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The Autumn Bride doc ç Mass Market Paperback read ó reflectionslisburnltd ↠ Anne Gracie is “always terrific” and now the award winning author delivers a brand new series about four young women on the verge of destitution—until a daring act changes their fortune and transforms each of them Breaking into an empty mansion in the hope of finding something to sell Instead of treasures though she finds the owner Lady Beatrice Davenham bedridden and neglected Appalled Abby rousts Lady Beatrice's predatory servants and with Lady Beatrice's eager cooperation the four young ladies become her “nieces” neatly eliminating the threat of disaster for a I had a really tough time with the beginning of this book Slavery is bad enough but sex slavery pushes all my buttons and the main character confronts that right up front learning her sister has been abducted and Abby must act now to save her I cringed at Abby's gullibility I mean she doesn't know this person leading her into seamy sections of town even as I feared for the sister Gracie doesn't sugarcoat this section and the characters react as you'd expect when facing such horrorThe book lightens enough I could breathe relatively uickly though the threat lingers a bit What this section excels at is establishing Abby's character and essential motivations; seeing to the safety of her family and supporting her friends is paramount to her Abby is a fundamentally caring person a little naïve but from a place that makes her strong even fierce like the proverbial lioness and her cubs I loved her devotion to her sisters and later to Lady Bea and loved seeing her face setbacks and obstacles with clever determination view spoilerI particularly enjoyed her ripping into Mr Parsloe on behalf of his daughter It was so heartfelt and dead accurate and still managed to put things in terms he'd see as valid even while being deeply personal to herself hide spoiler

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Ll concerned It's the perfect situation until Lady Beatrice’s dashing and arrogant nephew Max Lord Davenham returns from the Orient and discovers an impostor running his household A romantic entanglement was never the plan for these stubborn passionate opponents but falling in love may be as inevitable as the falling of autumn leaves     Mary Jo Putney At the beginning I had to check if this was really a romance novel or if it was kind of Oliver Twist type of bookThe beginning is bleak and I felt very sorry for Abby She was treated like dirt and even if I knew it was normal in that period I felt for her Also the brothel scene was bad the thought that girls really were sold like cattle is a sad demonstration of how low a human can fallBut after a while we're introduced to Lady Beatrice and it is then that things get goodI loved Lady Beatrice and her speach so direct and so fun I could picture her in my mind so well She's the best character in the whole book and she alone deserves 5 shining starsI loved the interaction of the sisters too It was nice and heart warming The love born from difficult time is what made them sisters not blood Great ideaMax was a good hero too I could understand his reticence at the begining It was such a normal reaction and I appreciated itThe romance is not steamy but has a nice slow building pace It was different from other HR but I liked it all the same Sometimes I need sweet and tenderA good solid romace with nice characters nice dialogue and nice fun moments

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The Autumn BrideAnne Gracie is “always terrific” and now the award winning author delivers a brand new series about four young women on the verge of destitution until a daring act changes their fortune and transforms each of them into a glowing bride Governess Abigail Chantry will do anything to save her sister and two dearest friends from destitution even if it means Now published on Buried Under Romance I'm a big fan of Cinderella type stories where the impoverished heroine ends up with a handsome dashing lord This one is original and highly interesting setting up the uartet of the Chance sistersAbigail Chantry is related to two esteemed families but is sadly not acknowledge by either due to her parents having eloped Ever since her parents' early deaths Abby had grown up taking care of her sister Jane working as a governess to support Jane's schooling Just as Jane should be on the way work in a respectable household Abby gets notified by Daisy a brothel servant that Jane had been abducted and about to be sold Her job aside Abby with Daisy's help managed to save her sister along with Damaris someone who helped to prevent Jane from getting raped while at the brothel Together these four become the Chance sisters people met by chance but held together by a sisterly bond Their adventure continues as Abby in an attempt to obtain money for them tried to rob the house of Lady Beatrice DavenhamAs this book is the first in a series uite a bit of it has been devoted to explaining the background of the Chance Sisters However Anne Gracie's moving prose and characterization establishes a good pacing leaving space for both plot twists and relationship developments The Autumn Bride is undoubtedly focused on its lead characters Max Lord Davenham and Abby Max inherited the earldom from his uncle right out of university and was shocked the settling of his uncle's heavy debts on his He was told that he must sell everything in order to pay the debts but he refused to sell his aunt's residence and the family seat Already his character is established as highly honorable and caring of his relatives as well as perseverance as he spent the following 9 years in trade to repay all the debts In this he is a perfect match for Abby who takes the role of the eldest and sacrifices her own comforts to care for her new sisters She is not idealistic nor a fool knowing that she must sacrifice some morality for livelihood for the sake of survival I absolutely loved the conflicting struggles between honor and necessity in Max and Abby showing their complexity and true strengthThe romance side of this novel is nicely done as well and I would very highly recommend any romance reader to pick this up It is simultaneously moving beautiful sweet and passionate and an absolute delight to read I can't wait for the other Chance sisters' stories as well as of Max's partners in tradeAs a side note muffins are an inside joke in the story and one you will definitely want to find out about