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I Have PeopleSo what if some of her memories are missing She remembers Gabe and that’s all that matters rightThat is until HE enters her life again she forgot about HIM. What a pleasantly surprising read I really enjoyed this book even though at times it was a bit hard to read The life Holly lived was heartbreaking Being able to see Holly grow trust love let go and live was wonderful Great book and highly recommend

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Free read I Have People ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ù Missing any memories Holly Sinclair is happily married to the love of her life Gabriel Young and in love Holly hopes to have their first child soon Of course Gabriel wants to wait till Holly’s health is restored much to Holly’s dismay She feels perfectly fine So what if shMissing any memories Holly Sinclair is happily married to the love of her life Gabriel Young and in love Holly hopes to have their first child soon Of course. Now that's unusual you might be saying Dar is giving a romance novel five stars Yep I am That is because this is a cautionary tale of what all those romantic ideals can hand those who are blind in their love for the romantic partner Notice I said partner Notice I didn't just identify this as a fem issue I realize that there are relationships of all kinds where one partner uses the other for a punching ball physically and or mentally That is NOT love folksLet me take a moment out to warn those with PTSD who have been in bad relationships this book does have triggers Even so if you can live past them there are lessons to be learned here Granted the outcome is much better than most real life situations might have It is fiction after allBUT climb into the mind of the intelligent yet emotionally unstable young woman Holly Sinclair That is what Taylor Dean the author did uite well I personally recognized many of Holly's thoughts These are the thoughts romanticized in many young adultromance novels They are angsty At least Ms Dean gave Holly a narrative of conflicting thoughts that rationalize both the healthy thoughts and the not so healthy ones That gives the person who may be going through this additional thoughts to play out in their own minds Remember survival is important than dead or maiming done in the name of 'love'The most important lesson of this book is in the title I Have People The most important thing a person who is being abused needs to know is that they have people To go find help Pride be damned Safety is important And though the women's shelter was an option in the book that was tossed aside I have known friends that gained a lot by going to the shelter and learning new ways to live their lives Meanwhile for the rest of us who have relative safety around us BE THE PEOPLE As those around Holly notice and gracefully befriended her and drew her into safety We need to be that kind of friends Don't hide from this situation Do what you can to help make the abused person safeWhat I didn't like was the lack of help for the abuser I know he chose his own way but we need as a society to find ways to recognize these people and bring them to re education in places that keep others safe from them while they get the help they need nonnegotiable helpThis is a social issue The book should bring up discussion Even so it was a very good book that I couldn't stop reading It was well after 5 AM when I was finally able to go to sleep The other caution Smile From about 50% in make sure to give yourself a chance to take care of yourself It gets heavyOh I won this book initially in a contest held by the author I picked it up on Smashwords then promptly forgot I had it Sorry Then I saw it as a freebie on Kindle Picked it up And to show how mixed up I really am I read this on my MoonReader Pro because I could use its text to speech on my tablet in the dark Soon I will be able to read these on my new Fire which has that feature Can't wait for that to get here Anyway the book is 299 on Smashwords and 399 on Well worth the price Sorry Ms Dean for getting to it so late

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Gabriel wants to wait till Holly’s health is restored much to Holly’s dismay She feels perfectly fine So what if she just woke up from an eight month coma. Most of you know how big of a Taylor Dean fan I am and this book was no exception and it's totally not because I have a uote on the back of the printed copy I loved this book but not uite as much as Lancaster House This is one of those books that I can't really talk about too much for fear of spoiling so I am going to keep this review briefAt the beginning of the book I had a little trouble with how Holly spoke to everyone I felt like she came across as really artificial but as the story unfolds you realize that there is a reason why she is acting this way Holly is so naive in the beginning but she grows tremendously during the course of the story There were times that I was so frustrated with her for the choices that she was making but her situation is so real and as you are reading it you can't help but hurt for herThis was a hard book to read because of the subject matter but Ms Dean does a wonderful job handling these scenes Readers should be aware that this book does deal with domestic abuse This isn't an issue that I have dealt with on a personal level but I believe that the issue is handled well in this story You feel for Holly deeply and you will root for her to make better choices At it's heart this is a love story and has a great element of hope It's wonderful to see that moment when Holly realizes that even though she started out alone she really does have peopleI can never say enough about how great a storyteller Taylor Dean is She writes stories that tug at your heart and make you feel no matter what genre I highly recommend all of her books if you like wonderful heartfelt stories with great characters and clean romance