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Jane Austen Read & download Ø 102 ✓ Jane Austen's sparkling and witty novels continue to entrance readers today as proven by the rapturous reception given the many film and TV adaptations of her work Pride and Prejudice Austen's most well loved story tells of Lizzy Bennet and her five sisters as they search for true love a love Lizzy nearly loseJane Austen's sparkling and witty novels continue to entrance readers today as proven by the rapturous reception given the many film and TV adaptations of her work Pride and Prejudice Austen's most well loved story tells of Lizzy Bennet and her five sis. The Complete Illustrated Novels of Jane Austen Volume 1 includes the books; Pride and Prejudice Mansfield Park and Persuasion I have always been curious about the works of Jane Austen and have been recommended her by numerous people I began this book with very high expectations as I know that they are all classics and are loved by manyPride and Prejudice I had a hard time making a positive connection with the characters in this story I found myself annoyed by many of them especially Miss Bingley There were times I was confused as to who was speaking and thought that the conversations dwindled on and on Most of the plot moved along so slowly that I had a hard time keeping any interest in it This was especially true during the dialogues between Elizabeth and Mr Darcy I had to force myself to continue reading in hopes that it would get interesting It wasn’t until nearly half way through the story that I began to connect with Elizabeth Although Mr Darcy did somewhat redeem himself in the end I didn’t find him to be as amazing as he is portrayed to be in popular culture which was a let down I had hoped that he would be the type of character that I would remember and fall for so to speak All in all I was very disappointed in Pride and Prejudice Mansfield ParkAfter reading the Pride and Prejudice I now have an understanding of Jane Austen’s writing style Unlike Pride and Prejudice I have not heard very much about Mansfield Park so I did not know what to expect However after not being thrilled by the first book I must admit my hopes weren’t very high for this one either I found the plot for Mansfield Park to move along and get to its point faster than I expected Early on in this story I found that there was very little character development in terms of the personalities of the main characters I found myself wishing for of this and physical descriptions of the characters Although I found the main character Fanny to be uite dull she was the underdog and I was rooting for her happiness Throughout the story I couldn’t help but wonder if being raised at Mansfield hindered Fanny’s development rather than helped it Had she stayed with her family she might not have been the timid anxious young woman she was I found that the story of Mansfield Park kept my interest than that of Pride and Prejudice however I didn’t have an overly strong connection with any of the characters Persuasion Persuasion is the third and final story in this book and is another that I knew little about prior to reading it After somewhat enjoying Mansfield Park I had some hopes of enjoying Persuasion as well However I found the plot to be somewhat bland It wasn’t until the final chapters of this story that I began to make somewhat of a connection with Anne Again like in the previous two books I found that the character development lacked It wasn’t until near the end that I felt as if I was starting to get to know the main character Anne I didn’t find the characters in this story to be nearly as annoying as those of the previous two books which was a positive change I found this book to be the uickest read out of the three and possibly the one that kept my interest the mostIt took me uite a while longer to complete this book than I had hoped After reading Pride and Prejudice I couldn’t seem to force myself to read the other two stories straight through so I read other books in between I had hoped that I would enjoy these classics but was very disappointed Perhaps my expectations were far too high and I just didn’t connect with the style of writing Needless to say I won’t be rushing out to read any of Jane Austen’s novels

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Ters as they search for true love a love Lizzy nearly loses because of pride Fanny of Mansfield Park comes to live with her aunt and uncle in their elegant mansion But she finds herself both out of place and in love with her handsome cousin Edmund Can s. Pride and prejudice by Jane Austen is my abselotely favourite book The first impression that i got from the book was that its the most revoulutonary and feministic book The fact that a women like Elizabeth could turn down a man like Mr Darcy at that time is amazing and shows how strong Elizabeth are I love it because Elizabeth has such a strong inspiring personality She is smart and knows what she wants And is like the main role in most of Jane Austens books Which is why i also adore Jane Austen and her writing

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Jane AustenHy Fanny win him from the outgoing and charming Miss Crawford Persuasion Austen's last final novel explores the conseuences of giving in to the opinions of others rather than following one's own heart Delightfully illustrated with delicate line drawings. As this book has just celebrated 200 years since publication and I’m not that much younger I thought it was high time I read it and found out why its popularity is so enduring None of the dramatisations had whetted my appetite; I found them slow paced and tediousThe book turned out to be engrossing There’s no denying that it’s slow paced so slow that very little actually happens but it still manages to be entertaining The whole book is a social commentary although dealing with a very narrow stratum of English society There are no pickpockets moneylenders or starving orphans Even the poorest in the cast of characters have servantsMr Bennet is a ‘gentleman’ ie he has inherited enough property to allow him to live on the income it generates His problem is that he has only inherited a life interest and on his death the estate must pass to a male relative He has five daughters but no son A distant male relative will inherit and the daughters’ only hope of a secure future is to make a ‘suitable’ marriageThe slow pace allows the characters to be fully and brilliantly developed Mr Bennet is very endearing and Mr Collins hilariously appalling What came as a surprise was the humour although that didn’t conceal the biting mockery of a social system that condemned young women to a life that consisted of nothing but embroidery art music – and the pursuit of a husband I now understand the longevityI bough the Kindle version as part of Jane Austen Collection Her Complete Works for only 77p The only formatting issue is the occasional disappearance of the space between words which is easily ignored