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read kindle ↠ Darius Lord of Pleasures Mass Market Paperback õ reflectionslisburnltd Å Darius is a gripping and remarkable tale of desperation devotion and redemption from award winning New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Grace Burrowes Her gorgeous writing and lush RegenDarius is a gripping and remarkable tale of desperation devotion and redemption from award winning New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Grace Burrowes Her gorgeous writing and lush Regency world will stay with you long after you turn the final pageWith his I realize most everybody loved this who isn't thrilled by a storyline involving a man whore with a heart of gold but I just didn't I loved GB's The Heir it was fresh witty incisive the plot involving the Hh well defined and their actions and intentions consistent with who they were and what they wanted Best of all their emotions evolved over time and I understood their growing attachment This didn't compare to that I'm not sure why It could have to do with it being the third mustwant to make a baby premise I've read in a row the first being A Lady Awakened which delineated exuisitely the leading characters gave them a great deal of depth and presented their conflict with grace and let their emotions evolve believably in the same needs an heir scenario The second being Silver Linings set in western US gold rush Colorado different from ALA but clear lovable Hh and a romance that evolves despite devastating conseuences of one fateful wish expressedIt could have to do with how long it took me to get a sense of the characters Darius and Vivian They felt sketchy in the book's first half merely living up to cliches She was a lord and elderly stateman's young wife with scruples about trying to give her husband a needed heir; he was the jaded smooth talking earl's impoverished second son enterprising enough to make a profession out of arousing women clients though he draws the line at kissing and sex until the money's just too good to turn down natch His mounting debts and a lucrative offer that promises financial freedom bring Darius and Vivian together for a month of baby making at his Sussex estate at her husband's behest So he is the seasoned seducer she is the proper conflicted wifeThe heroine expresses wry understandable reservations when Darius asks her how she’d like to proceed I'd like to put a sack over my head stuff cotton wool in my ears and hum some good old Handel while you do the going on I liked her from here onBut after having sex once jarring over familiarities came out of nowhere Vivian was certain she'd never seen that exact smile on Darius’ face Since when They've only spent a few days together and are virtual strangersAt about the same time he thinks after sex with herand now Vivian was in his hands trusting him to get her a baby and not break her heart in the process He could do that He'd make sure of it The only real uestion was whether he'd survive when his own was broken insteadWha They hardly knew each other at this point in the story her menses did delay sex for a few days so they got to know one another a little Indeed in a twist of Pretty Woman he takes her shopping and buys her new clothes why would she allow him to treat her like a mistress This is a man who pleasures women professionally has developed a thick skin literally and walled himself off from feeling anything In the bedroom he’s in 'showing her the ropes' seduction mode which was hot one moment and in the next he’s afraid of being hurt I could understand him finding her appealing simply because she was nothing like the two harpies he ‘serviced’ But when such an important emotion just flops out on the page like that without much precedent I don't end up taking it to heart Later on I would’ve found his vulnerability movingHere's a great line that defined his inaccessibility for me it appears on Pg 120 Why are you so casual about disrobing she asks I don't think of it as disrobing His stockings followed I think of it as getting into my livery The fit is superbThat defined him beautifully for me cynical self deprecating controlled remote seething insideI want you to desire what you see I want to please youBut then the heroine calls him on it because after a little sex she knows him inside and out huh She started coming into better focusbut still they've only known each other for a week And as he also points out to her it's a business arrangement Or it could have been the little things that distracted me Again GB's thing of protecting a mystery relative is here in The Heir a deaf sister; in Soldier a bastard daughter; someone’s bastard son in this case And yet again the man talk of menses first needlessly and repeatedly in Soldier here relevant when mentioned but like an allergen I had a stronger reaction to the second exposure The “scooting” characters did started to get to me too That’s when I knew I wasn't swept up in the story when a repeated verb annoyed me as inappropriate in toneSo the being in love before I could understand why and the odd familiarity between strangers left me feeling as though I'd somehow missed important developments in the romance between Hh even though I was 'present' for all their interactions I got their chemistry but not the love somehow Then again the prospect of a child simply may've trumped all rational scruples and superceded evolving emotions to cause a fundamental shift in perspective What the hell do I know I prefer a romance that unfolds that's allFor me it wasn't until after he impregnated her and they had to of necessity become strangers that I felt his longing and loss and believed it And that's when Darius' fierce drive to be a part of Vivian's life and to end his previous life was understandable and moving And I felt her ambivalence and desire and sadnessThat was the last third or less of the novel I much prefer A Lady Awakened for the unspooling of the often visited premise and Sebastian St Vincent Kleypas Lion in WInter for a very good bad man redeemed But I am in the minority here If you've enjoyed most or all of GB's books this will be of the same

