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His Favorite Mistress A NovelVivacious Gabriella St George is penniless yet proud Thanks to the benevolence of a generous relative she gets a chance for a new life in London never dreaming that it will entangle her in a sensual battle of wills with an irresistible rogue who doesn’t believe in love With one scorching car An improbable but nice fairytale

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Download kindle ¸ His Favorite Mistress ß ï reflectionslisburnltd ´ Vivacious Gabriella St George is penniless yet proud Thanks to the benevolence of a generous relative she gets a chance for a new life in London never dreaming that it will entangle her in a sensual battle of wills with an irreMoments of erotic delight But Gabriella tests his mettle undermines his resolve and cracks the ice around his heart with each sweet smile teasing glance and rapturous kiss Suddenly a man who relishes only carnal pleasures must confront the unexpected a passion that may lead to everlasting love Actual rating 35 stars some occasional bits were a four hence my liberality in rounding up the rating Considering I had to pay an exuberant 15 for an ebook I had rightfully high expectations for this book I know this is like the second book I finished today and I really have to reign it in Because when you read so many regency romances especially two back to back in one day it really makes for uite a cynical disposition As someone who as on average been reading about a book a day in the past month I'm slowly flushing my desire to read out of my system As each day passes I find sadly uite unfairly that I am being harsher critic by the day That being said I did enjoy this book It was certainly scintillating enough to keep me reading 5 hours straight The Duke was the kind of rakish aristocrat that I liked — he was a libertine who basked in the power afforded by wealth and title I did find it a little weird that the heroine was all chummy and best friends with like her aunt and uncle and in the end they were all these best mates when there was a considerable age gap which I wish we addressed But lol it's the regency period so I suppose the ton's not going to be batting an eye Tying in with the h's age or lack of age was her propensity to be rash and childish In fact her desire to be emancipated lowkey detached me from the story She acted so childish for a Duchess and for someone of her position she rarely did much during the season lmao view spoiler The whole nonsense with the separate house and the running away and divorce proclamations as well as the lack of discretion towards gracing the social columns made me roll my eyes seeing as that was hardly socially acceptable And the Duke's ahistorical disposition towards her making a scene truly made me uestion how much power he was wielding But hey without this there wouldn't be a story so I suppose I can't criticise these factors because this isn't real life it's fiction hide spoiler

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Ess Anthony Black invites Gabriella to share his bed But she wants his heart and his name so the determined beauty embarks on a daring game of seduction to win bothFirmly committed to the pleasures of bachelorhood Tony Black Duke of Wyvern has no intention of offering to any woman than shared I enjoyed this book over the other two in Tracy Anne Warren's Mistress series There was TAW's typical segment of discord but although it got old by the end it didn't feel completely inorganic to me as others have For one thing the typically sweet heroine didn't become a raving shrew to the hero That's something that Warren sometimes does to keep the discord going when there's obviously no reason for it to continue and it works a lot better when the insults don't flyThe heroine Gabriella is the illegitimate niece of the hero from My Fair Mistress and she comes to his home to shoot him for supposedly hounding her father to his death She meets up with Tony the Duke of Wyvern who disarms her and of course thinks she needs a lusty kiss before the uncle she's never met enters the room He then unloads all the dirty laundry she's never learned about her father right on her headSo it's a fun startThe heroine is very young Only seventeen Which my modern morals object to but I have to remind myself of the times She's a very mature seventeen as well being the orphaned wrong side of the sheets daughter of a peer and an actress But she's naive in the ways of society and her uncle Rafe who has generously and lovingly made her part of his growing family asks Tony to look out for her when she has a season Um silly uncle No it's not at all likely that the known bastard daughter of a known murderer would enjoy a season Nor would she take as well as Gabriella does But if life were fair in the regency era she would She's really very sweet and clever and beautiful and there's no reason not to like her It was easy enough to suspend my disbeliefTony is a rake who seems heartless to the women he leaves behind His back story provides the reason for his seeming coldness and intention to let his title pass to his cousin rather than ever marry and it works well enough for me We've seen him in the other books and he's a decent guy He just has a very distorted view of relationships between men and womenThat view is the cause of all his problems later and although the inevitable point where you say enough of this does happen it's not all that tedious in this case Poor Tony He deserves five stars for his excellent groveling alone but he's sexy and manly and almost always sweet if a bit emotionally under educated Lucky for the reader Gabriella is perfect for him and this is a very romantic end to the trilogy