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Read & Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ü Laura Sheehan Ne a tough LAPD Officer with an uncanny knack for reading people But her cover is blown when Marc attends a bachelor party at Lily's strip club and recognizes her Realizing that she has a chance at true love and knowing that her life is in danger from the threat of her stalker Lily must not only trust Marc to keep her exotic dancing job a secret but she must also trust him to protect both her life and her hea. Rating 35A review for this novel was written by KAME for Ravishing RomancesRavishing Romances' post is hereHow are the sex scenesThere is an adeuate amount in the book and nothing eroticHow are the story linesThe stalker story line is good and the most complete my favorite part of the book The sub story lines confused me I felt there were holes in character backgrounds and wondered if there was a book I should have read first there isn’t

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Read & Download Dancing With Danger 104 ´ Lily Brookstone the daughter of a workaholic United States Senator defies her father's wishes by moving to Los Angeles in pursuit of a dancing career But the tough town hasn't been easy on her and after two years she finds herself disowned by her father dropped by her agent and recovering from a dance injury D Lily Brookstone the daughter of a workaholic United States Senator defies her father's wishes by moving to Los Angeles in pursuit of a dancing career But the tough town hasn't been easy on her and after two years she finds herself disowned by her father dropped by her agent and recovering from a dance injury Determined to live her life independently without relying on others Lily refuses to give up her dream. Originally posted at ability to remain positive and determined despite your world collapsing around you is a trait few possess but it was the dominant trait of the heroine in Dancing with Danger that drew not only the hero to her but me as wellA person would be hard pressed not to like Lily Brookstone A passion for dancing has estranged her from her only family her father and although she had found some success in dance an injury left her with few options She worked three jobs to pay off her debts and make ends meet; one as an exotic dancerOne fateful night rookie cop Marcus Sloan and his partner pull over Lily's car and Marc is immediately taken with her The next day he happens into a local coffee shop and finds Lily working behind the counter They hit it off and he asks her out Before their scheduled date however Marc discovers her secret job when out with friends for a bachelor party He chases her when she flees and in the process of settling things Marc discovers a suspicious vehicle hanging around His fears of a stalker are confirmed when Lily's car is vandalized While trying to help protect her the two develop a wonderful connection and soon fall in loveI loved the simplicity of Ms Sheehan's story It was a straight manwoman romance with the lingering mystery of the identity of Lily's stalker and the writing allowed me to focus almost exclusively on the hero and heroine Marc was an awesome hero; your typical Alpha male who stopped at nothing to defend and protect his woman Lily while independent learned to depend and lean on Marc as she opened her heart to him It was an endearing combination and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them fall in love despite it being on a rather hurried schedule It felt right and natural and I was rooting for them every step of the wayMs Sheehan also used various points of view to tell her story While she changed viewpoints often and sometimes after short periods I was never confused as to who was speaking and who was witnessing the action It was a bit unconventional but she did it very well and I think it adds to the story particularly the viewpoint of the stalkerMy only negative was towards the end of the book The final chapter seemed to focus on surrounding characters who although mentioned earlier and who had impact on the hero and heroine weren't part of the larger story and I would have preferred to see of Marc and Lily and how they were wrapped up An epilogue set a year later would have been awesome I still want to know how the two handled their relationship once the danger was passed and they had time to really get to know each other There were also a few other loose ends what happened with her new dance agent etc that I would have loved to find out as wellDespite the very minor disappointment which was really only disappointing because I loved these characters so much and wanted the story was a very enjoyable read I'll definitely look for other titles by Ms Sheehan and I'd even love to see of Marc and Lily If you love a good romance mixed with the potential danger of an unknown stalker this is a perfect title to pick up

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Dancing With DangerOf making it as a dancer and instead works herself ragged at three different jobs to make ends meet Serving coffee and teaching dance classes to pre schoolers are ordinary enough day jobs but Lily dons a disguise when she works the late shift as an exotic dancer at a topless strip club Raised to be fiercely independent and hesitant to trust at first she keeps her night job a secret from her new beau Marc Sloa. Lily Brookstone moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming a professional dancer something her Senator father staunchly disapproved off After becoming injured on the job she was dropped by her agent disowned by her father and the medical bills kept piling up Shelving her dreams for the time being and taking on three jobs to make ends meet became her new routine By day she's a children's dance teacher and a barista but by night she's known as the mysterious Miss M at Vixens a local strip club Then she meets Officer Marc Sloane and sparks fly but before they have a chance to get better acuainted Marc shows up at the strip club for his partner's bachelor party and recognizes Lily Their budding relationship is further put to the test when Lily's stalker makes his presence and his displeasure known Does Marc really care about her or is he just doing his job Can Marc afford to fall in love with Lily and hope they don't up like his parentsI loved this story I love anything that involves dancers or dancing in general The plot wasn't anything new but my focus was drawn to the main characters and once I got started I couldn't stop Lily had everything I like in a heroine She was independent self sufficient driven caring honest and brave when it counted She never backed down when things got rough but she accepted help when it was offered In a way Lily reminded me of Alex from Flashdance Lily gets extra brownie points for listening to Marc when he pointed out things she should or shouldn't do for her own safety So often I get annoyed when the stubborn heroine would do the exact opposite and get into trouble Not a problem here What I liked about the Hh as a couple was that they communicated throughout the story at a realistic and believable pace The villain's POV is introduced early in the story so we see the potential danger Lily is in but she's oblivious to it Reading through the villain's mental instability was often chilling and scary; to know there are people out there with such a warped sense of reality that you hope you never find yourself the object of interest The ending was what I expected it to be A reviewer mentioned that all the conflicts were tied up in a neat bow and I both agree and disagree Where Marc's parents are concerned I liked the conclusion because their main problem was one the Marc carried over from his childhood into adulthood and he drew comparisons between their relationship and his own with Lily I did feel however that Lily let her father off the hook a little too easily But in the end this was a HEA story and if we are never to hear from this great set of characters again then I think it ended as it should have Some of my favorite lines from the story involve Marc grumbling about her cat Sneak If you're looking for a smooth easy read with some suspense and romance thrown in then this is the story for you I thoroughly enjoyed it and I would read this again when I need to unwind I'll definitely read by Ms Sheehan I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review