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Read Ø A gyertyák csonkig égnek 106 Ù Een oude generaal krijgt op een dag een brief waarin een vriend van lang geleden Konrád zijn komst aankondigt Dat is voor Henrik de generaal een schok Van jongsaf waren zij onafscheidelijk ondanks hun verschillende achtergrond en afkomst Tot Konrád plotseling verdween niet lang na Henriks huwelijk met Het verhaal van Konrád onvermijdelijkHet verhaal wordt verteld met een rust en overtuigingskracht waar je als lezer van schrikt Diepe indruk maakte het boek op pers én publiek in Italië en Duitsland Die Zeit noemde het 'een literaire sensatie' de Corriere della Sera 'een boek van tijdloze schoonheid' en Willem Kuipers schreef naar aanleiding van de Duitse vertaling in de Volkskrant een juichende bespreking waarin hij het had over 'een onvergetelijk boek'. Embers is perfect I just cannot find anything not to like about this book It’s a kind of book I have never uite read before It’s a simple novel but will definitely stay in my memory for a long time To think that it sat there gathering dust in my bookshelves for than 2 years What a pity if I died without reading this flawlessly engrossing work I only picked this because it is thin and seemed to me like a uick read I was behind by 8 books in my 2011 Reading Challenge here in Goodreads last weekend and I thought of catching up Sandor Marai 1900 1989 a Hungarian novelist and journalist wrote Embers in Hungarian when he was 42 and already living in San Diego CA He had to flee Hungary during the Nazi occupation not because he was a Jew but because he was profoundly an anti Fascist Just like Ernest Hemingway Hunter S Thompson and Richard Brautigan he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head He was 89 years old His works had been largely forgotten outside of Hungary and were only “rediscovered” in 1992 when Embers was re published in France then translated to other European languages In fact Marai’s works are now considered as part of the European Twentieth Century literary canon Source Wiki Embers or “The Candles Burn Down to the Stump” is written in a precise and clear realist style narrative It tells the story of two male friends the rich man Henrik and a poor man Konrad Their friendship started when they were in school and Henrik introduced Konrad to his rich father They became best friends almost like real brothers and inseparable Kondrad was even the one who introduced a girl called Krisztina to him who later became Henrik’s wife Then one day when the two men were 34 years old they went hunting and Henrik saw that Konrad was aiming his gun at him Later that day the three Henrik Konrad and Krisztina had their last dinner together in Henrik’s castle The following day Konrad left to Singapore without saying goodbye Henrik went to Konrad’s apartment and when he was about to leave he saw Krisztina there and uttered her last word to Henrik “Coward” From that day on Hendrik and Krisztina separated by living in the different buildings in Henrik’s property They did not talk to each other until Krisztina’s death 8 years after On her deathbed Krisztina was calling for HenrikThe novel opens when Henrik is 75 years old and Krisztina has been dead for 33 years Henrik receives a letter from Konrad also 75 saying that Konrad will come for dinner that same day What follows next is the slow and engrossing unfolding of truth on what happened 41 years ago during the hunt the dinner and the day at Konrad’s apartment The plot is this thin and almost no twists The storytelling is dominated by Henrik’s monologue that is a mixture of lamentation reminiscences and philosophy but delivered in composed swift firm yet almost in monotone That style makes the mood of the novel as chilling suspenseful and mind boggling as it delves into the core of our being human the pain of friendship love betrayal revenge and acceptance For 41 years Hendrik only thought of that day and he waited for Konrad’s return to know the truth The slow unfolding of it amidst the eerie locale Hungarian castle in the middle of the forest – the silence the dark and the image of the two old men talking to each other The slowness of the development of the story strangely makes the reading interesting It is like the slow opening of the castle’s door with all the creaking sound while the stillness of the night reverberates in one’s brain The only caution If you are a type of a reader who wants fast paced action and lots of twist don’t go for this book I guess you will appreciate this if you are at least in your middle age already andor you’ve been wronged or hurt by a loved one before and you haven’t forgiven him or her Marai’s words uttered by Hendrik can be a good start for you to find forgiveness lurking somewhere inside your heart

