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kindle ð The Shadow Thief Hardcover Á reflectionslisburnltd ☆ Millipop Klompet and Ernest Perriclof live in the uneventful town of Drabville where the cautious Ernest spends his time enlarging his rock collection and Milli dreams of adventure When the pair are kidnapped from their homes and brought to live inThief 'Clearly Adornetto is already an Australian literary phenomenon to read The Shadow Thief is to be thrust into a fast moving plot full of menace and thrills amply seeded with a magnificently precocious vocabulary' The Courier Mail'an impressive debut a wonderful fantasy story full of adventure and scary dark shadows' The Australian Women's Weekly 'a comic fantasy full of magic' The Sydney Morning Herald The Shadow Thief is one of the few children’s books that effectively combines creativity and sophistication The story takes place in the town of Drabville the home of 11 year old Millipop Klompet Milli is vibrant and impulsive and struggles to fit in with the monotonous lifestyle that most of Drabville’s population adopts Together with her best friend Ernest Perriclof she desperately searches for any kind of adventure However before long adventure finds her in the form of a bright red doorknockerThe story continues with Milli and Ernest being drawn into the magnificently terrifying Hog House and encountering the ludicrous Mr and Mrs Mayor With a surprise lurking in every corner Milli and Ernest must be careful as they explore Hog House and even careful as they meet its occupants However it soon becomes apparent that there are even sinister things afoot and it’s up to Milli and Ernest along with their newfound allies to stop an incredibly dangerous enemyAlexandra Adornetto’s imaginative plot which was published when she was only 15 is captivating and unlike any children’s book written before The Shadow Thief is an intelligent and enjoyable read which provides all you could want from a children’s book It is perfect for kids of all ages as well as adults who have never uite grown up

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Dren find that sinister plans are beginning to emerge Why has the notorious Lord Aldor stolen the shadows of all of the town's residents and where are they being held? Assisted by a band of prisoners the children must venture into the Taboo Territories and battle the perils dished out by the Lurid Lagoon in order to outwit Lord Aldor and prevent him from executing his secret master planPraise for The Shadow Firstly I admire the fact that Alexandra Adornetto was at such a young age when she first had this book published She shows a vast vocabulary which assisted in painting an image of the scenes found in the book and bringing to life the charactersHowever I was not taken in by the storyline I felt that even though the plot was interesting the story unfolded in a way that I could either see what was coming or didn't really care about what was going to happen As a primary school teacher I have seen many stories written by students which unfold the same way although I must say without the interesting vocab or descriptionI cannot pinpoint exactly what I was looking for that would make the story jump out at me I guess it just moved too slowly for my liking That said I guess it is aimed at a younger audience and I can see what they may find appealing

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The Shadow ThiefMillipop Klompet and Ernest Perriclof live in the uneventful town of Drabville where the cautious Ernest spends his time enlarging his rock collection and Milli dreams of adventure When the pair are kidnapped from their homes and brought to live in the gothic mansion known as Hog House they are adopted by the madcap Mr and Mrs Mayor and a series of bizarre encounters follows Things do not add up and the chil The Shadow Thief by Alexandra Adornetto First off lets start with the plotThe Shadow Thief is a Book following the adventures of Milli and her friend Ernest who let me tell you are uite the opposites yet their friendship is visibly strong throughout the book With Milli's keenness for adventures and Ernest's brains we soon find ourselves developed into the plot in a town called Drabville Drabville is a town which is rather dull and boring that lacks individuality and creativity and disowns anyone who tries to express their uniueness style Though of course this doesn't happen often due to the uite interesting plot of the villain stealing the shadows souls of the people of Drabville all for the sake of wanting to take over the world and showcasing to the world that magicians are worthy than they seem Of course Milli and Ernest get caught up into this mess which I won't reveal for the sake of spoilersNow the writingI honestly can't believe that this book was written by a teenager and to be honest Barely a teenager This book is written before Alexandra Adornetto's years This book is maturely written with great words amazing detail and a descriptive plot that sucks the audience in This is honestly everything that a book should be As a young teenager myself the plot in this book is unlike any I've seen before and certainly a uniue one at that The writing is well edited and uses great detail You can certainly feel like you are being involved in the book and often when I was reading this I couldn't let go of this book For a 13 year old the book is pretty damn well written Adornetto has shown great choices and uses of words and how to set out sentences you can see there are deep meaning behind why things happen in the book and the words chosen really put that to point and showcase thatOverall I really enjoyed this book definitely a must read in my opinion and in my top five I would have to say