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characters Stir It Up ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Jamaica 1976 Bob Marley sings revolution The democratic socialist government of Michael Manley leans closer to Fidel Castro angering Washington Many believe the CIA is on the island stirring things up whipping election year violence into tribal war Scott Gallagher liveAica anyway An emotional trauma brings him to psychologist Phil Mitchell who pushes Scott to relive the fateful year and uncover the truth that will either set them both free or be their undoingStir It Up sets into stark relief the historical backdrop of its times The Vietnam War has finally ended the year before Henry Kissinger survivor of the disgraced Nixon Watergate Administration continues as Secretary of State under President Ford Operation Condor is in full swing with the spread of brutal military dictatorships throughout Latin America Tiny Jamaica becomes a microcosm in which the great political iss. This is a beautiful novel about fairness euality and human rights a must read for anyone interested in these topics and how ideology in modern day USA and the rest of the world relates to them The author’s extensive knowledge of the historical context for the novel makes it stimulating and engrossing—Jamaican culture Bob Marley the ‘70s the CIA Written from the perspective of an adolescent the novel also describes the young man’s struggle to become an adult A mysterious psychological incident brings him under the care of a psychologist who wrestles not only with finding a way to break through to the kid but with his own demons The book also brings us face to face with potentially heavy prejudices surrounding cultural differences and at times beautifully attempts to bridge those gaps by invoking mythological themes of universal applicability

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Jamaica 1976 Bob Marley sings revolution The democratic socialist government of Michael Manley leans closer to Fidel Castro angering Washington Many believe the CIA is on the island stirring things up whipping election year violence into tribal war Scott Gallagher lived through it but four years later a 20 year old residing in Santa Barbara he remembers little his girlfriend Marva hanging with Marley at Hope Road beyond that it's Lost Time As if Obeah Jamaican black magic has fixed his business Was his father CIA chief of station in Kingston What caused the bad blood between them Why would the CIA be in Jam. It is an open secret that the American secret service in the 70s did everything they could to destabilise Jamaica and Michael Manleys progressive government In this engrossing new novel David Cupples suggests that even Bob Marleys entourage was infiltratedScott Gallagher is a young white dread with a near neurotic obsession with Bob Marley In Jamaica he encountered something that shook him to the bone both mentally and physically A psychiatrist tries to help Scott overcome his trauma Little by little he remembers what happened in Kingston and how he got involved in the true facts that happened After the Americans had litterally arranged their affairs in Chili Argentina and other countries where ‘communists’ popped up their eye fell on Jamaica There a man named Michael Manley came to power in 1972 He sought conciliation with Cuba and openly preached a ‘third way’ between the free American market which hadn’t brought much good to the Jamaican people thus far and a social you can call it socialistic system that had eye for the needs of the sufferers Manley was also friends with Bob Marley king of reggae international superstar rebel and rastaman His songs told the truth and that was not to the liking of the CIA either The allicance between Marley and Manley two heroes of the people had to be stopped Scott is the son of the head of the CIA in Kingston an archetypical bad guy just like the ones the American government used to send across the world back then The man gets all the means he needs to destabilise the government mercenaries bribes allied newspapers drugs cocaïne and above all weapons lots of weapons High up in the Blue Mountains they are delivered on isolated airports often in exchange for large loads of ganja Drugs for arms it was not an exception in the battle against the communists and the revolutionaries Moreover the CIA cunningly responded to the historical rivalry between the two political parties in Jamaica the ruling PNP and Edward Seagas JLPScott himself becomes friends with someone from Bob Marleys entourage and has a good time in the house at Hope Road until his fathers actions get to him physically mentally and emotionally The personal drama coincidentally collides with the murder attempt on Bob Marley and the Smile Jamaica concert a few days later a turning point in the history of the island ànd in Marley’s career Cupples tells a thrilling story drenched in the vibes and the patois that we all know so well The author regards Jamaica with love knowledge and inevitably with many beautiful and haunting memories in mind He knows what weed does to a man and puts himself effortlessly in the mind of a fanatic teenager or in the twisted brain of a frustrated CIA agent Not everything turns out right in the end if only because Bob Marley dies; but in any case Scott got to know not only himself better but also the other half of history the half that seldomly or never gets toldDavid Cupples is not the first author who links the presence of the CIA in Jamaica in the second half of the 70s to the murder of Bob Marley In the American blower magazine High Times and for that reason of course never noticed let alone taken seriously by the traditional media Alex Constantine posed in 2002 the thesis that some Carl Colby son of CIA director William Colby slipped in

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Stir It UpUes of the day come into play The novel is also a tribute to Bob Marley as the Voice of the Third World a rousing tour through the colorful Kingston scene in the Golden Age of Reggae featuring the great Rasta musicians from the ghettos a warm snapshot of Jamaican culture an account of the leader of a poor Third World country standing against American power at the dawning of the New World Order of neoliberal economics a sympathetic portrait of Jamaican First Lady Beverley Manley the story of a young lad's coming of age as he faces the terrors and mysteries of his past with a psychologist who has lost his way. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed reading Stir It Up I could tell the author spent a lot of time in Jamaica to give this book an authentic feel I learned a lot about the culture the music the politics and of this island paradise even though I've never been there Anyone who loves a good story with well drawn characters will really like this book Two Thumbs Up from this reader