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Nineteen Minutes kindle Õ Hardcover read ✓ jodi picoult ↠ In nineteen minutes you can mow the front lawn color your hair watch a third of a hockey gameThe front lawn color your hair When I read this book a few years ago I had already gotten through four other Jodi Picoult My Sister's Keeper The Tenth Circle Vanishing Acts and The Plain Truth in case anyone cares I feel that we had a good relationship Sure after the first exciting fling things got predictable pretty fast gee I wonder if this one will have dramatic courtroom scenes? but Jodi was still able to keep me hooked Then I read Nineteen Minutes and decided it was time to call it off One big problem with the book is that I was expected to think or at least consider that a kid being bullied for years is an excuse to shoot up a high school killing not only the cliche popular jerks but also several innocent bystanders No I'm sorry no It didn't help that the bullied kid in uestion was utterly unlikable as was his tragic friend with the abusive jock asshole boyfriend every high school related convention and cliche is used and run into the goddamned ground here and it is unpleasant But here's the real reason the book gets one star and I don't consider this a spoiler because I think people deserve to be warned about this the morbid fascination of school shootings stems from I believe the mystery of why any kid would go to such an extreme Since most of the people who commit this crime end up killing themselves we never really know how or if they justified their actions With this in mind pretend you're a writer working on a book about a school shooting where the killer narrates some of the story Wouldn't it be a good idea to have a chapter where the reader gets to be inside the killer's head during the actual shooting so they could understand his thought process and logic?If you answered well duh then congratulations you are not Jodi Picoult Throughout the entire book we never ever get to see the shooting through the bullied kid's eyes Why did he shoot the people who never harmed him including a teacher who was kind to him and some random girl just walking in his line of fire? Did he feel any remorse during the shooting? What was he thinking? Why did he stop in the middle of his spree to sit down in the cafeteria and eat a bowl of cereal? We never find out and this infuriated me so much Picoult might as well have ended the book with I'm Jodi Picoult and I get paid thousands of dollars to print out crap they sell in airport bookstores I do what I want so fuck youYeah you know what? Fuck you Jodi People are only buying your damn book so they can get into the killer's head in the exact way I've described and you're just screwing with them Not cool

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In nineteen minutes you can mow YOWSA What a thought provoking absorbing listen While I’m 12 years late it was great to finally get around to this incredible read no matter how difficult the subject matter and unfortunately still so relevant todayI chose the audiobook format and found it very hard to hit the “pause” buttonIt was impossible for me to not to fall in love with some characters and feel utter hate for the actions of others I am purposely being vague about the storyline as I cannot encourage you enough to go in totally blind for the most powerful and surprising effectThis is definitely one I will never forgetIt had been way too long since I was entertained by Jodi Picoult and will check my local library’s inventory for of this author’s audiobooksExtremely well written and narrated

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Nineteen MinutesWatch a third of a hockey game This is a powerful read After an act of violence is perpetuated at the local high school those 19 minutes change a New Hampshire town forever The writing is riveting and poignant We are reading about the events leading up to the climax The history of the individuals involved Their mindset It's a lot to take in Especially because the good aren't all good and the bad aren't all bad I think as readers it puts us in a uniue and introspective position as we are not shown only the parts that are convenient The big picture isn't simple either It's messy It's emotional It's heartbreaking There are no winners It makes you think about the signs you are possibly not seeing The things you are saying or not saying for that matter It makes you think about things done to you or things you may have done to others Although I predicted some of what turned out to be the twist in the story I found myself utterly drawn in by the story The characters were dynamic and complex Layered very well The plot dealt with a sensitive situation gracefully not taking short cuts and offering a well rounded perspective The writing was just stellar An absolute win Safety There is abuse and sex that doesn't always appear to be consensual There is a lot of physical violence