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Free download ✓ Fandom at the Crossroads Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Fandom At The Crossroads Celebration Shame and FanProducer Relationships is an in depth exploration of the reciprocal relationship between a groundbreaking cult television show and its eually groundbreaking fandom For the past six yearFandom At The Crossroads Celebration Shame and FanProducer Relationships is an in depth exploration of the reciprocal relationship between a groundbreaking cult television show and its eually groundbreaking fandom For the past six years the authors have inhabited the close knit fan communities of the television show Supernatural engaging in criticism and celebration reading and writing fanfiction and attending fan conventions Their close relationships within the community allow. In this book Lynn Zubernis and Katherine Larsen set out to explore modern fan culture and the dynamics of shame within such a community while straddling the difficult line between being fans themselves and academics so called aca fans Reading as a particapatory fan it's interesting to see your fandom exposed from a new angle and there are many points about why we do what we do that I hadn't considered before for example how shaming slash writers might be a continuation of the pervailing suppression of female sexuality by the patriarchy and how fanfiction can be a way to healing and participation is a way for fans to take this into their own hands as a form for writing therapy For hypothesises like these their dual roles as an aca fans gain them credibility however there are other times where it seems to be their Achilles heel when it come to criticism of the show especially the harmful dynamics perpetuated within the text They briefly mention fans' reaction to female characters like Ruby and Bela and reach the conclusion that there isn't support for such characters instead of discussing how the fans' reaction could stem from bad writing they do point out that Bela was added as eye candy but they do not notice how FEW female chars that are and how they all tend to die for for the sake of male plot developement also called fridgeing The show is notorious for this even in the first episode there are TWO fridgeings where a mother a girlfriend die horrible deaths in order to send our heroes on a journey for revenge I think the writers missed an opportunity to research the dynamic between a show with a large female fanbase and a show that also rutinely perpetuates misogyny in it's writing and what kind of mindset that create in female fansLikewise they also repeatedly gloss over isssues such as racism and ueerbaiting on the show with the actor Charles Malik who played the character Victor Henriksen briefly mentioning in an interview how he appreciates fandom looking into that but the Zubernis and Larsen do not delve further themselves and then they compare the issue of coming out as a fan to coming out as an LGBT but this is a dismissing dichtomy They do mention a couple of times that there are LGBT people writing fanfiction but it's not of focus and neither is the issue of why many of them ship slash pairings which from personal experience and conversation with fellow fans seem to be a bid for representation in a show where it's sorely lacking now I do remember that Kripke in an interview in the text apologises for a gay joke That's nice but it doesn't make up for repeatedly setting up homo erotic subtext between characters as bait for ueer fans This leads me to the next issue with the text the writers focus a lot on a single ship Wincest and why it is despite the taboo a popular ship I understand a wish to research this as it remains one of the most controversial ships and it can be interesting to look into why and how But the reader get an impression throughout the text that this is the most popular ship and they also state that it was voted such once in a fan poll The problem is that this information is very outdated and it actually made me check when it is they wrote the book from there I got the impression that they wrote it between season 4 and season 7 but it's unclear as the interviews and anecdotes jump around in time Nevertheless with the introduction of the character Castiel the ship DeanCas eclipsed SamDean in popularity and as a fan you get a sense that there is almost a rift betwen old fans and new fans through their shipping preferences They only mention the DeanCas ship once or twice and while they are very interested in exposing the dynamics of Wincest they do not however go into why Destiel is popular and there are some things to look into especially in relation to ueer fans as many truly hope for representation through the ship becoming canon while most people never had any hope for Wincest because of it's taboo ualities outside of personal fantasy In the end a lot of the text seem to be coloured by the authors' own fandom preferences namely Wincest and real person fic while other central issues of the fandom is glossed over They do write some interesting general theory about why people enter fandom the relationships between fans themselves and the relationship between fans and artists but some parts about Supernatural is flawed That is not to say this isn't an enjoyable book and it's apparent that a lot of time and work went into it's research and writing Zubernis and Larsen have an enthusiasm that shines through and ultimately I would have liked to show this book to an outsider in order to explain my own passion for fandom and eradicate fan shame which also seem to be the authors' goalHowever I am not going to do that as it is my judgement that the reader needs a knowledge of Supernatural and fandom beforehand in order to get a balanced point of view of the issues at handIn the end I will recommend this book to academics for the theories presented around fanfiction and I will recommend this book for fans who will like the pictures interviews and behind the scenes but if it is your first point of research into the fandom or you're just casually curious I can not recommend this book to stand alone

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An intimate behind the scenes examination of fan psychology passion motivation and shame The authors also speak directly to the creative side in order to understand what fuels the passionate reciprocal relationship Supernatural has with its fans As they go behind the scenes and onto the sets to talk with Supernatural's showrunners writers and actors the authors struggle to negotiate a hybrid identity as 'aca fans' Fangirls one moment 'legitimate' researchers the next the boundar. I’m always fascinated about what’s going on in te mind of people and to get the chance to combine that with my other love Supernatural I just knew I had to read this bookI loved reading it to get an insight into the mind of the fans but also read about what the actors and the creative people behind the series think about fans People have a strong opinion about you when you tell them you’re a fan of something Reading this book gives you insight in everything about fandom it’s a really good thing that the authors are fans themselves That makes the book so great if you ask me they know what it feels like to be on the other side of the fenceThe side where people think you’re just crazy because you like a show so much that you would travel around the world to meet the people on it that you would spend a lot of time online getting in contact with other fans or writing your own storiesIf you would really like to know what fandom is about this is a must read And if you’re a Supernatural fan it’s so amazing to read the responses of the actors

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Fandom at the CrossroadsIes often blur Their repeated breaking of the fancreative side boundary is mirrored in Supernatural's reputation for fourth wall breaking which has attracted journalistic coverage everywhere from Entertainment Weekly to the New York Times Written with humor and irreverence Fandom at the Crossroads combines an innovative theorizing of fandom and popular culture with a behind the scenes story that anyone who has ever been a fan or wondered why others are fans will find fascinating. A must read for all of you who have ever lived and breathed in fandom Most of my books are divided into two categoriesthose I display in my office and those I hide in my bedroom But at last this one belongs in both collections Lynn Zubernis and Katherine Larsen explore the crossroads between their academic exploration of fandom and their fangirl status in the realm of the CW's Supernatural Certainly I'm biased as this is a duality with which I also struggle but I think folks on both sides of any fandom will find this crossroad fascinating Worth picking up for the photos and funny uips alone