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Jonathan Strange Mr NorrellFind another practicing magician Mr Norrell accepts Strange as a pupil But it soon becomes clear that their ideas of what English magic ought to be are very different For Mr Norrell their power is something to be cautiously controlled while Jonathan Strange will always be attracted to the wildest most perilous forms of magic He becomes fascinated by the ancient shadowy figure of the Raven King a child taken by fairies who became king of both England and Faerie and the most legendary magician of all Eventually Strange's heedless pursuit of long forgotten magic threatens to destroy not only his partnership with Norrell but everything that he holds dea Book like this are not written any This feels like it should have been published in the nineteenth century and not because of the obvious setting but because of the remarkable writing style It is very similar to Austen’s that I’m sure she might have been delighted by Clarke’s work Well maybe But either way novelists like this do not exist in this age unfortunately The writing has the feel of a classic but the plot has the feel of a thoroughly charming fantasy This is a work of complete magical genius Indeed she has written it in the pastiche style of Jane Austen and Charles Dickens; she has used their language style narrative techniues and masterful characterisations to create a novel that is a superb work of fantasy If Austen or Dickens strayed away from their realism novels then this is what it could look like Susanna Clarke is an absolute wonderful writer I wish there were writers like her Words literally cannot express my reverence for this novel I simply adore it The plot is incredible Imagine an England in the nineteenth century not much unlike the real one that is prosperous full of gentleman and completely devoid of all magic and fantasy it reeks of realism The inhabitants are offended by the idea of magic being reputable; the very thought is inconceivable Magic is not respectable because the streets are infested with street performers and fakes that claim to do magic There are also theoretical magicians who merely study its principals and have never succeeded in the practical side However there is one man in England who has spent the last forty years buried under a pile of books His name is Mr Norrell and he is the greatest magician of the age A friendship of necessity Norrell is a bibliophile; he is a book hoarder and is uite possible the biggest bookworm that has ever lived I give him a silent bow He has devised his own system of magic that is reputable and gentleman like it is modern magic He keeps his perilous and beloved tomes to himself He fears that such deadly books will be misused but he also wants to be the only man in England that knows their secrets Behind his mask of propriety and professionalism there is a soul that longs for the ancient magic that he detest so vehemently This magic is powered by fate and demands that two magicians not one must restore magic to dreary old England “I have a scholar's love of silence and solitude To sit and pass hour after hour in idle chatter with a roomful of strangers is to me the worst sort of torment”The second magician is called Johnathan Strange and he becomes Norrell’s pupil much to the old man’s delight and dismay Where Norrell is cautious studious and self conceiting Strange is reckless open to new knowledge and practical He is eager to push the boundaries of his tutors limited approach to magic; he is eager to use the magic Norrel detests He fights in the Napoleonic war to bring magic into high repute whereas his tutor stays in his library doing weather magic to dog the French Strange is young and energetic but he also is practical to the needs of his country “Can a magician kill a man by magic?” Lord Wellington asked Strange Strange frowned He seemed to dislike the uestion “I suppose a magician might” he admitted “but a gentleman never would”It is no wonder then that England prefers Strange to his tutor However only with his mentor can Strange attempt to restore English magic The two are complete opposites and only side by side can the opposing magicians restore magic to a dreary and bleak England only together can they bring back the Raven King The relationship between the two men for me really elevated this novel to the next level They begin as student and tutor but end up as euals The dynamics change between the two as student outshines tutor and threatens to destroy everything he represents Authenticity I think by setting this is an England that is realistic and very true to the actual one Clarke pulls at the heart strings of many a reader I think this has affected so many readers for the same reason the Harry Potter series did Clarke like Rowling shows us a world that is dry and boring; it is infested by those that have no affinity for magic Then underneath it all they both reveal worlds that are enchanting and magical Indeed most people long for a sense of the fantastic and escape from the mundane realism that is their life Well at least I do Clarke like Rowling offers a glimpse of a world that is like our own only better Moreover the footnotes and magical text references used by Clarke help to add further weight to this feeling These make the novel seem academic and reflect the age in which it was set they give a sense of actuality behind the fantastical Some of the footnotes are huge and they do interrupt the narrative However this is a effective means of delivery the history of such a beautiful world than for example having the characters reproduce is verbatim in speech I think it’s a much less awkward way and creates the sense that this world could exist should exist In addition to this the structure of the novel reflects the age