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READ ☆ Your Gift to Me ã Set primarily in Hawaii this Military SuperRomance celebrates the redemptive powers of love and laughter Nearly ten years after Emily Ann Meade's husband died in a fiery Special Operations helicopter crash in the Gulf War grief still follows her like a second skin shadow Still single and emotionally guarded she clings to her vow neRrified that his life could be in danger and she will be left to suffer the emotional conseuences she pushes him away again Their relationship shatters Emily must find a path through her emotional minefields or risk never discovering that she's rejecting the only type of man to whom she is genuinely attracted and a man whose life could be in danger Ultimately Ted and Emily discover that grief like joy is finite but love is infinite Written from alternate he saidshe said points of view this full length novel will appeal to anyone age eighteen to eighty who reuires both entertainment and substance in their leisure readin. In this current yet timeless story recent widower and Air Force fighter pilot Ted Foley falls for a journalist who also happens to be the widow of a fallen fighter pilotAfter ten –years Emily Meade was still trying to make it through the night before being consumed by her own grief and panic attacksShe had no intentions of giving her broken heart to anyone especially not another flyerThis is not just a military love story There is mystery and suspense Emily’s off the wall next door neighbor provides breaks of humor in contrast to the dramaThis is a sensitive and passionately written life story It validates the fear our military spouses live with each and every day of their lives It is a great tribute to them and for us civilians offers a window into their lives that we rarely if ever get to seeThis story although fiction is written with such emotion one cannot help but believe these characters are rooted in realityI hope the authors are planning a seuel I cannot get these characters out of my head


Set primarily in Hawaii this Military SuperRomance celebrates the redemptive powers of love and laughter Nearly ten years after Emily Ann Meade's husband died in a fiery Special Operations helicopter crash in the Gulf War grief still follows her like a second skin shadow Still single and emotionally guarded she clings to her vow never to get involved with another man committed to a dangerous profession until she meets charismatic F 16 Viper pilot Colonel Ted Foley in Hawaii Although she is attracted to Ted he is assigned to a fighter wing that has recently lost two pilots in unexplained air crashes Ted finds the elusiv. Deep and Meaningful Novel Reaches Across All Genres An affirmation that JOY can come after deep mourningA smart thought provoking read Air Force Fighter Pilot Ted Foley and Alabamian Emily Ann Meade are on a collision course of their souls Part love story part thriller YOUR GIFT TO ME is original and fresh One second I had goosebumps from head to toe the next I was slapping my knee and laughing out loudEarly in the book Emily a former investigative journalist and Air Force widow says to Ted who's recently lost his wife to breast cancer I can tell you this You never get over deep grief you just get through itAs I was reading this book I found myself pausing to look off in the distance before turning back to the story This is when I knew the story had burrowed itself into my soul Days after finishing this book I'm still thinking about the charactersCan a work of fiction be both a healing balm and an entertaining tonic You bet it can and writing team Bonnie Latino and Bob Vale prove it with all the right ingredientsI highly recommend this novel to anyone who has ever made a journey back from grief For those who enjoy reading a good story laced with both wisdom and wit YOUR GIFT TO ME is a deep and meaningful novelKathleen M Rodgers author of the award winning novel The Final SaluteRanked #1 on 's Top Rated War Fiction 2012Ranked #2 on 's Bestselling Military Aviation 2010Disclaimer I received an advanced reader copy from author Bonnie Latino a former columnist for Stars Stripes and the wife of a retired Air Force colonel

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Your Gift to MeE Emily to be like smoke smoke that surrounds and envelopes him but that he can't uite grasp He is intrigued by the first woman who has made him feel alive since his wife died of breast cancer Allowing her mind to wander through fields of dreams on which she can't afford the emotional mortgage Emily lowers her barriers and discovers Ted's greatest virtue He makes the ordinary feel sublime Healing in shared confidences solidifies their relationship As Emily becomes the vivacious woman she was before her husband's death devastated her spirit her worst fear resurfaces Ted's suadron suffers a third mysterious F 16 crash Te. Although YOUR GIFT TO ME by Bonnie B Latino and Bob Vale is classified as a military romance this book breaks the boundaries of genre It’s not what anyone would expect to find when searching the bookstore shelves for a romance novel or a warrior’s tale This is a love story that will resonate with anyone who lives in a dangerous world Those in the military and all whose work takes them where life is virtually all about Life and Death will understand the implications inherent in these pages perhaps better than the rest of us but one cannot help but feel the intensity underpinning this story Air Force widow Emily Meade and F 16 Viper pilot Colonel Ted Foley are two of the most refreshing characters I've met in the past few years of reading popular fiction Are they challenged by what life has thrown at them Oh yes Deeply so But do they succumb to the deep dark doubts that often plague us all No they don't No matter how much smoke stings their eyes and deadens their senses Ted and Emily make their way to the nearest exit breathe deeply and learn to love intensely in the moment given that anticipation of another day may not be possible I was impressed by how well they worked their way—together— through dark times—with class and humor And when it comes to humor who can resist that colorful character N'awlins She constantly outdoes herself I do hope the authors will have a say when the time comes to cast this movie role because ueen Latifa would be perfect for the part I think the thing I liked most about this story is how both Em and Ted gradually enhance each others perceptions of their respective worlds I love how Ted gently brushes away Em's pain and gradually helps her to re build her own self confidence and I admire how Emily helps Ted reconstruct a true sense of himself Like the tiny origami boxes full of hopes and dreams that Ted gives to Em Bonnie Latino and Bob Vale fill this story with perfect moments Just as these two unforgettable characters selflessly give tender gifts to one another the authors offer us layer upon layer of personal enrichment and a deeper emotional understanding of the human condition YOUR GIFT TO ME explores Duty Honor Country Intrigue and Love A love so profound that its embrace heals two deeply wounded hearts