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A Thin Film of Lies The story tells of a homicide detective Fran Anders whose next case throws her into the lives of Mike and Alisa Jepson a couple whose marriage is disintegrating fast When leads coming into the precinct point at Mike Jepson as guilty of murder Fran watches the damage wrought on this couple yet is unable to ignore the incriminating evidence When Mike ends up arrested and in jail Alisa takes comfort in a friend Dee Dee who moves in with her but soon becomes her worst nightmare Mike hires a PI who uncovers clues to who is setting M Susanne does not shy away from gritty characters or intense topics in this suspense crime novel Instead she dives right into the minds and actions of all of the characters in the book For this reason some readers are not going to care for the book It deals with difficult topics such as adultery lust murder deceit lies all while staying with the theme that faith in God can get you through even the most difficult of situations The book twists and turns to the point that you really don't know what is going to happen until right before the end Readers will have glimpses here and there that all may not be exactly as it seems and clues about what may have happened are woven into the story lineThe story is well developed but it is not pretty The characters even the Christian characters such as detective Fran Anders do not have easy lives Fran's faith in God is repeatedly tested Mike and Alisa Jepson's marriage is seriously tested Mike struggles with infidelity and unfaithful thoughtsfeelings Alisa wrestles with past church experiences that left her with a strong dislike of the church and religion When Mike is accused of murder things get even sticky for the individuals involved The twisted minds of the other characters in the story unfolds before the readers eyes as the story progresses It is not your typical cut and dried murder mystery nor is it a typical feel good Christian suspense novel No this book is meant to make readers really think about the devious conseuences of sin in ourselves and the world around usTo be fair I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy the book when I first started reading as the beginning felt a little disjointed to me but I soon found there was a reason behind the way the book was written Once I understood what was taking place I was able to really get into the style of the book Readers go back and forth between the photographer's thoughts and the story itself The one issue that I ran into that made reading the book a bit difficult was the formatting was off on my Kindle edition Some pages contained several different fonts and styles which I'm sure was not the author's intent I reduced my rating by one star due to the formatting issuesEven with the formatting issues on my edition I enjoyed the book It is definitely not something that I would give to my daughter to read due to the adult subject matter in the book It's a real world type of book that addresses some serious relational topics so readers will want to keep this in mind when deciding if they want to read this bookDisclosure I received a copy of this book to help facilitate the writing of a frank and honest review

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Book ´ A Thin Film of Lies 317 pages Download ✓ C.s. lakin Í The story tells of a homicide detective Fran Anders whose next case throws her into the lives of Mike and Alisa Jepson a couple whose marriage is disintegrating fast When leads coming into the precinct point at Mike Jepson as guilty of murder As much as she wants to please her superiors she knows her true boss is God and she answers first and foremost to his leading which sometimes takes her beyond the call of duty often to the ire of those around her A middle aged divorced single parent with two teens Fran hopes someday to find a great man and remarry but she’s not holding her breath Right now she just wants to be a good cop and mother and use her faith to help those she encounters in her line of work learn there’s someone “up there” who truly cares for the Great Christian MysteryI so enjoyed this Christian mystery The story kept my interest the whole way through The characters were very believable and loved the twists and turns

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Ike up but Alisa is caught in a trap before Mike can protect her Although Fran reaches out to Alisa during her crisis of faith she is unable to stop events from barreling toward a crash Yet despite the tragedies to follow Fran sees how God has used the Jepsons’ trials and pain to bring Alisa back into His arms with hope that Mike might follow suitFran is a dedicated no frills cop who takes her job seriously but with a wry sense of humor She suffers from the unbearable heat from unrelenting allergies but does not suffer fools This book is great It starts off with a hit and run that uickly turns into a murder case It is also about a marriage that is falling apart Mike is arrested and hires a pi to find out who has framed him and I found myself caught up in the story and even through it is fiction it could be real The theme of forgiveness is woven into the book also