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A is an anarchy fueled by money rather than ideology where Mao has been transformed into the god of traffic Surrounded by the loss of diversity wrought by modernism Terzani asks if the missionaries of materialism and economic progress aren't destroying the continent in order to save it Fortunately there is a flip side to his occasionally dispiriting commentary one that Terzani discovers in his hunt for fortunetellers Through his side trips to seers who read the soles of his feet the ashes of incense and even the burned scapula of sheep it becomes clear that the Orient of legends myths and magic still determines people's lives as much as the uest for money By staying earthbound Terzani lived to tell of an extraordinary journey through the ever shifting kaleidoscope of Asia Lesley Ree. This book had a great impact on me I really enjoyed reading it It ticked several boxes of what I find interesting at least currently besides being written in a smooth clear and unpretentious wayItalian journalist Tiziano Terzani lived in Asia for than 30 years changing his country of residence inside the mysterious continent a few times He was apparently one of the few western reporters who witnessed the fall of Saigon and as he explains in this book had a close encounter with death by the hands of Khmer Rouge soldiers after they took Cambodia's capital Phnom Penh I feel somewhat connected to the way he writes being a european citizen born and raised and feeling the call of exotic Asia without actually understanding why It is this clash of mindsets and civilizations that makes the story of his voyage so captivating After hearing a fortune teller warn him that he shouldn't travel by air in the year 1993 because his life would be in danger Terzani decides to roam around Asia by other means writing about his adventures and the people he meets on trains boats buses always thankful for the opportunity of getting to know the 'real' people he meets and places he goes to by traveling this way instead of just landing in airports that all look the same and heading straight to chain hotels do his job and come back and for having the time to be able to do it He then gives his opinion about the different countries he travels through based on conversations he has with local people and his impressive insight and historical knowledge The book is thusly a thrilling collection of colorful characters Terzani meets along the way and also a wealth of information about the politics history and people of wherever he goes To make matters even interesting he insists on meeting the best known fortune teller of most places he visits We then have a fascinating take on the spiritual life in the east even if the author complains constantly that those traditions are disappearing and being replaced by the needs and practices of western materialism He clearly feels like a man living in a time that is not his feeling despaired about these global changes blatantly opposing themHe eventually finishes his year of land and sea journeys as well as his story giving in to what many fortune tellers suggested he'd do meditation It is the beautiful ending to his fascinating travels and to his embrace of this spiritual practice He now knows why this far away land had such a calling I believe the book obtains its purpose it makes one hungry of reading page after page and of uickly getting to Asia even if by plane

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Un indovino mi disseIt was 1976 when Tiziano Terzani was warned by the fortuneteller in Hong Kong Beware You run a grave risk of dying in 1993 You mustn't fly that year Don't fly not even once Sixteen years later Terzani had not forgotten Despite living the life of a jet hopping journalist he decided that after a lifetime of sensible decisions he would confront the prophecy the Asian way not by fighting it but by submitting He also resolved that on the way he would seek out the most eminent local oracle fortuneteller or sorcerer and look again into his future So after a feast of red ant egg omelet and a glass of fresh water he brought the new year in on the back of an elephant He even made it to his appointments Cambodia to cover the first democratic elections; Burma for the opening of the first road t. A while back I read a book that made a huge impression on me it highlighted the native American culture and how so much of it is disappearing This book in many ways resembles that one though the location is very different a look at the disappearing Asian primitive landscape it being overtaken and changes through progressThis is also a book that I had never heard of nor probably picked up if it wasn't a recommendation pick from a group I am in It covers so much ground different beliefs and cultures old ways versus the new changing ways As the author points out progress carries a huge price Loved learning about their belief systems their traditions and superstitions The author was a journalist and he writes very clearly and well his opinions are ones that I share He actually lived in these countries not just stopped in to report He visited people fortune teller and other spiritual entities native to whatever country he was living in So another book that made a huge impression on me one I won't soon forget Glad I bought it because I can take the time to re read whenever I feel the urge and I have no doubt I will

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CHARACTERS Un indovino mi disse î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ It was 1976 when Tiziano Terzani was warned by the fortuneteller in Hong Kong Beware You run a grave risk of dying in 1993 You mustn't fly that year Don't fly not even once Sixteen years later Terzani had not forgotten Despite living the life of a jet hopping O connect Thailand and China; and even Florence to visit his mother a trip that would take him 13000 miles across Cambodia Vietnam China Mongolia and Siberia In this way that jet hopping journalist rediscovered the art of travel the intricate chains of chance which lead to discovery and the mass of humanity he'd overlooked in his rush for newsworthy uotes And he also saved his life Terzani's odyssey across Asia is full of revelations and reflections on the dramatic changes underway in Asia Having spent two decades on the continent he brings a deep love for the place to his journeys but also the eyes of someone troubled by the changes he sees Burma and Laos finally open to outside contact are now funnels for AIDS and drugs; Thailand has been traumatized by its rapid development; Chin. I don't have much love for this book First off I think it oversells itself The map at the beginning details a round trip journey from Phnom Penh via Russia to Europe and back via boat to Singapore However this trip receives very little mention except for a few pages on his time in Mongolia I was really interested in hearing about such a fascinating voyage and disappointed that it received very little attentionSecond the author readily admits that he is no intellectual simply a man of great feeling Indeed his love for Asia is apparent and he details the places he visits with great emotion and devotion However I was on guard when reading the bulk of his analysis Let me boil this down Asia is being ruined by Chinese and Thai dedication to Western notions of modernization including industrialization development of a tourism industry etc both in their own countries and wherever else they can gain influence Burma Laos etc The author speaks Mandarin and has spent years living in China and Thailand so I can't dismiss him as a grumpy Westerner with no cultural insight who simply wants his Asia of old to remain as always no matter if this modernization would improve the standard of living and opportunities for Southeast Asians or that said people would want these improvements Or can I Can I dismiss him as suchThis book reads mostly as a nostalgic swan song that might interest his grandchildren but certainly didn't interest me There was nothing new about his ideas and his fortune tellers' predictions became repetitive Predictions are by nature only interesting to those they concern anywayThe only time this book really inspired me was when Terzani took a step back in the very end of the book and resumed his objective journalistic role when detailing his encounter with an opium producer near the Thai Burmese border Finally an insight into how modern Southeast Asia actually works With a fascinating character and eually interesting historical backstoryOtherwise read Burmese Days To Cambodia With Love or Gecko Tails for better writing and further insight into the region