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Book Ô For Love And Honor Ë 277 pages Download  Reflectionslisburnltd ´ Amazing E-Book, For Love And Honor Author Kathryn Le Veque This is the best favorite book with over 265 readers online here.Te book with over 265 readers online her Freebie 01162013

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Amazing E Book For Love And Honor Author The writing was good pacing was good with a well rounded cast of characters and lots of complex motivations Unfortunately the ending really ruined the book for me It was such a collossal let down that it ruined everything that came beforeI won't say it wasn't a reasonable end to the story or that it didn't fit the time or the characters But the ending was not only abrupt it was also wholly unecessaryview spoilerFor Avalyn to just marry someone other than Brogan and live happily ever after after everything they'd gone through to be together it felt like a cheap cop out Not that I fault her for marrying Aubrey but the uick death of her husband on her wedding night as well as the sudden and completely unecessary detail of his inability to get an erection meant that the author could have given her a HEA with Brogan but chose not to So having her marry William a man who has apparently been her friend since she was five which ugh so creepy was a cop outHonestly if Avalyn was going to end up married to someone other than Brogan why not just let her stay married to Charles? I actually liked him I liked that he was fat and easily led and that he was genuinely a good person who wanted to be a good husband If Avalyn had stayed married to him I would have at least respected the author's choices But his sudden death was obviously deus ex machina and not even the good sort Lastly is Avalyn's sudden lack of personality and spark She was supposed to be an intelligent politically savvy manipulative woman who was an advisor to her uncle the kingmaker I wanted her to get a little revenge on the uncle to switch her alleigance as she'd already planned to do when she married Charles Instead she just settles into the homebody life and raises a brood of boy children ugh just once I'd like to see a HR author write a HEA where the heroine has a passel of daughters and no sons She seriously sent William to find Brogan and then used absolutely none of her power or wealth or influence to find him at all or improve his life at all or y'know anything at all to change her circumstances After everything she went through this novel the entirety of the book's ending as well as the epilogue felt like a betrayal of the characters hide spoiler

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For Love And HonorKathryn Le Veue This is the best favori An interesting book even though I was a little disappointed how it ended I was hoping despite Brogan's and Avalyn's station they would ended somehow together