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Download The Westies Ebook ☆ 416 pages É T.j. english ↠ Librarian's note There is an Alternate Cover Edition for this edition of this book hereEven among the Mob the Westies were feared Out of a partnership between two sadistic thugs James Coonan and Mickey Featherstone the gang rose out of the inferno of Hell's Hen a decaying tenderloin slice of New York City's West Side They became the most notorious gang in the history of organized crime excelling in extortion numbers running loansharking and drug peddling Upping the ante on depravity their specialty was execution by Growing up hearing stories of Coonan and Spillane's conflict and the crazy days of Hell's Kitchen this was a great book to find some well researched details on the legends I have often heard It felt like the kind of book it is a story pulled together from records and court documents which don't always make for gripping reading There were uite a few parts that make me smirk or go ahhhh But not enough to recommend it to anyone who doesn't already have an active interest in the Irish mob in New York

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Dismemberment Though never numbering than a dozen members their reign lasted for almost twenty years until their own violent natures got the best of them precipitating a downfall that would become as infamous as their notorious ascension into the annals of crim uick what ethnic group do you think of when you think organized crime?Probably the Italians whether fictional like Don Corleone or the Sopranos; or real ones like Al Capone John Gotti Sammy The Bull Gravano etc Maybe a follow up thought would be Jews whether as organizers for the Italian mob or in their own organizations like Murder IncYou probably didn't think of the IrishBut maybe you shouldThe book takes us inside the Hell's Kitchen gang that the press dubbed The Westies focusing in particular on Mickey Featherstone one of the central members who eventually turned into an informantBut none of that explains the appeal of the book The crime details are disturbing and specific the dialog is blunt and not ing printable and the cast of characters so to speak includes the hoods cops lawyers politicians and just folks from the neighborhoodOn a personal note I knew that Hell's Kitchen used to be very violent but I didn't realize a lot of the violence was in the '70s and '80s when I was growing up in a different part of Manhattan

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The WestiesLibrarian's note There is an Alternate Cover Edition for this edition of this book hereEven among the Mob the Westies were feared Out of a partnership between two sadistic thugs James Coonan and Mickey Featherstone the gang rose out of the inferno of Hell's Kitc I purchased this one on a Kindle daily deal and I think I got burned My enthusiasm when I started was pretty high and then just a few pages in it began to fall and continued falling until the very end when I just kind of flipped through the epilogueMy disappointment sprang from a misunderstanding I thought this was a work of non fiction I was expecting to read some fairly dry but interesting text about the Westies maybe some good direct uotes brought up during proceedings etc Instead I got fictionalized passages all emotioned up stuffed with slang and filtered through the author's idea of what these people were truly like and who were the true good guysA uoteAs his tour of duty wore on Featherstone's sense of guilt and displacement deepened He drank almost every day Sometimes he would get so fucked up he would have blackouts and hardly remember what had happened the night beforeAnotherNot only were the Italians going to be looking into this Ruby Stein thing but now there were going to be bulls or police all over the neighborhoodAnotherWith three razzle dazzle courtroom victories in a row Hochheiser and Aronson became folk heroes in criminal circles on the West Side of Manhattan and the scourge of the NYPDadd to those ugly little messes a few others like a vivid description from the point of view of a guy who was getting shot It noted where he was hit first and how bad it hurt again from his point of view and then revealed that this guy died a few minutes later Right Got it I understand the author's desire to add drama to what could otherwise be dry but this seemed excessiveIt was also obvious that the author had written down various notes that he felt needed to be attached to certain minor characters and then never checked them off the I've used this already list leaving readers subjected multiple times to passages likeMad Dog Sullivan rud to have been the one who killed Jimmy HoffaLet me check my notes and make sure that's a different Mad Dog Sullivan than the one you told me is rud to have killed Jimmy HoffaOne last uote which I point out specifically it was largely a sympathetic piece presenting Mickey as a victim of warWhen I read that line I had to check to see if the author was talking about his own book or some other published workI trudged through to the finish hoping the description of the trial would somehow miraculously pull this book out of its downward spiral but no The whole thing held my interest about as much as some crappy History Channel docu drama at 3 in the morning basically not worth the effort reuired to make it stop might as well just let it roll until we reach the creditschokengtitiktitikchokengs Apparently I don't have a category on my Kindle for fictionalized version of non fiction events so it just went into read and hopefully will never creep out again