangle this way which isn't really a love triangle you kind of understand who ends up with who after a certain point Even so the journey is not uite as easy as they would anticipate Considering bombs surviving in the wild and having a little old lady Maude steal your air tank at knifepoint don't really figure into the picture for these three teens Nonetheless they're in for the ride of their lives toggling between an oncoming war and an uprising against the oppression of the Breathe majorityI think much of this book progressed with such ridiculous back and forth assertions that it was difficult to take seriously and feel connected to The characters aren't really treated with many degrees of emotional intimacy and the reaction to significant events ie deaths is uite underscored through most of the book compared to the level of conflict There's so much focus on the romance and less on the harrowing situations that the characters supposedly face and it feels mostly shoved in the reader's perception There were certain static passages between the switching narratives that I felt didn't match up with the situation For instance during a trek where uinn is hurt and separated from the girls the girls don't really do much to worry about uinn except to speculate on his death and uinn isn't so much trying to get out of his hurtnear death situation except to speculate on how he ignored Bea for uite some time I think the character priorities aren't realistic for the world that is established here and it showsUltimately as the story moves forward there are some striking clashes between the Breathe society and their attempt to keep control uinn's father is a large part of this process and he's a crude character who doesn't care whom he hurts to get what he wants The story culminates in battles and clashes that end with losses but the ending of the novel is so abrupt and leaves so many loose ends that while I could see where it's left for a seuel it's not very inviting especially given the lack of intrigue with the primary cast save for a few significant events Those events weren't enough to save the novel for meI also found that I cared for a few side characters than I did the main ones One of those characters actually ends up getting killed and I hated the way that it was depicted because it didn't show enough emotional resonance for the cruelty that was displayedIn sum Breathe was much like a sucker punch to the gut in the wrong sense of resonance I wish it could've been a better experience to match the intrigue of its overarching premise Bad science insta love flat characterizations and ludicrous focus on certain aspects of the story really killed the experience for meOverall score 15Note I received this as an ARC from Edelweiss from the publisher HarperCollinsGreenwillow

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Breathe author Sarah Crossan kindle ↠ Kindle Edition read Ì The world has no air If you want to survive you pay to breathe But what if you can't And what if you think everything could be different Three teens will leave everything they know behind in Sarah Crossan's gripping and original dystopian teen novel of danger lThe world has no air If you want to survive you pay to breathe But what if you can't And what if you think everything could be different Three teens will leave everything they know behind in Sarah Crossan's gripping and original dystopian teen novel of danger longing and glimmering hope that will appeal to fans of Patrick Ness and Veronica RothNational Book Award Finalist Kathleen Duey called Bre Check out of my reviews at Singing and Reading in the RainBreathe washow do I give it justice It was amazing It was epic It was one of my favorite books this year After hearing some mixed things—it seems like everybody either loves this novel or hates it—I was a little reluctant to start it But soon I fell in love with this book and I could NOT put it down When I first found out I won this my immediate reaction was