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David Copperfield Review ò 108 ´ Charles Dickens' personal favourite David Copperfield is now reissued to celebrate Dickens' bicentenaryFull of tragedy and comedy in eual measure David Copperfield remains one of the most enduring and popular of Dickens' novelsBased in part on the author's own life David Copperfield is the epic story of a young man's Charles Dickens' personal favourite David Copperfield is now reissued to celebrate Dickens' bicentenaryFull of tragedy and comedy in eual measure David Copperfield remains one of the most enduring and popular of Dickens' novelsBased in part on the author's own life David Copperfield is the epic story of a young man's journey of self discovery from an unhappy and impoverished childhood to his vocation as a successfu. Read as part of The Infinite Variety Reading Challenge based on the BBC's Big Read Poll of 2003Charles Dickens can do no wrong except perhaps keep around 100 pages of rather irrelevant tangents in this bookIt was such a powerhouse of characterisation and world building that I barely know where to begin All of the characters were utterly divine even the detestable Uriah Heep and the unbelievably pathetic Dora and most especially the wonderful early Feminist icon that is Betsy Trotwood I often have my doubts on first person narrative but Dickens is one of the few who can do it so well without losing many of the great advantages of reading with an omnipotent narrator David Copperfield is unreliable in many fields mostly his blind spot for falling in love but he is in tune with his surroundings and can express what he feels other characters around him are feeling so suitably that it matters not that we are seeing the world through his young eyes onlyThe world was fantastic I am always immediately transported to these places when I read 19th Century fiction and this was no exception The strife of the poor and the decadence of the indifferent rich is interwoven here like smoke billowing in to pure oxygen There were so many nooks and crannies to be explored that it took me a while to get through this nigh on 900 page book but it was worth itAside from one or two tangents which meant the story line stalled ever so slightly it flowed magnificently and I don't remember laughing so much at a book that wasn't a straight humour novel Dickens has a way of writing with such endearment about his characters and society but also tearing them apart at the same time It was a beautiful ride through the English countryside and a nice run through the heavy streets of London and I don't think Thackeray was wrong when he said Bravo DickensBlog | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | Shop | Etsy

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L novelist Among the memorable cast of characters he encounters along the way are his brutal stepfather Mr Murdstone; bubbly Nurse Peggotty; his brilliant but unworthy schoolmate Steerforth his eccentric aunt Betsy Trotwood the scheming clerk Uriah Heep the enchanting Dora and the magnificent Mr Macawber a character much like Dickens' own fatherCharles Dickens was born in 1812 When he was twelve his father was sent. “This narrative is my written memory” declares David Copperfield in the last section of this elephantine novel a sentence that strongly implies an autobiographical imprint of the author in the making of his famous middle class hero But is that aspect what I most value of this work Far from itThis thick volume is uite an ambitious journey partly a comic story which often verges on a tale for children and partly a picaresue book tinged with distinctive dramatic intention that fluctuates in the cyclical calamities and climaxes that sway a long list of memorable characters back and forth in the tide of Dickens’ fluent storytelling Marriage friendship betrayal the multifarious forms of parenthood and the eternal battle between good and evil are the axes around which the personal growth of naive almost seraphic like David will revolve As I followed David from boyhood to adulthood and all the tragedies and unexpected gifts life throws on his way I started to wonder about his real role in the story Is David the “real protagonist” Or is he a mere bystander a passive witness that chronicles events unfolding around him without taking action in them Maybe the real protagonists are the motley array of characters so rich in description and recognizable for the repetitive idiomatic expressions that identify their eccentricities and foibles that make them uniueirreplaceable Peggotty’s mother’s love in spite of her being childless Uriah Heep’s humble meanness Mr Micawer’s bountiful utterances the always willin’ Barkis Mr Dick’s innocent intelligence Mrs Gummidge’s repetitive lament “I’m a lone lorn creetur and everything goes contrairy with me” Dora’s childish capriciousness Agnes’ patient wisdom Mr Peggotty’s huge heartThis extended cast of characters paints the canvas of intricate humanity on David’s uiet countenance transfiguring him into a mirror that reflects the reader’s own nature staring back in his eye with all his vices and virtues glowing with renewed light David doesn’t move forward the pace of the narrative he is the moving point on which everything else; plot characters essence; convergesBut for this particular reader David Copperfield goes beyond the realm of literary fiction; he has won a permanent place in my personal journey towards wholeness He is a role model to look up to His observant glance bespeaks of obstinate compassion and blind blindness is not always bad faith in mankind of the virtuous circle of goodwill and good intention of the power of positive attitude in front of adversityThere is not an ounce of cheap sentimentalism in the numerous pages of this epic tale but one will find an overdose of tenderness and smart humor that shine with intelligence and soul that dares to approach life and its archetypical structures from other perspectives that embraces those who are different as dear life The concept of family has drastically expanded and reached a superior level for me Family is now an unknown “valley with the evening sun shining on the remote heights of snow that close it in like eternal clouds” an open door that welcomes the future wherever it might lead me