in which it represents The novel is divided into three volumes and towards the end Clarke utilises the hugely popular and utterly brilliant epistolary means of storytelling Both demonstrate a norm of novel writing in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries which reflects the novel structure associated with the time The language Clarke uses is akin to the wonderful Jane Austen and the underline sarcasm like in Austen’s works is apparent Indeed Clarke continuously mocks Napoleon Bonaparte; I disagree with her assessment of him however the opinion she wields reflects that of the English at the time so in a sense it enhances the feeling afore mentioned I adore this book This book is simply brilliant I don’t think I’ll ever be able to articulate exactly how wonderful it is If I had magic I could show you but alas I am a mere theoretical magician Seriously though I get emotional when I think about the sheer excellence of this book; I’ve read this twice now and in all honesty I can say that I immediately want to read it again Strange and Norrel are two of the most interesting and well written characters I’ve ever read about They are both right in their arguments and both wrong It’s such a uniue and memorable relationship “There is nothing else in magic but the wild thought of the bird as it casts itself into the void There is no creature upon the earth with such potential for magic Even the least of them may fly straight out of this world and come by chance to the Other Lands Where does the wind come from that blows upon your face that fans the pages of your book? Where the harum scarum magic of small wild creatures meets the magic of Man where the language of the wind and the rain and the trees can be understood there we will find the Raven King”I could only ever give this book five stars I’d give it if I could Bravo Susanna Clarke This book has uite literally floored me If anybody takes a single recommendation of mine remotely seriously then take this one because this novel is incredible

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Ebook Å Jonathan Strange Mr Norrell 1006 pages ´ Reflectionslisburnltd ì Librarian note Alternate cover edition of 9780765356154Sophisticated witty and ingeniously convincing Susanna Clarke's magisterial novel weaves magic into a flawlessly detailed vision of historical England She has created a worLibrarian note Alternate cover edition of 9780765356154Sophisticated witty and ingeniously convincing Susanna Clarke's magisterial novel weaves magic into a flawlessly detailed vision of historical England She has created a world so thoroughly enchanting that eight hundred pages leave readers longing for English magicians were once the wonder of the known world with fairy servants at their beck and call; they could command winds mountains and woods But by the early 1800s they have long since lost the ability to perform magic They can only write long dull papers about it while fairy servants are nothing but a fading memoryBut at Hurtfew Abbey in Yorks 35 I FINALLY FINISHED

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Hire the rich reclusive Mr Norrell has assembled a wonderful library of lost and forgotten books from England's magical past and regained some of the powers of England's magicians He goes to London and raises a beautiful young woman from the dead Soon he is lending his help to the government in the war against Napoleon Bonaparte creating ghostly fleets of rain ships to confuse and alarm the FrenchAll goes well until a rival magician appears Jonathan Strange is handsome charming and talkative the very opposite of Mr Norrell Strange thinks nothing of enduring the rigors of campaigning with Wellington's army and doing magic on battlefields Astonished to I so wanted to like this book The idea is just wonderful I was so pleased for a while to be in that world a historical England I love the dialogue and descriptions And I love the idea of magic in an otherwise real setting as though it were a normal part of our actual world But it was so frustrating to read after a while The footnotes auuuugh the footnotes They were cute at first because the book is written sort of like a history book from that period But after a while they were just so long and so unrelated to the main story that they became seriously cumbersome And just when the story would be getting involved she'd fast forward 2 years or 10 years and the last part of the story though unresolved would be pretty much forgotten Boooo The end was annoying or rather the way the main characters reacted to it It's fiction it's fantasy but when you're writing about basic human beings who have otherwise behaved consistently throughout the book and then they react to something in a way you know isn't consistent and isn't how people would act it pops the bubble of your suspended disbelief and sort of ruins the story Another annoying thing is that we keep waiting to learn about why Mr Norrell acts the way he does but we never do learn He's just a pill and that's it That's poor writing No motivations for him no insight into his character So really he just serves a function in the book that could have been served by an inanimate objectOverall the book is just filled with too many things that seem to have no point It's not that they aren't interesting by themselves or couldn't have been made into something wonderful it's just that they are tossed out there randomly and not connected to anything In that way the cold dispassionate history book style disappoints because what we really want is a story We want to care about the characters and see resolution of some kind BoooThere will apparently be books set in this world but I won't be reading them It's just too much of a time investment in a seemingly great idea that doesn't pay off