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Dove Author Robin Lee Graham Free download ✓ 2 õ In 1965 16 year old Robin Lee Graham began a solo around the world voyage from San Pedro California in a 24 foot sloop Five years and 33000 miles later he returned to home port with a wife and daughter and enough extraordinary experiences to fill this bestselling book DoveA wife and daughter and enough extraordinary experiences to fill this bestselling book Dove. At the tender age of 16 Robin Lee Graham set out on a 33000 mile five year circumnavigation as the youngest solo sailor in the smallest boat a 24 foot sloop named Dove His voyage was famously covered by National Geographic Magazine spawned two best selling books – Dove and Home Is The Sailor – as well as a children’s book The Boy Who Sailed Around The World Alone and a 1974 major Hollywood movie The Dove which won a Golden Globe Award The story is than one of adventure it is also an amazing love story Young Graham was not looking to find the love of his life when he set out on his voyage but that’s exactly what he found On a beautiful tropical South Sea island he met the woman of his dreams and it changed everything Admittedly Dove may not be the greatest piece of literature ever penned but this book chronicling young Graham’s voyage is an exciting adventurecoming of agelove story and greatly influenced an awful lot of readers including me It introduced me to a whole new world of exploration and inspired my own voyages in sailing boats across the Pacific to tropical islands I first read this book way back around 1977 and have re read it so many times over the years since that the pages are frayed For anyone wanting an update on whatever became of Robin Lee Graham all these years later I wrote an article about him in 2010 for SAIL Magazine You can read it online at

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In 1965 16 year old Robin Lee Graham began a solo around the world voyage from San Pedro Ca. I got interested in this book because Zac Sunderland mentions it in his blog See Zac's blog at Zac is currently about 10 days from finishing a 13 month solo cruise around the world in a sail boat called Intrepid which will make him the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe solo The story of Robin Lee Graham inspired him to think about doing the same thing himselfMore to come as I start the book I have finished this book and as of July 16 2009 Zac Sunderland completed his circumnavigation of the world and now has the record as the youngest person to ever do so He began When he was 16 and finished when he was 17 Yea ZacNow on to the book I have to admit that I did not like Robin Lee very much his parents call him Lee his wife calls him Robin in the book I appreciate that school is not a one size fits all system and I am thankful that he found a way to learn outside of that limiting box I also appreciate that young men often need challenge and to be pushed to find their manhood This is a hard thing to do with the system of one size fits all for school and for work So I appreciate and am thankful for Robin rising to the challenge to do hard things as Zac Sunderland puts it and actually work towards the solo sailing goal he finds to take onWhat is missing in this book is thankfulness and gratefulness Robin would never have thought of the solo sailing goal he had if his father had not taken his family on a multi month cruise on The Golden Hind His father supported Robin in this daring adventure yet his father gets very little positive press Robin never would have finished his solo cruise without his wife Patti whom he met in Fiji He and Patti later married in South Africa mid way through his trip around the globe And while Robin does thank Patti for helping urge him on to finish the overall feel you get from reading even that thank you from him is a rather selfish and resentful attitudeAngry at being told he was too young to marry he resolves to earn his own money the rest of the way on his trip You are not ever told whether he stuck to that promise or not Being angry at the world being angry that other people don't see things to be as important as what he does striking back against commercialism and embracing the mythical simpler native way of life all seems very shallow to me Angry at over hunting of turtles Robin and his wife and friends hunt goats on the Gallapagos Islands What is different between what sea captains did years before with the turtles and what Robin is doing now He seems to love the simpler native way of life that he sees in the Pacific Islands yet he never stays there long enough to figure out why the people are poor or if their life really is as simple as he thinks it is Angry at commercial production and capitalism he seems to take for granted that his boat was made by someone in business to build boats and that the canned food he stocks up on was also made by a commercial business Wow and he doesn't even seem to see the contradiction in his own life and wordsI hope this young man grew up to be a grateful grown man I hope that at some point he was thankful for his father and the sacrifice it took for him to let him sail around the world alone I hope that he developed a kinder attitude towards others who stayed home and did the hard work of going to work and building boats that were safe and of canning food that remains safe for months I hope that he learned that arrogance is rarely attractive and that what really is hard in life may not be sailing around the world solo but living with people and building relationships that grow and blossom over timeI hear that he's written another book about the years after his solo voyage I'm trying to figure out if it would be worth it to read or perhaps to pass There are many books by angry people and by arrogant people Perhaps I'll try his nex

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Dove Author Robin Lee GrahLifornia in a 24 foot sloop Five years and 33000 miles later he returned to home port with. Of the many bad books I was forced to read during high school this was the worst Absolutely hated it