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Flashes author Tim ORourke review ´ 3 ↠ Flashes is the first in a new series of YA paranormal crime novels in which a 17 year old girl cannot help seeing glimpses of dead people who seem to want her aid much to the consternation of her boyfriend who has just started work for the local CIDThis is the full paperback novel which was originally rDead people who seem to want her aid much to the consternation of her boyfriend who has just started work for the local CIDT. 5 Masterfully Written Stars I have waited at least a year maybe two for Flashes to be published I as well as Tim's other fans shared the joy with him when he signed with the major publishing company Chicken House To say thanks for having such dedicated fans Tim acknowledged us in FlashesThat's 3 pages of fans that he included Tim is such a kind and kick ass author author Thanks TimFlashes begins with heartache for a seventeen year old girl named Charlie Unimaginable pain consumes her But she doesn't have much time to recover because the flashes take over She has nobody to turn to and her father believes her to be delusional Charlie feels people think of her as a freak because of the flashes she experiences It is such a burden for her to bare and physically painful She comes to a point where she either continues to deny her gift or embrace it She has an unbearable urge to prove that her flashes are real to her father and a new handsome detective yumm who comes into town named TomOnce again as always I full heartedly loved this story Tim O'Rourke is in a league of his own Flashes was written so well that I felt I was an invisible bystander I felt horrible for what Charlie has to endure when here flashes occur The gruesomeness that she has to live through and witness were hard to get through because it is so painful I enjoyed reading about Tom and having a sneak peak into a detective's life on the job Even though I wanted to punch one of his obnoxious coworkers in the nose He is such an assIs there anything I would change about this e book Ummyeah THAT IT ENDED Flashes ended on the hugest cliffhanger It was the king of all cliffhangers It sat there on top of that damn cliff mocking me Urging me to throw my I pad against the wall Luckily King Cliffhanger didn't win I have some self control and I remembered that 'Flashes Part 2 Tom's Story' will be out in May Not long now yippee Until we meet again King CliffhangerMy favorite line out of Flashes This time I held onto any branch shrub or piece of railway furniture that I could find to stop myself falling arse over tit again Tom Hahaarse over tit Love it

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His is the full paperback novel which was originally released in three separate parts over the course of three months via ebo. 35 starsThis is something like my sixthseventh maybe even eighth book by the author and I've liked some than othersHe always writes different stories stuff I've never seen or read before and blends paranormal a bit of horrorgruesomeness and a splash of romance His books tend to be very English in language and setting and being from England and reading most books set in America they're a nice changeNow for the story I had an inkling as to who it might be from about the 60 70% mark Things just started to add up view spoilerChild crying Mum being dead It suddenly clicked hide spoiler

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Flashes author Tim ORourFlashes is the first in a new series of YA paranormal crime novels in which a 17 year old girl cannot help seeing glimpses of. My favourite genres of YA and crime are perfectly blened in Flashes The novel jumps straight into the action of the story without need for unecessary build up of the characters and Charley is an immediately likeable character As her flashes coincide with bad things happening and once she has met PC Henson the pace ramps up even further as they desperately try and work out who is the baddie behind the killings The novel is well plotted with little clues hidden througought the text and if you get to the the end without knowing who the killer is it will be a great twist I guessed really early on who the killer was but that didn't detract from my enjoyment I loved seeing how the story would play out and noticing all the red herrings that were put in front of me as a reader It's a really clever balance between a crime thriller and a supernatural story it's written in such a way that I wholeheartedly believed that Charley's flashes were real A great story although I would say don't read it whilst your spending the day getting trains and tubes around London like I did I was terrified someone was going to push me in front of them