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READER ✓ DOC The Mapmaker's Wife ✓ REFLECTIONSLISBURNLTD · A True Tale of Love Murder and Survival in the The year is 1735 A decade long expedition to South America is launched by a team of French scientists racing to measure the circumference of the earth and to reveal the mysteries of a little known contiA True Tale of Love Murder and Survival in the The year is 1735 A decade long expedition to South America is launched by a team of French scientists racing to measure the circumference of the earth and to reveal the mysteries of a little known continent to a world hungry for discovery and knowled This was a fairly satisfying account of a French scientific expedition to the Andes in the 1730s with exploration of the added to its end It helpfully filled in some gaps in my understanding of how the monopoly of the Spanish on South American colonialism gave substantial ground to the Portuguese but only a little to French incursion The story of the uito wife of one of the party Isabel Godin taking a journey across the Andes and down the to reach her husband is only a medium section of the book and contributes to a diffusion of focus for the bookThe high priority for measuring latitude and longitude near the euator seemed like a waste of effort before I got Whittaker’s clarification The French Academy of Science had been taken with Descartes’s explanation of Newton’s mathematics for celestial motion which replaced centrifugal vortex effects in the either as an alternative to gravity’s action at a distance The Newtonian view would predict a swelling of earth’s shape at the euator while the DescartesCassiniHuygens interpretation would call for bulges at the poles The dedication it took to accurately measure a couple hundred miles in wilderness with a rod was almost absurd in scope of effort information that had to be combined with measures of the displacement in degrees using measures of latitude from solar azimuth by sextant and longitude from telescopic readings of phases of Jupiter’s moons The expedition was poorly funded and neglected by the French government with the result that the two year projection for the task took closer to ten years before its leaders could arrive homeThe story provides a window on the lives of knowledge seekers of the Enlightenment supplementing the marvelous and well organized approach used by Holmes in his “Age of Wonder” Soon after arriving in the site of operations in uito then an important city in the Viceroyalty of Peru the leaders La Condamine and Bouguer had a personality clash that hindered their working together The nephew of another leader Peter Godin takes a bigger part of the story with his ambitions to become than just an assistant The narrative coverage of his marriage to thirteen year old Isabel presages the belated fulfillment of the book’s title in the latter part of the tale Filling the gaps is helpful background on the history of Spanish colonialism since the Conuistadors the growth of Portuguese settlement of the future Brazil the French toehold in French Guiana and their competing ambitions to exploit the riches of the continent by means of enslaving the Indian tribes and importing black slaves A sad story all around The conclusions of the expedition on the size and shape of the earth were less important and interesting to read than other advances in scientific knowledge and nuances in cultural collision between European and native peoples For example La Condamine on his exit down the brought back discoveries of uinine and rubber Young Godin who stayed behind for a few years with Isabel sought to complete a dictionary of the uechua language He tried to scout out the safety of a passage over the Andes and down the but he ran out of money and influence and got stuck on the Atlantic side of the continent for over 20 years before Isabel took the initiative to come to him Unfortunately details of her party’s trip are sketchy due to lack of detailed written accounts The feminist ideal of a young woman leading the excursion is undermined by the organization of the trip by her father and two brothers and the use of a sedan chair for her on the first half of the journey On a river tributary before reaching the their boat overturns Isabel does rise to heroic action which I refrain from disclosing Nothing much is said of the 30 slaves and hired porters used on the journeyBob Whittaker is the award winning journalist behind an expose of the psychopharmaceutical industry in his “Mad in America” and “Anatomy of an Epidemic” This book taps into his interest in South America from an extended stay in his youth in Ecuador If you can handle the trouble with focus in this book I believe many who like adventure tales and history of colonialism will find much to like in this story

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Ge From this extraordinary journey arose an unlikely love between one scientist and a beautiful Peruvian noblewoman Victims of a tangled web of international politics Jean Godin and Isabel Gramesón’s destiny would ultimately unfold in the ’s unforgiving jungles and it would be Isabel’s ues It's a delightful book even though the title misrepresents what it really is about The mapmaker's wife Isabel Godin occupies less than half of its pages and even though her story is a very interesting one it's part of an even colourful story of the French Academy of Sciences expedition into the Andes to divine the shape and circumference of the EarthWithout giving too much away let me just say that Isabel Godin wasn't a mapmaker's wife either She was the wife of one of the assistants to the expedition one of the younger ones on staff He was named a ‘geographer’ and given a pension by the king in the end though Those inaccuracies aside it’s a great book full of interesting historical characters and events info on the colonial life in South America science at the age of Enlightenment and American flora and fauna Among other things the book made me ponder the resilience and patience of the people back then Their life seemed so much difficult on the plain survival level Tragedy and hardship were ubiuitous The pace of the 18th century colonial world seems almost unimaginable to me Take communication for example You could have no news from your family for months and sometimes even tens of years if your letters went astray or if the ship they were on fell into pirates’ hands or was lost at sea The whole expedition took eight years to finish their work Poor Isabel spent twenty years 19 to be exact to hear back from her loving husband who after having traversed the continent was waiting for appropriate papers to take her to France And then there is her months long harrowing trip down the Andes and down the the trip the author of the book duplicated and was amazed at the woman's resilience

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The Mapmaker's Wife A True Tale of Love Murder and Survival in the AmazonT to reunite with Jean after a calamitous twenty year separation that would capture the imagination of all of eighteenth century Europe A remarkable testament to human endurance female resourcefulness and enduring love Isabel Gramesón’s survival remains unprecedented in the annals of explorati The book's subtitle is A True Tale of Love Murder and Survival in the It is actually a pretext for stringing together an endless diatribe about the debate about how to measure the size and shape of the world the conuest of the New World and political intrigues among the Spanish governors in the Americas plus a million tangents thrown in for good measure Isabel Grameson's story is a mere pretext and it hardly figures in the book at all Worse yet I could not help but ask myself why it appears that this author appears to not have had the services of a competent editor The writing meanders aimlessly or as the author might have written 'The writing wanders lost in its own thoughts delighting upon digressions that it perchance might never encounter again For example He was the seventh of eleven children but only two of his siblings two brothers and two sisters survived past infancy Providing us with a plethora of information that is neither interesting nor relevant to any aspect of plot or character development Other writing gems Although this was slow going the air was cool and they were hit by only an occasional burst of icy rain Excuse me but where is the rest of the sentence Also not every noun reuires an adjective and inappropriate metaphor becomes tiresome real fast Like all rivers that drained the eastern slopes of the Andes the Bobonaza was a fickle beast Sorry Mr Whitaker you have failed to tell a story and your writing sucks