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David CopperfieldTo a debtor's prison and he was sent to work; the experiences from this time always haunted him After a brief career as a reporter Dickens began writing novels Published in serial form his work grew rapidly in popularity beginning with The Pickwick PapersToday Charles Dickens is one of the most recognized celebrities of English literature His many books include Oliver Twist Great Expectations and A Christmas Carol. Status Report Chapters 1 8i had forgotten how much i love Dickens the man is a master at the immersive experience it is really easy for me to get sucked into the world he is so carefully constructing to revel in all the extensive details the lavish description the almost overripe imagination at work his strength at creating a wide range of entirely lived in settings both brief snapshots of places in passing and crucial places like David's home and school is eualled by his even famous skill at sketching the characters often but not always caricatures that live and breathe in his world this is the kind of deep dish experience that i love to have when traveling on a plane or a bus or in some plaza a second world to live in while taking a break in exploring the immediate world around mei can't help but also remember how many people dislike Dickens i'm remembering an ex who told me he was her least favorite author and how her resentment at being forced to read him in high school almost put her off reading for pleasure in general it is hard to reconcile such a strong distaste for Dickens with my own easy enjoyment of his novels my automatic reaction is that the reader who isn't enchanted by him either dislikes the style of writing or is simply the sort of idiot who should stick to reading facebook well i don't date idiots so i assume her reaction is based around the writing style maybe that is the basic rationale for most folks who don't care for himor maybe it is based on something else there is something that i've found to be off putting about David Copperfield at least so far namely the incredibly passive and naive behavior of David himself and his mother of course it's than just my automatic distaste for reading about victims although that is certainly a part of it what it feels like at times is that Dickens is stacking the deck a bit making miserable situations even potentially miserable by having his protagonist and that wretched mother of course be almost developmentally disabled in his inability to understand even basic things about the world around him it sorta drives me up the wallwell that complaint aside this has still been an awesome time first and foremost even than the world building and juicy characters i love the dry and sardonic humor that is constantly working double time not only does it create some distance between reader and book in regards to the various horrors visited upon young David it is fookin' hilariousfavorite parts so far that brilliant opening chapter I Am Born the Peggotty boat house and the warmth of that wonderful family i would like to live there Steerforth ugh what a charming monster the sadly minor note tragedy of Mr Mell☂Status Report Chapters 9 26i think i was expecting a bit evil from the Murdstones the way they treat David is certainly unkind verging on cruel but i suppose i thought it would be a lot brutal this is not a complaint if anything i appreciate that Dickens makes David's predicament a much realistic one the Murdstones are cold cold people and they certainly drive David's tedious mother to an early grave i shed no tears on that one but i was surprised that their primary action is to simply send David away to a boring job one that no child his age should have and here i am viewing the narrative through my 21st century lense a callous decision yet not a vicious one David is merely an irritation that they want to dispense with rather than harm interestingthat brief segment was certainly enlivened by the depiction of the marvelously goofy Mr Micawber Family and by a fascinating look into life in a debtor's prison i assume this is the classic Poor Housebut then good grief poor David Copperfield goes through hell to escape this life of tedium many emotions on my part all centered on the idea of such casual cruelty towards a runaway brought back some unsettling memories of my brief time as a homeless youth counselorand then at last some decency even better eccentric rather than mawkish decency Aunt Betsey Mr Dick are two wonderful Dickens creations especially that tough old broad Aunt Betsey each and every one of her appearances are a delight when David finally gets to the safety of his Aunt's house i felt a lot of tension drain out of me it is like his story is now truly about to begin now that the Gothic horrors slash neglected childhood bits are out of the way an introduction of the best character yet Uriah Heep this is the role that Crispin Glover was born to play what a wondrously creepy and perfectly realized little villain all that supplicating all that writhing brilliant stuff interesting David is rarely called by his actual name two nicknames are added to the list Trotwood and Daisy David is rather a tabula rasa of a character the relationship between Mr Wickfield and Agnes is not heartwarming it is downright creepyand now the tension is ratcheted up again but in a way that doesn't make me sorta