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Read ↠ Bankrupting Nature ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ¹ This powerful book shows us that we are in deep denial about the magnitude of the global environmental challenges and resource constraints facing the world Despite growing scientific consensus on major environmental threats as well as resource depletion societiInation of climate change ecosystem decline and resource scarcity in particular crude oil The concept of Planetary Boundaries is introduced as a powerful explanation of the limits of the biosphere to sustain continued conventional growthThe book breaks the long silence on population criticizing donor countries for not doing enough to support the education of girls and reproductive health services It is shown that an economy built on the continuous expansion of material consumption is not sustainable De growth however is no solution either The growth dilemma can only be addressed through a transformation of the e. Short version citation neededLonger version I agree with the general premiss of this book but found the way in which information was presented did the topic disservice The failure to explicitly cite where information comes from makes it very hard for me as a scientist to endorse such a book If you are going to throw around numbers in a book that has such an important topic cite your sources

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This powerful book shows us that we are in deep denial about the magnitude of the global environmental challenges and resource constraints facing the world Despite growing scientific consensus on major environmental threats as well as resource depletion societies are largely continuing with business as usual at best attempting to tinker at the margins of the problems The authors argue that regardless of whether governments respond to the economic crisis through additional stimulus packages or reduced government spending environmental and resource constraints will remain The crisis will be exacerbated by the comb. First published in 2011 Anders Wijkman and Johan Rockström's Bankrupting Nature Denying Our Planetary Boundaries is a useful analysis of what climate change does and of how we should understand and respond to itThe title suggests that the core concept is planetary boundaries which include things like biodiversity ocean acidification land use devoted to agriculture etc It is easy to follow how Rockström's boundaries come out of Tim Jackson's finite growth analyses and lead to Raworth's Doughnut Economics model which when visualized looks very similar to Rockström's planetary boundaries image The authors explore a lot than planetary boundaries however and I especially liked the chapters on green revolutions doubt and what the deniers do not want to know useful This last title is poor as are many of the chapter titles imho I also appreciated the analysis of scientists and their reluctance as a group to become communicators on climate changeThere are many taxonomies and lists here which I love At one point for example Wijkman and Rockström provide an overview of six types of response to climate change 1 It's already too late Lovelock Franzen might be a contemporary example2 Systems Flannery Hansen and scientists who worry about runaway greenhouse effect go here3 IPCC mainstream Many scientists Often journalists go here David Wallace Wells might be a 2020 exemplar4 Good faith skeptics Good faith is my phrasing but I think it's useful as it identifies scientists who are part of the discourse as opposed to misinformation peddlers5 Underestimaters Bjorn Lomborg appears here though I think this group would label itself adaptability believers6 Deniers Lists are so interesting even if I'd probably add categories to this oneWhen I read Bankrupting Nature there were 3 reviews and 15 ratings on Goodreads which seems far too few Having said that it is written for an audience with some understanding of climate science but not so much that it reuires climate model euations a tricky niche perhapsI finally note that although I found a lot of further reading in this book the abbreviated references section which focuses on major sources for the sake of brevity frustrated me than once Why any author ever condenses their notes and bibliography is beyond meRegardless recommended

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Bankrupting NatureConomic system A strong plea is made for abandoning GDP growth as the key objective for development The focus should instead be on a limited number of welfare indicators The trickle down concept is seriously uestioned to be replaced by one of sufficiency Rich countries are called upon to hold back their material growth to leave room for a rising living standard among the poor Alternative business models are presented such as moving from products to services or towards a circular economy based on re use reconditioning and recylcing all with the aim of facilitating sustainable developmentA Report to the Club of Ro. Yawn I may have given this book another star had I read it when it was published but in 2019 I've heard this all before