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read & download Õ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ß Maria V. Snyder As a glassmaker and a magician in training Opal Cowen understands trial by fire Now it's time to test her mettle Someone has sabotaged the Stormdancer clan's glass orbs killing their most powerful magicians The Stormdancers particularly t. My fantasy cravings are off the charts right now So a Maria V Snyder book seems only fittingI've read just now that I have to finish the Study series first before reading this series But I'm still gonna read this Ha Why not I'M A REBELPOST READING4 STARSThis was a very fast paced and action packed read I liked the first half better because our MC Opal wasn't torn from her feelings on any guy which was a surprise for me because normally I would already ship the main female character to the first swoon worthy guy introduced and plan their wedding in my head like I did with Snyder's other books That's the normal me but in this book I feel like the romance was unnecessaryTo say that I was not a big fan of the romance was putting it mildly I think it was poorly executed and a bit rushed I was rooting for the first guy right from the start and it didn't happen until the last few chapters and when it did happen I didn't feel giddy at all But I still ship them I would still ship all the ships in this worldThe plot was amazing as expected with Maria V Snyder It was engaging It enthralled me right from the beginning I liked the idea of Stormdancers I want to be one I hope we'll see of them in the next two booksThis book has a lot of crossovers which made me miss Yelena and Valek Especially Valek Janco and Ari's names tickle my brain I feel like I should know them I think I'll be picking up the Study series sooner than I plannedThis was a book I truly enjoyed but did not loved as much as Touch of Power or Poison Study But it was still really good I am still excited about the seuel I am still gonna read it with passion This series would still go straight to my top fantasy reads

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Storm Glass review ↠ 0 ò As a glassmaker and a magician in training Opal Cowen understands trial by fire Now it's time to test her mettle Someone has sabotaged the Stormdancer clan's glass orbs killing their most powerful magicians The Stormdancers particularly the mysterious and mercurial Kade reuire Opal's uniue talents to prevent it happening again But He mysterious and mercurial Kade reuire Opal's uniue talents to prevent it happening again But when the mission goes awry Opal must tap in to a new kind of magic as stunningly potent as it is frightening And the further she delves into th. Will Maria Snyder ever stop letting her MCs get kidnapped andor tortured on an almost weekly basis Probably not The Glass series plays in the same world as the Study series and even involves some of the same characters But there are key differences between the two series that I'm still discovering 1 As an MC Opal has a very different personality than Yelena's At the beginning of Storm Glass she is insecure whiny and easily cowed; nothing like strong Yelena who hits the ground running in Poison Study However Opal demonstrates some remarkable growth as the book progresses and realizes her flaws even takes steps to correct them 2 There are so many choices of love interests I was very happy with just Valek for Yelena but Opal has three men after her We've got Ulrick Essentially everything I wouldn't want in a man and yet Opal spends a lot of the book with him Ulrick comes from a glassmaking family and decides Opal is a sweet little damsel he needs to protect By protecting her he means shadowing her all day and even sleeping in her room because he doesn't trust her to take care of herself for one secondThe worst part is that Opal doesn't even see an issue with this Stand up for yourself girl Kade A much better choice Kade is a super broody but powerful magician who can harness the power of storms He's like Storm from XMen except you know without the boobsHe has rare moments of humor or happiness that are funny and adorable Besides that he makes the greatest storm analogies to his life and eventually learns to make glassmaking analogies from Opal This calls for a glass analogy Life is like molten glass It flows it's flexible it can be molded and shaped and what do you say Ah yes It holds potential I just wanted to cuddle him in those moments DevlenBlue Eyes Here's where I need therapy because I'm actually rooting for Devlen Devlen is a blood magician and he kidnaps hurts and threatens Opal multiple times So why do I keep swooning when his blue eyes are mentioned I had a mini heart attack when view spoilerOpal found out Devlen was impersonating Ulrick and she actually slept with him many times That was really awful of him so why am I excited about it hide spoiler

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Storm GlassE intrigue behind the glass and magic the distorted things appear With lives hanging in the balance including her own Opal must control powers she hadn't known she possessedpowers that might lead to disaster beyond anything she's ever kno. 275 Stars “Everyone grieves in different ways For some it could take longer or shorter I do know it never disappears An ember still smolders inside me Most days I don’t notice it but out of the blue it’ll flare to life” This trilogy is about Opal who appeared in Fire Study and helped Yelena imprison Fire Warpers in glass prisons and thus saved Sitia She's glass maker and magician but she can work her magic just through glass She's a Glass Magician “The piece’s core glowed as if lit by an inner fireMy one magical trick – the ability to insert a thread of magic inside the glass statue” Five years after her abduction and sister's death Opal feels detached from everyone but her family She's insecure has low self esteem and is constantly underestimated because of her youth appearance and seemingly little magicAnd even though I can't say I liked her as a main heroine I absolutely love Yelena from Study Series I get why she was like this and she grew through this book a bit But I hope to see her mature and confident in the next booksAfter sabotage on Stormdancers that ruined their Glass orbs Opal and Second Magician Zitora Cowan are sent to investigate and help them before the dangerous storms come “I'm glad you're here We've had someinteresting developments Leif groaned That's Yelena speak for life threatening danger” Other CharactersUlrick I was suspicious of him from the beginning He was annoying overprotective about Opal followed her almost everywhere and treated her like incapable little girl Even though she was very well capable of talking care of herself “He escorted me to my uarters and even checked inside for intruders“See you tomorrow” he said “Lock your door”“Yes sir” I saluted“Opal this is serious You could be hurt or worse”“I know that It’s just easier sometimes not to think too much about it or I’ll never leave my rooms”“Good plan Never leave your rooms without me”“Now who’s joking” I teased but his seriousness failed to diminish“I’ll wait outside until I hear your lock click Good night” He left but as promised he stood with his arms crossed just past the thresholdI closed the door As I turned the bolt on the lock I couldn’t suppress a slice of worry His overprotectiveness might infringe on my freedom to come and go as I pleased—one of the best perks in being an apprentice” Kade The next love interest Yeah there is a love triangle And it's the first time in Snyder's books Kade is a Stormdancer and even though he was missing for most of this book I liked him definitely a lot than Ulrick He was witty and his interactions with Opal were always fun to read aboutHe trusted in her abilities supported her self esteem and independence the opposite of Ulrick I definitely want to see of him in the next books Even though I'm still biased because of Valek He and Yelena are the best characters from all Snyder's books for me Kade was bemused “He’s protective a good uality in a bodyguard but he needs to learn how to trust”“He just met you” I said“I meant you Trust you You managed to escape Sir and Tricky without harm so you do know how to take care of yourself” There also appeared characters from the Study series Yelena It was uite interesting to see her through someone else's eyes her brother Leif Fisk The young leader of The Helpers Guild Ari and Janco Yelena's Ixian friends Vlake's second in command Sadly no Valek Which I hope will be in the next books Pretty please Yelena laughed “Imagine you’re the Councillor Who would you rather have watching your back—a Master Magician or a scary Soulfinder with an Ixian boyfriend”