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PDF ☆ BOOK Goodbye Emily FREE » REFLECTIONSLISBURNLTD æ Three baby boomers relive their 1969 trip to Woodstock One final roadtrip One last chance to say Goodbye Emily They met at Woodstock and the love lasted a lifetime Then she was gone and so was his college teaching job Heartbroken but determined he calls on his Three baby boomers relive their 1969 trip to Woodstock One final roadtrip One last chance to say Goodbye Emily They met at Woodstock and the love lasted a lifetime Then she was gone and so was his college teaching job Heartbroken but determined he calls on his two best friends to help him return to the place it all beganThe professor and his Woodstock Oh my I had no idea what I was in for when I started reading this book Wonderfully engaging heart warming entertaining and soooooo very good that it had me taking a walk down memory lane with the story's flashbacks to the sixties and Woodstock And no I wasn't a member of the Woodstock Nation but I can safely claim that my Woodstock album has grooves and scratch marks than any other album I've owned Honestly I don't think I've ever read a book where I connected with that many issues personally all those themes from the heart breaking loss of a loved one to coming to terms with all the challenges both physical and emotional of growing old of renewing your purpose in life and living of reconnecting with old friends and family of discovering who you really are As I read I felt myself riding that emotional rollercoaster crying laughing feeling like my heart would break as I empathized with Sparky Josh and Buck and their journey through life back to the place where it all seems to have started for themI thoroughly enjoyed it highly recommend it And if you choose to read Goodby Emily I hope you find it as much of a fullfilling experience as I did Thank you Michael MurphyKathryn LongAuthor of Mysteries

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Buddy need the third tripper from back in the day now in a nursing home with early stage Alzheimer’s When the home refuses to allow their friend to come along the professor and the vet bust him out attracting the attention of the cops and the media fascinating the public   The roadtrip turns into a flight from “the man” and not even the professo Broken heart syndrome is a real disease and Sparky's life is on the line Grieving over the loss of his beloved Emily has weakened his heart and ruined his relationships with his friends and daughter Adding to his life stressors is his forced retirement from Milton College where he was an adored professor Unable to focus on anything but the downward spiral of life he self medicates with booze After seeing his doctor he realizes he needs to make big changes unless he wants Sparky's spark to die out forever He makes a list and on that list is his health his lost friendships and his career Sparky must find a way to deal with his loss and repair his relationships or his heart will never mendTwo things keep Sparky alive for now His faithful golden retriever Lady and his memories with Emily at Woodstock relived nightly in his dreams And when he's awake the shrine to Emily where her ashes sit in an urn reminds him daily of his loss Taking the doctor's advice and the pleadings of his daughter Cloe Sparky forces himself to work on his lost friendships First on the list is his good buddy Buck a Vietnam vet and drummer of their hippie band The Buck Naked Band Buck and Sparky cook up a plan to bust the third member of their band Josh out of a nursing home for Alzheimer's patients After visiting Josh they both know that a road trip to Bethel the home of Woodstock Nation is the only thing that will bring him happiness along with lots of nostalgic music and other hippie type activities that make me wish I was born before 1970It's a race to Bethel for three old hippies one hitchhiker a loyal dog a lot of sweet smelling smoke and the hippest tunes from the 60's while the Feds and a hungry DA chase after them Sparky promised them all that they'd return to Woodstock one day and this is his last chance Emily's urn is buckled down and along for the ride in what turns out to be a road trip full of adventure love laughter fun superstar appearances and heart felt healing Goodbye Emily will leave you cheering laughing and crying until the very end A heart wrenching read that makes you think about what's most important in your life I wept at the end but it was a good cry a cry that made me sigh and go tiptoe into the living room where I had to kiss and hug my husband and my three kids just one time before going to bed And then I had to go to You Tube so I could watch Woodstock Live Alisha Paige Best Selling Author at and Barnes and Noble

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Goodbye EmilyR’s defense attorney daughter can help In a psychedelic van the trio dodges cops and prosecutors Against all odds they close in on their destination where thousands of supporters and cops await them   Goodbye Emily is the irreverantly funny story about a journey of self discovery for a man who thought he’d left all important journeys in life behi Goodbye Emily is a powerful and moving story; and of my favorite books of all time This book made me laugh and cry and stayed with me long after I closed the bookWalt Ellington aka Sparky has Broken Heart Syndrome Emily the love of his life died two years ago but for Sparky it was as if it had just happened Sparky despite his name has no zest for life He lost it when Emily died Sparky took up drinking isolated from his friends and lost his job as a professor at Milton CollegeHe was wasting away until his daughter confronted him about his failing health He agreed it was time to make some changes One of those changes he decided would be a road trip to Woodstock the place where he first met his beloved Emily Sparky wanted his friends Buck and Josh with him when he said his final goodbye Buck was totally onboard with Sparky’s idea The fact that Josh had Alzheimer's Disease and that they would have to break him out of an Assisted Care Living Facility for their nostalgic hippie trip was just a wrinkle in their planThis book is so much than just a trip down memory lane It’s a story about life its joys its heartaches and everything in between Michael Murphy touched my heart deeply in this story moving me to tears of both joy and sorrow Don’t think it won’t happen to you It will This author’s writing is so engrossing and includes so many authentic details of the 1960’s that you will feel as if you are actually thereI highly recommend reading Goodbye Emily There isn’t a boring page in the entire book I read it in one day and loved every single moment of it Treat yourself to a powerful journey You’ll be glad you did I guarantee it