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eBook ↠ ePub Flying Solo ã 9780615618883 Free ✓ reflectionslisburnltd í French Cajun Nora Broussard Greenwood was born with the wanderlust Her adventurous spirit doesn't fit the sedate expectations of catholic 1960s New Orleans suburbia On a whim she takes flying lessons to become a pRbulence her life has become In a bizarre twist of fate she serves as caregiver to her lover's sickly wife as a means to survive; hoping he will decide she is his soul mate But is that to be Nora must make the make the most difficult decision of her life in order to get things back on tra Strap in for this high flying adventure in the life of independent aviator Nora Broussard From Nora’s first line of dialogue “Keep your pants on” which she screams at a blue Slimline phone readers get to know this character and want to know what happens to her next “Flying Solo” follows the turbulent life of a woman living before her times in 1960’s New Orleans suburbia Through a series of bad decisions Nora ends up in a bad marriage and a situation destined to suffocate her free spirit That is until she learns to flyAuthor Jeannette Vaughan’s descriptions of everything from the country club life to Nora’s escapades in the air bring the reader into the time and place of this historical fiction The plot is compelling and keeps the pages turning I loved her character development which had me saying “No don’t” but still understanding why she does what she does I laughed I cried and I thought hard about the women of this time not too far in the distant pastI clearly see why this book has won so many awards and absolutely loved it I look forward to reading about Nora’s next adventures in Vaughan’s seuel “Solo Vietnam” too If you are looking for a high action adventure with a touch of romance and characters you will really care about do not miss “Flying Solo”

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Air with her pilot instructor forces action When she confronts her ruthless husband for a divorce she is cast out sans her children and threatened with her life Desperate to get them back and gain liberty she steals her husband's plane Trials and tribulations erupt as she navigates the tu Flying Solo by Jeanette Vaughn is a story about Nora Broussard Greenwood a woman in the 60’s in New Orleans who learns to “fly solo” in ways than one She decides to learn how to fly something that women did not do in those days Married to an affluent man she does not love she has an affair with her flight instructor On another occasion she makes the momentous decision to leave her husband which goes against all that she had been taught “Nora would marry way too young She was the daughter of New Orleans natives Nellie Shryock and the late Jack Broussard As a young girl Nora spent many an afternoon riding the streetcars up and down Carrollton Avenue while her mother worked at Hotel Dieu Hospital Her daydreams often were about the adventures she imagined her gypsy like Cajun father must have had riding the riverboats up and down the Mississippi” By making the decision to learn to fly Nora set in motion a new independent life just as adventurous as she imagined her father’s life had been Her decisions conflicted with the life that she was supposed to be living as a Catholic wife and mother Nora had help in her flight from the oppressive life she was leading to a future with promise Many of her friends advised her but after considering their advice the decisions to do the things she did were hers In her uest for independence she discovers an old family secret that involves her whole life To learn this secret and how she dealt with her old and new life read Jeanette’s well written believable book Jeanette Vaughan is well established as a writer and story teller She has published in periodicals and professional journals of nursing and also in the genre of fiction She has written several novels and scripts She is the mother of four children including two Navy pilots She lives in a Victorian farmhouse in northeast Texas with her sheep chickens donkeys and sheep dogs Flying Solo has won the following awards Finalist in historical fiction for Beverly Hills Book Awards Finalist in romantic suspense for Reader’s Favorite Awards 4th place in Reader’s Favorite International Book Awards for Southern Fiction

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Flying SoloFrench Cajun Nora Broussard Greenwood was born with the wanderlust Her adventurous spirit doesn't fit the sedate expectations of catholic 1960s New Orleans suburbia On a whim she takes flying lessons to become a pilot Experiencing the freedom of flight is liberating However an illicit aff Flying SoloBy Janette VaughnLife Can Be Like Flying SoloNora Broussard’s mother Nellie Broussard was determined that Nora would marry into wealth she having been married to Jack a man who seemed to be either wealthy or broke Jack a fascinating man although away much of the time died when Nora was eight years old He was always an enigma to her for Nellie never said much about him Nellie a nurse worked hard even extra hours to send her daughter to Ursline high school where she would mingle with the elite of New Orleans Nora met a man a few years older Frank Greenwood son of a local old wealthy family Although Frank didn’t kiss well and was not affectionate instead forever grabbing her finally after her graduation and she was eighteen years old they married in a small ceremony at the Greenwood residence They flew to New York for their honeymoon and on the way Nora day dreamed of their first romantic wedding night On this her first flight she also contemplated learning to fly for it meant freedom to her When she ventured some thoughts to Frank about going to college and learning a profession of her own he brusuely replied that she was his wife and that’s all she needed She didn’t realize that this would be her future with himTheir wedding night ended up to be anything but romantic As soon as they were in their room he grabbed her tore her clothes off literally marital rape He hurt her Determined to have a son he took her weekly in the same manner There was never any cuddling nor affection and although she hated it she submitted glad to get pregnant for the only time he left her alone was when she was pregnant or having her period Over time she had three girls and finally the boy he so desperately wanted Then he or less left her alone and she discovered he was unfaithful The only friends she had at first for Frank and she lived with his parents in their mansion were the Black maids Justine and Mable Her only occupations were shopping and volunteering which wealthy people who did not have to work did Eventually she made a close friend with a young woman of like background Charlene Hebert who stuck with her through thick and thinOne day when Charlene and she were at lunch Nora saw this ad for flying lessons which she decided to do She saved her shopping money and went to the small airport where Steve Novak gave flying lessons The sexual electricity between them flared from the first moment they shook hands and shortly thereafter they satiated their desires Steve was a wonderful lover and Nora experienced sensations she never knew existed They fell passionately in love Steve never mentioned his marital status Shortly thereafter Nora realized she was pregnant and she hadn’t been with her husband for several months When she told Steve deciding she would get a divorce even though she and Frank were strong Catholics Steve admitted he was married and that his wife Marci was ill with multiple sclerosis They had six children He would never leave her for it was his responsibility to take care of his familyThe plot thickens What would violent Frank do when he learned she was pregnant If they separated how would she support the children if he didn’t get full custody because he could afford the best attorneys How would Marci react Would Steve take any responsibility for this baby Could she convince him to divorce his wife and marry her Would she be able to complete her flying lessons Although this sounds like the usual romance with the commonality of an unwanted pregnancy this active scintillating romance contains unexpected twists and turns that make it different I recommend it