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Reassigned Codename Fairy Godmother #1 Download ½ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ What do you get when you splice Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft with Tinker Bell Meet Agent Thunder a kick butt Huntress with the Fairy Godmother Organization FGO Find out what happens when the FGO’s #1 bounty hunter encounters Earth’What do you get when you splice Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft with Tinker Bell Meet Agent Thunder a kick butt Huntress with the Fairy Godmother Organization FGO Find out what happens when the FGO’s #1 bounty hunter encounters Earth’s most infamous villain and gets Reassigned for her own protection While in her fairy godmother protection program Agent Thunder is eventu. This idea behind this book is great Create a world of fairies pixies and leprechauns but one that is completely different from what one would expect The author creates a whole planet from which these fairies come to earth to either grant wishes or hunt down people who have not kept their promises made at the time when these wishes were granted The writing style is uite good and engagingHowever the story is pretty average and does not do justice to the excellent idea behind the book There are extremely long passages about fairies or leprechauns burning because of internal or external fires and these passages are plain boring There is a lot of repetition of feelings violence and burnings I believe that this excellent idea deserves a complex story

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Ally tracked down by Ciaran the alluring terminator leprechaun that she went into hiding to evade in the first place Ciaran a seasoned seducer gains the fairy godmother’s trust and introduces her to experiences she’s never even contemplated He doesn’t appear to be as menacing as Agent Thunder was led to believe or so she thought As they spend time together and fe. Ok lets get the boring stuff out of the way so that we can get down to talking about this book I received a copy of Codename Fairy GodMother Reassigned by Tanjlisa Marie for an honest review Since honesty is the best policy I will be honest that when I first started reading I was not enjoying myself I didn't like seeing the world through Agent Thunder's eyes I thought it was going downhill fast Then I started to settle in enjoy the ride I thought that this book had a uniue feel to it Instead of the all knowing impervious fae that I have been accustomed to reading about this angle was fresh As a reader I myself was uestioning the ignorance that the fairy godmother's were displaying I'm honestly not sure how I felt about using one if Thunder's wee assignment's a morse code Platherus's actual language to have the visual scientific knowledge or lack there of to give the reader insight to the background of the fairy godmother's world It was a constant red flag that by not granting health or after Solaris defended why that wasn't her wish that Thunder would jeopardize her only friends safety for knowledge she could have gained by warping back to her planet asking direct uestion's On a completely different point I also really enjoyed the introduction of leprechaun as something other than a little man hoarding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow For a while I only spared a thought for leprechaun's when I saw double rainbow or was picking a ridiculous amount of marshmallows' out of a box of Lucky Charms Though they are magically delicious they didn't inspire anything close to sexy carnal lusty Ciaran his sexy Irish lilt That combination was refreshing my imagination went wild with it A fairy godmother who can grant wishes a sexy leprechaun My mind went directly to my favorite place the gutter I don't want to give to much awayso I'm going to suggest that if you enjoy tough female leads star warsian relationships yes that's a term I suggest that you pick this book up read it As an avid reader of anything that has to do with fae I get a lot of repetitious themes This was an exception to that I would have given the book 4 stars I usually don't explain how a book could have earned In this case it was due to the confusion I had that if she was in danger her reassignment seemed was useless There were plenty of desk jobs when people are put in protection programs they don't go back to the same place or planet that they had been pulled out of It was a major plot point that was glossed over Even with the problems I had with this book it's originality alone makes it fantastic I hope that the next book in the series now that the reader has been introduced to the multitude of issues Thunder will be facing To list a few finding out where her sister fairy godmother warped to what Solaris pixie have deduced If there is any conseuences for certain characters allowing themselves to be worshipped as gods This book has set up a playing field for a lot of great things to come So as not to get ahead of this review I really liked it I hope that you give yourself the chance to read a uniue fun well written book For reviews and the other fun things like one of a kind custom made items inspired from books I love that inspire me as well as objects accessories etc that grace the pages of a book then become tangible to own go to Mouseheadandtales wordpresscom Mouseheadtalesweeblycom as well as Rabidfearycom There are also pictures of these things on pintrest under the same name tumblr found under lil9thtumblrcom I thank all the great authors for inspiring clothing so much So go check out the book read it spread the word on what you think Keep turning those pages yours Clare I'd like to thank Sheri a moderator from goodreads for assisting me with contacting this author introducing me to this opportunity it's great

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Reassigned Codename Fairy Godmother #1Elings evolve she soon discovers the life altering truth not only about the villainy leprechaun but about conspiracies surrounding the FGO and everything she's ever held as gospel If you like chicks that kick butt conflicted villains arbitrary fight scenes nude fairy godmothers terminator leprechauns pixies conspiracies or hot and heavy petting then this book is for yo. I have mixed feelings about this book Most aspects of it were either on the love it side or the did not like that at all side What I lovedI loved absolutely loved the world created in this book The fairy godmother realm and concept of how they operate was so original and fantastic It was so great to learn about it and I think the author did a wonderful job of displaying the little facts about the world in a very subtle and interesting way I think the world in this book was my absolute favorite part of this bookThe plot in this book flowed smoothly though it was a longer length of plot especially for one that is already going to be a series But still the transitions were well done and logical for the most part Things I did not likeAs far as personality goes I did not like Agent Thunder's I thought at the beginning her sarcastic attitude was great and funny but she gets extremely cruel in parts for no real reason I don't mean in parts with the leprechaun but in normal situations when she was just plain mean I kind of thought someone needed to just slap her and teach her common courtesy I feel like the sexuality in this book was way over done Nearly every encounter with a male it's either talking about how sexy Agent Thunder is or how sexy the male is I had to skip over this after a while because it just kept coming and it seemed very repetitive I know the main characters are supposed to be older teenagers 17 and up but it really pushes the boundaries for the young adult novel It's not that there are erotica scenes necessarily but the sexual situations are very extreme in the dialogue and descriptions and sensuality of it I would not recommend it for under 16 If this is intended for new adultadult then it's not pushing the boundary but it's still emphasized way too much I get they are attractive and are attracted to each otherMinor things I didn't like but still feel the need to point out are the use of fairy dust and bloody I thought it was cute at first when they kept saying it but one of those words started being said almost if not always on every page Overall I just have mixed feelings If the world and plot in this book weren't so good then I wouldn't like this book However they truly were exceptional and I would really consider reading the seuel just to get of that However the issues I didn't like I really didn't like So I think I will settle for 3 stars on this