suirm with discomfort tales of child neglect ≠ a good time for me three sets of increasingly dire circumstances 1 Lil' Em'ly and the despicable villain Steerforth2 Agnes and the despicable villain Uriah Heep3 Aunt Betsey and a mysterious blackmailing unknown despicable villainwill David be able to intercede in any of these troubling situations i am doubtful but also hopeful go David go☁Status Report Chapters 27 endexhilarating wonderful awesome etc etc all the good words i laughed a lot i cried just a little and in a manly sort of way i wouldn't change or subtract a single word perfect☼Final Reportokay this will be less of a Final Report and of a collection of final thoughts as i think back on the novel and consult with the various threads in Serials Serially the group that started me reading this novelfirst the division in the novel the first third or so all about young David and his fairly awful travails vivid and powerful the remainder of the novel all about David in his young adult years and following the growth of all those narrative seeds planted in that fertile first third; an excess of details veering on repetitious and so that the book becomes less of a frightful gothic tale and of a slow burning assortment of mysteries and many many instances of pure comedy less vivid and perhaps less powerful looking back i have to say that i am in the minority and preferred the last two thirds not only was the tension of potential situations involving child abuse and neglect now gone a personal bugaboo of mine that will uickly render almost any literary or cinematic experience into something hugely uncomfortable and unappealing but it somehow all felt real to me the first third was visceral but almost cartoonish while the rest of the novel felt as if i was actually living in the novel such was the extent of the detail and the effect of following these characters as they move throughout many different situations and changes in their livescartoonish or better yet Dickensian what does that really mean a peculiarly stylized version of caricature i understand the rep that Dickens has with his characters they are stylized obviously but very few of them remained caricatures to me ultimately most ended up feeling very real and i was impressed at Dickens' ability to provide multiple dimensions to his characters although he does it in a rather subtle way his heroes do not get strong criticism and his villains do not get endearing moments of humanity and yet it is there David Copperfield is kind and good but he is also a passive foolishly naive fellow whose kindness and naivete often does nothing but make situations worse especially in nearly every instance involving his relationship with Steerforth Agnes is also kind and good but her passivity makes her function as a sort of enabler to her father Steerforth is a callous and feckless villain but has moments of genuine warmth and kindness Rosa Dartle is a heartless shrew but look at that poor bitch's entire life with Steerforth mom i'd become a heartless shrew in that situation as well Uriah Heep is an unctuous slimy kiss ass and back stabber but look where he comes from his context the kind of person his father was and the ideals he was raised up to worship and of course Micawber who would be pure pathos but whom Dickens treats with an extraordinary amount of affection Dickens is not necessarily an 'even handed' author but he is one who is clearly aware of contextthere are some comments in this review's thread about women in Dickens comments that i initially agreed with but in retrospect i actually don't agree looking back on this novel the women are often just as full of life as the men perhaps folks are mainly thinking of the rather anemic Agnes but now when i think of dim Dora and vicious Rosa and ferocious Aunt Betsey and tragic Emily and loveable Peggotty and maudlin Mrs Gummidge and pathetic Martha and the eccentric 'two little birds' Dora's aunts and pretentious Julia Miles and dignified under pressure Mrs Strong and hilariously faithful to a fault Mrs Micawber i think of characters who leap right off of the page and stay to live in my mind so no i am not critical of how women are portrayed in Dickensexcept maybe Dora she is surely one of the most bizarrely stupid characters ever created in classic literature when she first baby talks David's nickname Doady i practically wanted to barf she's so stupid that many times i found myself thinking She's Not Stupid She's Mentally Disabled good grief and so i felt bad about my contempt and i started having mixed feelings about David even being with her it seemed somehow wrong there is also something so sexless about her character it was impossible for me to imagine her capable of any sort of genuine intimacy but i have to give it to Dickens he doesn't present her as an ideal unlike David he satirizes her mercilessly in scene after scene and in the end invests both her marriage and her death with such genuine palpable emotion that i became genuinely palpably moved her marriage scene practically every paragraph beginning with Of was one of the most dreamily written passages i've ever read and her death not explicitly described but paralleled with Jip's death wow amazing scenethe combined death scenes of brave Ham and horrible Steerforth was almost eually moving that last line describing Steerforth at his final rest superbokay i think i'm spent this is one of those novels that i can probably talk on and on about so i should just make myself stop i'll close by saying that the novel is in a word brilliant i loved the language the humor the whimsy the drama; the characters were wondrously alive; the narrative both surprisingly subtle and excitingly larger than life so many scenes were indelible too many to recount David Copperfield is one of my favorite novels☀David Copperfield An Alternative Perspective