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Dancing Naked in Dixie Read & download Ý 107 ↠ Travel writer Julia Sullivan lives life in fast forward She jet sets to Europe and the Caribbean with barely a moment to blink or sleep But too many mishaps and missed deadlines have Julia on the verge of being fired With a stern warning and unemployment looming she's offered one last chanTravel writer Julia Sullivan lives life in fast forward She jet sets to Europe and the Caribbean with barely a moment to blink or sleep But too many mishaps and missed deadlines have Julia on the verge of being fir. This book has two main characters Julia and Shug Okay what a name Shug Well if you are from the south then you know we have names or are give weird names at birth Sometimes these names are acuired while we are growing up and they stick with us for life Shug was suppose to be named after a coach at Auburn UniversityJulia is a writer for a national travel magazine Shug works at the historical commission in the city of Eufaula Alabama Yes this is an actually city in Alabama Even the event Pilgrimage is an real event that happens in Eufaula pronounced you fall uhs The words underlined will take the reader directly to the websites After reading about these actual events I am planning on making one of these amazing tours just to enjoy this historyHer new boss gives Julia an ultimatum Either go to Eufaula or you no longer have a job at this magazine Julia is furious Of course she is furious who would not be However Julia knows that she needs to change some things in her life she just does not know how She keeps saying that if she would organize her life it would help but we all know what happens when we just talk about something and never act on what we think Julia tells the new boss that she had rather dance naked Well she might not actually dance naked but she comes close to that while in EufaulaPoor Julia is a magnet for bad things If it could go wrong or happen then it happens to Julia To me Julia is one of those people who everyone loves but would hate being She is always missing an appointment deadline or just cannot find what she is looking for She cannot keep anything organized including her desk life or just stick to a schedule She is always on the go Never stopping for a breath or to smell the rosesWhen Julia meets up with some southern hospitality she is in awe After living in the north and traveling all her life she does not know how to react to the open friendliness Yes in the south we have never met a stranger and everyone is called sugar hon sweetie or something along those lines I admit that I do that to everyone I will be at work and say “Hey sweetie will you” to an associate or a temporary employee The younger generation just laughs at me When I have traveled for work and say something along those lines I will admit to receiving strange looksNeedless to say I loved this book Then it was high in southern terminology This book takes an on the go person who never stops for the small things in life and turns her into one who knows how to enjoy the little things that life offersIf I have to write a uick short blurb about this book it would be the following “The best read for southern life and hospitality”The bunnies and I give this book carrots

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T tea and the annual Pilgrimage Julia arrives soon charmed by the lovely city and her handsome host but her stay is marred by a shocking discovery Can Julia's story save her career Eufaula and the annual Pilgrimage. I have seen this book plastered all over the blogs and even though I haven't read anything like this before I was intrigued So when I saw it pop up on the circuit I immediately grabbed it and was not in the least bit disappointed in the read I instantly felt a kinship with Julia I'm never late to work but other places Wellthat's another story And even though organization isn't my strong suit I get my stuff done Just don't try to figure out my systemlolyou won't And I swear that if ADHD had been around when I was growing up I probably would have been slapped with that title I have the hardest time paying attention Sometimes I truly wonder if medicine can help that So that's Julia in a nutshell organized in her own way flighty commitment phoebe lacks the will to focus and hides all of her pain and loneliness behind a polite professional smile She has a glamorous career writing for a magazine that deals with travel So she travels the worlds hot spots reporting back with articles on the local attractions and out of the way uaint and uiet cafes in Rome Belize and Paris But all that comes to a halt when a new editor is brought on And surprise surprise her next exotic destination is Alabama Alabama Wrapped in her New York fast paced never sleep life Julia has missed out on so much And it takes an unusual down south family to make her realize just how many holes were in her life Sometimes we all get so caught up in the rat race we take for granted all that we have and the things we have achieved It took the span of three days which she tried several times to cut short to change her perspective on life Julia actually did some growing The best part is that you were there to watch her and understand that she is a walking disaster magnet LOL This book was funny and will definitely pull at your heart strings I truly enjoyed reading this

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Dancing Naked in DixieEd With a stern warning and unemployment looming she's offered one last chance to rescue her career Julia embarks on an unlikely journey to the ‘Heart of Dixie’ Eufaula Alabama home to magnificent mansions swee. From the hustle bustle of Manhattan to the easygoing charm of small town Alabama author Lauren Clark takes the heroine of Dancing Naked in Dixie as well as readers on a memorable journey How travel writer Julia Sullivan's experiences in these two wildly different locales affect and change her is the heart of this very engaging story Thanks to her profession Julia has spent most of her time on planes and in hotel rooms She's a bit scattered and commitment phobic when it comes to men so this nomadic lifestyle suits her Unfortunately it all comes to a screeching halt when her new boss at Getaways magazine calls her on the carpet for the declining uality of her work She's got one last chance to redeem herself and save her job but in order to do so she has to head down south and cover a tour of historic homes called The Pilgrimage in Eufaula Alabama an assignment that she considers to be beneath herWith its eccentric residents and behind the scenes drama Eufaula is so much than Julia expects it to be and before she knows it she finds herself connecting with the people including handsome local history expert Shug Jordan and being drawn into their troubles I live in the south myself so I was really impressed by the author's deft hand at describing the setting in Dancing Naked in Dixie I swear I could taste the biscuits and gravy and smell the gardenias when I was reading the Eufaula passagesWhat I really liked about this book was how much growth the heroine showed Through all of her trials and tribulations she really learned something and was able to resolve the issues in her life that were holding her back The book ended on a really hopeful note and I felt like my time with Julia Sullivan and Co was well spent I now look forward to going back and reading Lauren Clark's first novel Stay Tuned which I somehow managed to miss