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Beloved sister tainted by scandal his widowed brother shattered by grief and his funds cut off Darius Lindsey sees no option but to sell himself body and soul Until the day he encounters lovely beguiling Lady Vivian Longstreet whose tenderness and understanding wrap I reviewed this title at both All About Romance and Romantic Historical Reviews when it first appeared so the content portion of this review is somewhat truncated It's one of the earliest books by this author that I read and is still one of my favourites so having an audio version at last is the icing on top of the cake as far as I'm concernedDarius Lindsey is the impoverished younger son of an earl who in order to make ends meet provides services of an intimate nature to bored aristocratic women in exchange for money He is approached by Lord William Longstreet who offers Darius enough money to make him financially secure if in return Darius will spend one month with Longstreet’s young wife and do his very best to get her pregnant Darius is reluctant he doesn't have intercourse with the women he consorts with so accepting this particular commission will break his carefully preserved rules Vivian Longstreet is much younger than her husband and cares for him deeply She had been his late wife’s companion and in order to protect Vivian from being married off for profit by her greedy step father Longstreet married her His plan for her to conceive an heir has been mostly put into play in order to ensure her safety and security after his approaching death Naturally Vivian is not too happy about the situation but agrees to it knowing it will ease William’s mindUnbeknownst to her however he has not just selected a father for her child – in Darius Lindsey he has selected his replacementNot surprisingly things begin awkwardly and Darius does his best to put Vivian at ease using a mixture of charm and gentle humour He’s gentle and attentive and Vivian begins to blossom in his company seeing herself for the first time as an attractive woman; and through her Darius begins to re acuire some sense of his own self worthAt the end of the month they have fallen deeply in love though of course they can’t say it and Vivian returns home fairly sure that she is expecting a baby Darius attempts to return to his former life but he can’t stomach it any and tries to sever ties with the two women who have been employing him most recently Unfortunately however they are less than amenable to this and make threats against Darius’ sister who has already been the subject of one scandal and whose reputation can not bear anotherAlso rearing his unwelcome head is Vivian’s step father who is hoping that once Vivian is widowed he will be able to marry her to a man of his choice in order to gain control of her fortune But they've all reckoned without Darius ruthlessness when it comes to protecting his loved ones because he doesn't scruple to fight just as dirty as they when he has toOne of the many things I love about Ms Burrowes' work is the fact that while she cranks up the angst o meter to an excruciating pitch I always know that things are going to work out in the end There are parts of this story that had me in tears when reading and did again when listening but I know I can wallow safely in the angst Darius and Vivian know that they will have to live as strangers once their month is over for the sake of her reputation and the child but it's heart breaking for both of them Darius can never be a part of his child's life and the part when Vivian in late pregnancy talks of their having been cheated out of all the little things that an expectant couple might do is incredibly poignant and one of those tear jerking moments that Ms Burrowes does so very well I loved this book just as much in audio as I did in print In Roger Hampton Grace Burrowes has found a narrator whose voice delivery and emotional engagement are an excellent match for her words She has a very distinctive writing style and her characters’ speech patterns are uite unlike those found in the works of any other author – so finding someone who can utter them without mangling them or sounding self conscious is incredibly important Mr Hampton has done such excellent work on Ms Burrowes’ inexplicably small number of available audiobooks that his is now the voice I hear in my head whenever I’m reading one of her booksHis performance in Darius is very good indeed although not completely without flaws Happily however those flaws are generally small and in no way spoiled my enjoyment of the audiobook He differentiates well between all the principal and secondary characters and absolutely nails the emotional heart of the story His interpretation of Darius is spot on – this is a man living on the edge having to support himself in a manner he hates so much that it has warped his view of himself and brought him to rock bottom when it comes to a sense of self esteem One can hear Darius’ world weariness and his physical tiredness in Mr Hampton’s voice and he makes a clear distinction between the different sides of Darius’ character that the heroine is allowed to see – the real one; kind tender and funny and the worldy one; flirtatious brittle and with an underlying bitterness that he barely manages to contain I liked the gentle northern accent he gives to Nicholas Haddonfield and his portrayal of the elderly William Longstreet is very good indeed I’ve had occasion to cricitise some of his female characterisations in the past but for the most part they’re all very good and feel appropriate to the situations and ages of the ladies he is portraying The one flaw I found is with his performance of Vivian who begins the story with fairly low pitched tones as specified in the text but which get a little higher as the book progresses To be honest it’s not something that bothered me excessively because I was enjoying the story so much – but it’s something I noticed and wanted to mentionOverall however Mr Hampton's performance is very good indeed and one I'll certainly be listening to again