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En een geheim met een bijzondere kracht 'een kracht die het weefsel van het leven verschroeit als een kwaadaardige straling maar aan het leven tegelijk een spanning een verhoogde temperatuur geeft'Eén avond één nacht duurt de ontmoeting van de twee oude mannen Hun laatste gesprek is een duel zonder wapens en veel wreder Met mededogenloze openhartigheid praten zij over passie en vriendschap over waarheid en leugen Wat is er 41 jaar geleden gebeurd En was. Embers is a tale of heart breaking beauty The kind of beauty which is not apparent right at the onset but which makes its omnipresence felt as you keep turning the pages and reach that state of involvement with the narrative where you cannot wait to feast your eyes and senses on another delicately structured sentence It lies in the pall of gloom cast by the shadow of some tragedy unspoken of lurking in the dark cobwebbed nooks and corners of a secluded castle the relentless flow of time the sense of which the book tries to capture uite successfully and in the hollowness of life itselfThere is no worthwhile story to be found at its core since a reflection on love betrayal and the conseuences of human folly is nothing new But it is the handling of these themes which isSándor Márai has a way of creating a mood consistent with the dreariness of the story within and it is this mood which metamorphoses into an important character itself Like an invisible guiding force this mood becomes the reader's constant companion as heshe slowly navigates hisher way around the imperfect lives of Márai's characters He ends up imparting a restrained elegance even to the meanest of human tendencies like the insane urge to kill another and to the chilling finality in a man's feelings of disillusionment with life and the people he held dear to his heartIt is as if Márai's aim from the beginning had been not to bestow significance on numerous life events of a handful of people but instead on an acute analysis of human actions and how individual acts of indiscretion feature in the greater scheme of things How eventually everything dies out and ceases to matter after creating a few evanescent ripples on the surface of the placid lake of human existenceA few irritants have kept me from placing this book on my personal metaphysical pedestal of absolute literary perfection the objectification of women a subtle nod of approval to medieval values like the appreciation of gender specific character traits the seemingly endless and tedious monologue in the latter half of the book and a sense of perverse vanity the central characters seem to derive out of their European ancestry caused me to take away that 1 starBarring these minor causes of botheration Embers is near perfect It glows powerfully with the spirit of all actions and emotions so distinctly characteristic of life itself before burning out and surrendering itself to the inevitability of an ending

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A gyertyák csonkig égnekEen oude generaal krijgt op een dag een brief waarin een vriend van lang geleden Konrád zijn komst aankondigt Dat is voor Henrik de generaal een schok Van jongsaf waren zij onafscheidelijk ondanks hun verschillende achtergrond en afkomst Tot Konrád plotseling verdween niet lang na Henriks huwelijk met de mooie Krisztina Het bezoek van Konrád na 41 jaar brengt een stroom van prachtige en pijnlijke herinneringen bij de generaal op gangHenrik en Konrád del. Sandor Marai was born in 1900 in the former Austrian Hungarian Empire at a time when honor to one's country was of the upmost importance A staunch anti fascist following the rise of the iron curtain Marai was forced to flee his homeland and lived out his remaining days in California First published in 1942 and recovered with his other novels Embers is fast becoming a modern classic A throwback to a time when royalty living in isolated castles was a common practice in Europe Embers reveals an intimate look at life and relationships Henrik has turned 75 and has lived with his nurse Nini aged 91 in a castle outside of Vienna for the past 41 years Upon hearing that his old friend Konrad will be arriving and joining him for dinner Henrik looks back at the chapters of his life focusing on how both he and Konrad have gotten to where they are at this moment Once friends as close as twin brothers the pair has not seen each other since a incident with Henrik's wife Krisztina forty one years ago After the incident Konrad fled to the Tropics while Henrik remained in his castle alone A son of the landed aristocracy on both sides of his family Henrik was expected to go into the military academy at a young age Yet the only person who he ever felt love and affection from was his nursemaid Nini As a result Henrik became depressed at the academy until he met Konrad Henrik's father welcomed Konrad into the family yet cautioned his son that Konrad was a different type of person destined for a career other than military The pair although polar opposites remained friends through their twenties Marai writes how Henrik's and Konrad's lives moved on divergent paths All these years later the men do not desire to rekindle their friendship as the title may imply but to find out the answers to uestions that have lingered for this long Styling his prose by alternating between posing uestions between the two with Henrik's recollections of the past had me desiring to find out the conclusion to this complicated web of emotions Marai also posed an intriguing view on friendships and relationships that left me captivated by the novel through its closure Sandor Marai is a new author for me and I am glad that I uncovered this fascinating novel His novels were considered bestsellers before Hungary fell into fascist hands and are now being translated into English I rate this hidden gem a solid 4 stars and look forward to reading of his works as they become available