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Why Your Five Year Old Could Not Have Done That Modern Art ExplainedLayering of ideas and sheer inspiration behind each work In cleverly organized chapters such as Objects Toys ProvocationsTantrums and PeopleMonsters Hodges thoughtfully and definitively lays bare the perception that modern art is mere child's pl. As someone fairly interested in modern art this book made me less interested in it so I can only imagine what someone who was even less interested in art thought The title was fun and witty but explaining why a five year old could not have done EVERY piece actually had the opposite effect than the book intended; it made the pieces seem less artistic by pointing out how simple the techniue was Also calling Navajo culture primitive is just offensive


Ed thought and serious talent From Marcel Duchamp's notorious Fountain and the scribbles of Cy Twombly to Mark Rothko's multiforms and Carl Andre's uncarved blocks Hodge addresses critical outrage with a revealing insight into the technical skill. The problem with this book is that often the answer why your 5 year could not have done that is contradicted by the fact that they could have and this is something that the author readily acknowledges I think the point trying to be made is that the art represents something than what is immediately obvious or is supposed to and that is what makes it art However if your fall back explanation is that the art in uestion has several layers and represents a backlash to consumerism with witty inter plays I paraphrase without any real explanation of how then you're not really furthering your causeAs someone completely ignorant of modern art although to be fair I am ignorant of most art I was hoping this book would help enlighten and explain what it is that elevates an arrangement of wooden blocks for example into art The book does not really do that It tells me it is witty but not how it is witty I remain ignorant Despite my ignorance there were works in there that even I could see represent skill and techniue and which clearly could not have been done by a child their inclusion was a bit of a mysteryPromises much but does not deliver very disappointing

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FREE DOWNLOAD Why Your Five Year Old Could Not Have Done That Modern Art Explained î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Come on you know you've thought it while viewing a masterpiece of abstract art you mutter A kid could do that Here Susie Hodge author of How to Survive ModernCome on you know you've thought it while viewing a masterpiece of abstract art you mutter A kid could do that Here Susie Hodge author of How to Survive Modern Art explains why the best examples of modern art are actually the result of sophisticat. Why I Could Not Have Written This PG R rated reviewI enjoy visiting art exhibitions but I do so in an experiential rather than an intellectual way I wander the galleries looking feeling and listening but without much knowing I long to touch as well especially sculptureClassical representational art often seems relatively easy to understand a Venetian merchant with age etched on his face wealth displayed in the richly textured and decorated fabrics and a view of St Mark’s glimpsed from his window with near perfect perspective But we don’t always know what we don’t know The symbolism of a specific flower in a particular part of the picture or a subtle nod to ancient mythology is lost on many of us nowadays we just see a pretty bloom or vaguely wonder why there’s a swan in the backgroundIn contrast modern art often screams its obscurity or pretentiousness Sometimes it just screams Sometimes we scream We know that we don’t understand Is it art and if so why What does it mean Does it need to mean anything Can it be art if it’s ugly or apparently lacking in skillThis is why modern art invariably provokes a reaction for good or ill something that endless landscapes fruit bowls or portraits of the great and allegedly good don’t always do however beautifully and skillfully renderedAnd that’s the crux of this book art is about intent and specifically the intention of causing an effect in the audienceEach double page spread considers one piece and tries to demonstrate why it is than the sum of its parts by describing its style materials and history along with the artist’s background philosophy and motivation You may have your eyes opened laugh be inspired moved or think it a load of clap trap but you will feel something You will reactA young child may not have the same artistic intent but they can certainly respond to it in a visceral way which is perhaps the most profound way My son gave me this book for Mothering Sunday 2016 It’s apt because nearly 20 years earlier when he was barely two years old we were pushing him round Tate St Ives in Cornwall when he suddenly started writhing and crying as if in physical pain He was in front of a Bridget Riley similar to the one below clashing colours large and loud angular and angry screaming perhaps We moved on to a recognisable pastoral scene and he was immediately restored to tranuil interest Art moves Bridget Riley Fête 1989 power to make a toddler cry So perhaps I could have written this if had I intended to provokeIn which case bugger off and create your own art and reviews Does that do itTl;dnrIt’s all about reacting to materialism and political systems which few five year olds worry about Or sex And sex Individuality that’s important too And deathJust like life reallyNotesFor a short humorous take on these ideas see We Go To The Gallery a spoof of Ladybird books reviewed with illustrations HEREIn Yasmina Reza's play Art one character's investment in modern art has dramatic ramifications for his relationship with his two closest friends I've reviewed it HEREMiro's tripych “Painting of a white background for the cell of a recluse” should probably be in here It is three white panels each with a single wiggly line none of which touch the edge It took two or three years of drafts for him to get it just right Nice work if you can persuade people to pay You can see it in the Miro museum in Barcelonaor click HERE for a larger version Comment #2 refers to my original “review” which merely said“Adding mainly because my than five year old gave me this for Mothering Sunday but also because the book I added yesterday took me to 666 This 667 Phew”