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Darius Lord of PleasuresHis soul in a grace he knows he'll never deserveGrace Burrowes's writing is comfort food for the romantic soul Yankee Romance ReviewsBurrowes creates memorable heroesintelligent sensual love stories show us this author knows what romance readers adore RT Book Review OHMyGOSHI am in LOVE with DariusIN LOVEThis fantastic Regency Romance was released on 412013 and the seuel comes out next month Desperate penniless and shunned by his wealthy father Darius Lindsey begins offering himself secretly to jaded society ladies He hangs onto his last shreds of honor but he's losing ground financially each monthThat is until the aging Lord William Longstreet makes Darius an offer he can't refuse get the Lord's pretty young wife of convenience Lady Vivian pregnant discreetly and he will earn enough money to never want again But problems lie ahead when the stunning Vivian captures his heart and his clients refuse to let him go Can Darius untangle himself without scandal and offer himself to Vivian heart and soulI loved this LOVED it I love Darius I loved Vivvi And Vivvi's husband Lord William Longstreet Yes I loved him tooDarius is his brother's spare His father isn't fond of him Has cut him off from funds and despises him intensely Dare has expenses that his small manor house and acres just can't support While we don't find out how it comes about and I'd rather like to know Darius offers himself to ladies of the Ton and right now he is working for two hideous women He doesn't care about them But they have deep pockets and his manor house needs a new roof And he has that young by blow not his to supportDarius is a good man He's been forced into this position But he's still a very good man Which brings him to the attention of Lord Longstreet and his young wife of convenience VivianLord Longstreet needs a legitimate heir He has this lovely young wife but his heart belongs to his deceased first wife Muriel They had two sons who have also passed William doesn't want his estate to be taken back by the crown so he makes a list and asks Vivian to choose a young man discreet needful of coin reasonably handsome to get her with child to enact baby making on his wife Yes this trope pulled me IN Which is kind of odd as I don't like cheating books at all So was this cheating I truly hate cheating fics and I loved this Talking it over in my head I know that her husband has encouraged this assignation Darius has agreed to it Vivian though scared agrees also The only one hurt by this is the crown And William really doesn't want them to profit by his death and he does want Vivian to be taken care of He's a wily one that William He married Vivian to keep her safe from her step father He's EVIL GahIn fact there are a few evil folk in this book Darius' current clients the two harpies; Thurgood Vivvi's stepfather; William's bastard's wife Portia Surprisingly William's bastard is not a bad guy Plenty of bad guys to go around that's for sureI was worried a couple of times about how this could end with that HEA we all read this type of book for WORRIED I tell you So back to the baby making Vivian is shy Darius calls her a Married Spinster But he's rather enthralled with her Knowing that at some point she is going to have to face the world without William he decides that besides the baby making he's going to bring her out of her spinsterhood He cajoles her into buying a few new clothes to stand tall and become the lioness that her child will need And then he entices her to make babies Oh how he entices her She's shy she's enthusiastic she's enad of him And to his fear he with her Yes there are several baby making scenes They are HOT They are SWEET They made me fall in love with Darius And Vivvi didn't stand a chance She fell for him Hard Which was good because he falls in love with her tooThis is the point that I started to worry She's MARRIED And William is a really great guy; a gentleman to the core And even though she entered this pact with her eyes open and with her husband's encouragement HOW can it work out There are so many people in line to bring destruction to these two Yep I was worried And I cared Thank you Ms Burrowes you made me care deeply about these charactersNow that I've gushed I will say that there were a few things that I wish had been ironed out a bit Some things that I thought could have used a bit explanation Like why Darius' father hated him What's the story behind Leah Dare's sister But this is still a FIVE BOOKMARK review as those things just couldn't water down the fact that this is a LOVE story Thankfully some of the answers to those uestions will be in the next book of Lonely Lords' Series And I've already got NICHOLAS on my kindleJoin me in raving about this book and go get yours TODAY Seriously loved it I will be reading this one again and again And I hope you do too I asked my cohorts at Beyond the Suee Book Reviews if I could give it a TENthey laughed at me Thank you NetGalley and Sourcebooks Casablanca for the opportunity to read DariusThis review may also be found atBeyond the Suee Book Reviewswwwbeyondthesueecom