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Anniversary includes a new preface by Nash and will continue to instruct anyone interested in how today’s conservative movement was born. Highly recommend ESPECIALLY for non conservatives

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The Conservative Intellectual Movement in America Since 1945            First published in 1976 and revised in 1996 George H Nash’s celebrated history of the postwar conservative intel. First let me say that Nash does a great job recounting the development of this movement He shows how and why 3 strains of conservatism traditionalistsvalues folks libertarians and ex Leftists He lays out their views in just the right amount of detail and shows the great variety of conservative thought in this period Any 20th century American political historian should check out this bookI came into this book hoping to find some interesting perspectives and possible challenges to my own classically liberal beliefs Surely I thought somewhere in the conservative canon there are some valuable ideas even for a pretty committed liberal like myself Well I was generally disappointed Pretty much anyone who was an ex Leftist with the possible exception of Irving Kristol had the unsubtle radicalism of the recent convert I found conservative philosophers and writers from this period to be highly regressive in their views deeply detached from real life in America and disturbingly unconcerned with civil rights and social justice I hate to play the overused privilege card but far too many of these men yes basically all dudes preferred to keep traditions like local government alive even if those traditions held back people from their rights and welfare Their views of Communism in America were paranoid and their foreign policy views which focused on confrontation and rollback were deeply irresponsible Contrast this with Arthur Schlesinger's call to deal with the Communist threat without eroding civil rights and liberties Conservatives in this era unfairly branded liberals as euivalent to Communists and leftists when any serious look at liberal not Leftist thought shows that they are absolutely not relativists take for example their passionate beliefs in civil liberties human rights and social justice nor Communists completely exclusive ends and means I can see the paucity of conservative thought today stemming from these lowly origins The only philosophers I found greater respect for were Hayek and Friedman whose thought is far subtle and moderate than normally presented in academia Hayek for instance fully believed in the state as a referee for economic activity imposing standards such as safety minimum wages and anti child labor laws but did not want the state to become a player in that gameIt is important to freuently challenge one's ideology with the best the other side has to offer especially at the level of first principles After this book I have found the conservative challenge wanting and my own liberalism confirmed

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review The Conservative Intellectual Movement in America Since 1945 ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ì             First published in 1976 and revised in 1996 George H Nash’s celebrated history of the postwar conservative intellectual movement has become the unuestionLectual movement has become the unuestioned standard in the field This new edition published in commemoration of the volume’s thirtieth. Completely authoritative treatment of the subject Does an excellent job of mapping out the various strands of postwar conservatism libertarianism anti communism and traditionalism that have taken a backseat to neoliberalism in the latter part of the 20th century I enjoyed this book far than I thought I would upon picking it up Scholarly yet readable