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Read & download Ø 500 Great Books by Women A Reader's Guide Ç PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free È Here is an articulate guide to than 500 books written by women a uniue resource that allows readers the joy of discovering new authors as well as revisiting familiarAnnotated entries that capture the flavor of each book and seven cross referenced indexes 500 Great Books by Women is a one of a kind guide for all readers and book lovers that celebrates and recommends some of the very best writing by women. A nice little resource Sadly it was only published once so it's way out of date and ends with a few books published in 1993 Divided by theme there are blurbs from a panel of contributors all female about 500 books everything from Autobiographymemoir to oral histories novels and nonfiction There are cross referenced indices and lists at the beginning of every theme Included are lists of books by women of color living in the US and a list of some books about lesbian and gay people Clearly time has not been kind to this particular listing and that's the issue The areas covered are way too broad the 1990s overrepresented and marginalized people are just barely creeping into consciousness in 1993 94 I truly wish someone would update this particular reference but until then it's handy for finding books and authors I may otherwise have missed

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Ing Up Places and Homes Power and Work this reference book presents classic and contemporary works from Lady Nijo's thirteenth century diaries to books by authors including Toni Morrison Alice Hoffman Nadine Gordimer and Isabel Allende With. Bauermeister is a college professor at the Univ of WashingtonSeattle and is currently busy publishing novels She is clearly an author who values women's contributions In the mid 1990s however she put together this collection of great books by women It is well done The only downside is that it is outdated already Some of the books are by foreign female authors which means they are not widely available and some of the books are uite old and thus not widely available Would love to see something of this type hyping books written by women just in the last 50 years or even 25 years

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500 Great Books by Women A Reader's GuideHere is an articulate guide to than 500 books written by women a uniue resource that allows readers the joy of discovering new authors as well as revisiting familiar favorites Organized by such themes as Art Choices Families Growing Old Grow. If you've been friends with me for long enough you know I like lists A lot Especially weird ones that I can send my army of you my lovely bookish fellows to amp up however you are able So when I saw this book I first thought list but backed off from the prospect due to the 100 vote limit and my unyielding need for control Then came the ponderingThere's a singular shame to be felt when considering books written by women Should a list award class or sale shelf or school not be solely devoted to works by women they will be outnumbered ten to one at the very least The ones you do have were white born centuries ago died young via illness or suicide and on the whole came into the scene very late when compared to Shakespeare and the like These days they are a popular target the JK Rowlings who in this day and age still need to hide behind an androcentric moniker the Suzanne Collins and their overwhelming popularity the E L James and the running gag of yet again women and their romance and their pitiful need to get through fiction what they cannot receive in lifeThis year was the Year of Reading Women trending on Twitter and various media platforms likely met with the usual castigation consisting of gynephobia rape culture and death threats for that's expected on the Internet whenever a woman makes herself heard didn't you know I did not participate for a year is a year and I am in for the long run of popping up when the hashtags are forgotten and the next sex starved psychopath shoots up a university out of sheer hate for women I am in for a lifetime of it if I'm luckyFor that to occur I reuire something bigger than myself And so instead of a list I made a group each and every entry of this book carefully inputted with two sentences of the respective review of my own choosing I am a believer in the power of Internet enabled crowdsourcingcrowdoffering and so I have made a database that consists of the 508 different works termed great by this book all by different authors That is a lot of womenNow considering the inevitable white heterosexual US centrism the statistics are surprising 35% of the authors are persons of color nearly 20% of the works were not written in English but this was created in 1993 and we can do better So consider this an open call for submissions if you feel a work is a great book by a woman write a review and send it in If your favorite has already been chosen no worries I aim to have every entry contain at least one review by a fellow Goodreads reviewer The the merrierIn short I made a thing It is a good thing For it to be a great thing I need your help The thing is public and may be found here You don't need to like this review to express interest; I much prefer your participation to your clickety clickFor those of you who do not identify as women you are welcome as well Simply keep in mind that my gynephobia radar is exuisitely honed and in this group I reign supremeNow the true moment you have all been reading for the works I added because of this bookArtemisiaDancing at the Edge of the World Thoughts on Words Women PlacesDaybook The Journal of an ArtistMargaret Bourke White A BiographyThe Writer on Her Work New Essays in New TerritoryBecause it is Bitter and Because it is My HeartThe ConvertFrom the Lanai and Other Hawaii StoriesSo Long a LetterThe Waiting YearsCleaned OutComing of Age in MississippiHalf BreedThe Land Of Look Behind Prose And PoetryDeals with the Devil and Other Reasons to RiotHope Leslie or Early Times in the MassachusettsReuiemA Voice from the SouthCirce's MountainThe GroupLater the Same DaySeventeen Syllables and Other StoriesTwilight and Other Stories The Dangerous AgeLook Me in the Eye Old Women Aging and AgeismThe Twilight YearsThe ChangelingsBurger's DaughterThe Confessions of Lady NijoThis Bridge Called My Back Writings by Radical Women of ColorThe Jailing of Cecelia CaptureJerusalem Plays Hide and SeekNampally RoadThe IguanaThe Maid of the North Feminist Folk Tales from Around the WorldOf Woman Born Motherhood as Experience and InstitutionAfter HenryThe Little VirtuesThe Nocturnal Naturalist Exploring the Outdoors at Night The Time of the DovesWomen of Sand and MyrrhThe Cavalry Maiden Journals of a Russian Officer in the Napoleonic WarsExile in the Promised Land A MemoirA Lady's Life in the Rocky MountainsMountain Charley Or the Adventures of Mrs E J Guerin Who Was Thirteen Years in Male AttireWest with the NightWonderful Adventures of Mrs Seacole in Many LandsThe Land of Little RainStradbroke DreamtimeBacklash The Undeclared War Against American WomenKelroyKilling ColorMean SpiritSofia PetrovnaA Taste of Power A Black Woman's StoryWomen Culture and PoliticsThe Women Outside Meanings and Myths of HomelessnessBerji Kristin Tales from the Garbage HillsDaughter of EarthJourney into the WhirlwindA Mountainous Journey An AutobiographyMy Father's HousePlaintextAgainst Our Will Men Women and RapeThe Butcher's WifeA Chorus of StonesThe Loony Bin TripThe Montreal MassacreBlack Feminist Thought Knowledge Consciousness and the Politics of EmpowermentDreams of an Insomniac Jewish Feminist Essays Speeches and DiatribesLandscape for a Good Woman A Story of Two LivesMan Made LanguageOdd Girls and Twilight Lovers A History of Lesbian Life in Twentieth Century AmericaThe Straight Mind And Other EssaysWomen's Ways of Knowing The Development of Self Voice and MindWorking Class Women in the Academy Laborers in the Knowledge FactoryWriting a Woman's LifeYours in Struggle Three Feminist Perspectives on Anti Semitism and RacismIndianaThe Works of Alice Dunbar Nelson Volume 1Composing a LifeDaughter of Persia A Woman's Journey from Her Father's Harem Through the Islamic RevolutionMore Work For Mother The Ironies Of Household Technology From The Open Hearth To The MicrowaveSee you there