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Read & Download Chaos (The Lost Gods, #5) ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ Nine gods ruled the world until the ultimate betrayal resulted in their destruction Now the world is dying and only by restoring the Lost Gods can it be savedSealed off from the world for nine hundred years Schatten is a country oAdow of the Lost Licht keeps the rest of the world out and his deadly Sentinels keep the people of Schatten in Their only hope for salvation lies in a single line of ancient prophecySasha wakes up with no memory of where he is how he got there or who he is All he remembers i. Man I love this author Great series

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Nine gods ruled the world until the ultimate betrayal resulted in their destruction Now the world is dying and only by restoring the Lost Gods can it be savedSealed off from the world for nine hundred years Schatten is a country of darkness and mystery The power of Teufel Sh. Review posted at The Armchair ReaderThis is the final book in the Lost Gods series and it is worth reading the whole series to get to this book although several books in the series rival it in strength Chaos has something that the rest do not however which is the culmination and reveal of how exactly the gods were lost in the first place over 900 years previous We got a little bit with each book but this last one about Schatten Lost Licht and Teufel is perfectly placed So in a way this review is about the series as a whole as well as this bookThe author once again returns to a format we've gotten to know well from the past books It is told from multiple points of view from than one central romance in alternating chapters There are a lot of threads to pull together from this book itself and the series but the cast is big enough and the book long enough that we really get time to dig into the story and the characters This is a series that really benefits from multiple reads and reading the stories back to back because of those threads and especially for the books earlier in the series where we still know very little about the world at large and the history that is slowly revealed over the past five books But over time I've felt like I've gotten into the groove of the stories In the first book I was lost a lot of the time and from the writer's perspective might have proven to be the most difficult to write but though the stories are so different by geography by characters and by the belief systems of the people they all follow a common theme and purpose This book would be nothing without the ones that came before it and because of them this book really shines It is the time when the author really gets to pull out all the stops and finally piece the ends together And I absolutely loved how it all wrapped up I don't even want to go into what I liked about it for fear of giving something awayThe beauty of this last story is in the characters and the setting Of the five lands Schatten was left for last in this series Separated from the other four by the Sun god Licht and his shadow Teufel it has become a land locked in time and fate after Licht was lost and Teufel took control The past books have shown us that the people of the lands consistently pay for the mistakes of the gods who are fallible to the extreme like humans with unmeasurable power Of all the lands Schatten has paid for the loss of the gods the most Left in the hands of Teufel obsessed with fate and the eradication of chaos the people of Schatten have spent the last 900 years without choice Like the most creative of dictators Teufel has subjugated the people chooses their fates for them and they love him for it The thought of chaos is blasphemousWe meet three characters in this story that stand alone against him First there is Sasha who wakens in a snowy cave cursed and without his memories He believes he is from another country and he knows that he has entered Schatten when it should be impossible to bring choice to the people He soon meets David a village boy who has been shunned by his parents blasphemy and and subjected to the cruelty of Schatten's enforcers the violet eyed scorchers Lastly there is Friedrich the High Seer who spends his days locked in Teufel's holy temple of Unheilvol casting his visions across the land and seeing the fates of those sent before their 20th year to learn what Teufel has decreed for their life He's cursed with a voice in his head named Drache whom he has fallen in love with and waiting for the day when he'll go mad from the visionsLike I said before this book is wonderful because it is the culmination of the series but also because when you see the series as a whole it is really interesting to see how the author plays with the idea of the hero and how that intersects with the gods I know that these were written previously and are only now being re edited and published but they really show how strong this authors writing is and how much talent she has I'll continue to be a rabid fan of her work I can never seem to get enough and will look forward to reading this series over and over again This is one of those that I finish and then thinkand I get to read them all again Funny how you don't realize those things until you find one you love I'm also looking forward to being able to read the series in a new light and to be able to catch all the little things I know I missed the first time around

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Chaos The Lost Gods #5S his name and falling to a terrible beast with burning violet eyes All he possesses are the clothes he wears the weapons he carries and a strange ring All he can do is venture deeper into the land of snow and ice in which he is lost hoping that eventually he will find answe. Why are there only 5 starsPerfect Simply perfect I cannot say than that except that I wish there was no end to it But alas all good things come to an end and I guess it is even bittersweet when said things are not just good but wonderful I don't know whether to sob or smile so here is an hybrid smiley T