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Cutthroats: The Adventures of a Sherman Tank Driver in the Pacific Summary » 104 ï Soon after we landed it became apparent that there was than enough artillery here that the enemy were excellent shots and that their ammo supply seemed to be endlessWith the Japanese deeply entrenched and determined to Ch and that their Sherman tanks would serve front and center As driver Dick had to maneuver his five man crew in and out of dangerous and often deadly situationsWhether crawling up beaches bogged down in the mud soaked Leyte jungle or exposed in the treacherous valleys of Okinawa the Sherman was a favorite target A land mine could blow off the tr. Fine airplane reading

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Acks leaving its crew marooned and helpless and the nightmare of swarms of Japanese armed with satchel charges was all too real But there was a war to be won and Americans like Robert Dick did their jobs without fanfare and without glory This gripping account of tanker combat is a ringing testament to the awe inspiring bravery of ordinary America. I listened to the audiobook read by Milton Bagby that's 8 hours and 38 minutes long The last paragraph of this review focuses on that production specifically4 stars A great if a tad generalfolksy PTO tanker memoir and a great memoir portraying the overall military experience in the PacificRobert Dick was a tank driver in the 763rd Tank Battalion during World War 2 He saw action on Leyte in 1944 and later on Okinawa in 1945 after an extensive experience in the US ArmyThere is a lot on Dick's pre combat experience in the infantry before he joins an ard unit and ships out to the Pacific Several anecdotes commonly seen in memoirs from soldiers who were in the army beforejust around the attack on Pearl Harbor poorly organized into bizarre guard duties Dick finds himself in charge of checkpoints at important spots on the West Coast and details several charming stories of soldier antics on this topicEventually Dick joins the 763rd Tank Battalion and becomes a driver of an American Sherman tank tank number 60 and in IIRC C Company leading to the Cutthroats nickname coinage He is extensive in describing his combat role and the functions and tech of the tanks and this is presented in an interesting way Here Dick does a great job of describing the mechanics and other technical aspects of ard warfare that is easily digestibleAs a tank driver Dick is of a spectator when it comes to combat action He's in several souvenirs hunts where he does explicitly describe firing his Thompson Sub Machine gun in a skirmish with the Japanese on Leyte and this is described forthrightly if not in a compelling manner akin to other PTO combat memoirs However this is a small part of the overall combat experience Dick undergoes Instead Dick details the issues with driving a tank in the very different landscapes between Leyte a jungle thick mess of muddy roads and Okinawa a smorgasbord of Japanese held hills and valleys and though eye opening it's not presented in such a raw or energetic mannerAnother reviewer itemizes this memoir to a sit down with Dick at a bar hearing him relate his war experience over a couple of a beers This is a perfect description of the books' flavor Dick isn't coy on the details nor is the language though not at all freuent sanitized But the delivery is very laid back and features some good humor throughout I read lots of war memoirs and rate them mostly based on the author's willingness to detail their own personal experience in combat and writing ability Dick is willing to divulge his own contribution to the effort though limited with respect to his combat as a tank driver and his writing is very approachableI can see this book as a primary source to a tanker version of THE PACIFIC it touches on all the right topics in an ard combatants' experience So because of this and all the other positive aspects of the memoir with the drawbacks mentioned I give this one a 4 star rating This is a pretty good rating on my scale and this book is definitely one of the first ones I would mention when describing good all around PTO memoirsMilton Bagby reads this account and does so with the exact delivery I'd imagine Dick was going for sharing a few beers at the bar remember Bagby is an older narrator and narrates in a folksy and approachable manner I usually think combat accounts should be read by younger narrators or in a younger style but this works very well with CUTTHROATS so I have no complaints I also listened to Fighting with the Filthy Thirteen The World War II Story of Jack Womer Ranger and Paratrooper by Jack Womer and Steve Devito narrated by John Allen Nelson For the longest time I was ready to write a review with the assumption that these two books shared a narrator but after doubling checking they don't I still think that if you liked this narration then you'd like Nelson's though

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Cutthroats The Adventures of a Sherman Tank Driver in the PacificSoon after we landed it became apparent that there was than enough artillery here that the enemy were excellent shots and that their ammo supply seemed to be endlessWith the Japanese deeply entrenched and determined to die rather than surrender Robert Dick and his fellow soldiers uickly realized that theirs would be a war fought inch by bloody in. Robert Dick’s CUTTHROATS is another WW2 tank memoir this one by a tanker who fought in the Pacific against Imperial Japan specifically on the islands of Leyte and OkinawaWith an excellent memory Dick starts with the attack on Pearl Harbor and resulting training His stories of Army life in the infantry on the home front are uite funny Soon he goes to Hawaii to train to become a tank driver and then he’s shipped off to fight in the invasion of the Philippines in Tank 60 Company C which the crew names CUTTHROATSOn Leyte the mud bogs down the 30 ton tanks which struggle to support the infantry in chaotic jungle fighting More often than not the tanks served as indirect artillery On Okinawa the tanks took a stronger role blasting enemy infantry out of caves and bunkers while suffering incredible losses from mines suicidal soldiers with satchel charges and very effective anti tank guns Dick’s tank is euipped with a flamethrower which during its first attack against a cave ended up nearly setting fire to itselfWhile John Irwin’s ANOTHER RIVER ANOTHER TOWN is a very focused narrative about the savage town to town fighting in Germany at the end of WW2 from a tanker’s perspective Dick’s account is anecdotal and often action packed absurdly humorous and tragic by turns A wounded civilian woman with a baby abandoned out of fear she was being used as bait for enemy fire a tanker shattered because he couldn’t pull his wounded lieutenant through the escape hatch and had to leave him harrowing misses by AT guns souvenir shopping in enemy camps a Japanese casualty collection hut filled with corpses–Dick’s account is filled with small stories that tell the big story of one man’s war and the war itselfOverall CUTTHROATS is an excellent memoir about the life of a tanker in the Pacific in WW2 Recommended for history buffs