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Last Hours on Everest Book  The Gripping Story of Mallory & Irvine’s Fatal Ascent Download ↠ Reflectionslisburnltd ó On the 6th June 1924 mountaineers George Mallory and Sandy Irvine perished in their attempt to reach the summit of EverestOOn the 6th June 1924 mountaineers George Mallory and Sandy Irvine perished in their attempt to reach the summit of EverestObsessed by uncovering what happened in 1993 Graham Hoyland became the 'It was a perfect morning for the attempt with only a few clouds in the sky The men lifted oxygen sets onto their backs then they turned towards the mountain and stamped off into history' Thus Graham Hoyland writes of George Mallory and Sandy Irvine's departure for their summit attempt on EverestThey never returned but nobody is sure whether or not they attained their goal or whether they turned back short of the summit because of bad weather or tiredness Graham Hoyland himself an Everest summit man the 15th Briton to achieve the feat in 1993 sets out to investigate And investigate he did with a number of trips to the Himalayas in an effort to determine what actually happened and also to find Mallory's body and the camera which if found may give some clues as to whether or not the pair summitted that he carried with him on the fateful dayInitially Hoyland felt that the duo had reached the summit but as he uncovered evidence on the mountain he finally changed his mind and decided that they did not do so It pained him to come to this conclusion for Mallory was always one of his heroes and he wanted to believe that he did reach the top of the mountain But he had to accept the facts as he knew them and the evidence that he had uncovered Along the way he had one or two hair raising moments on Everest and his determination to find the truth as it were also cost him dearly in his private life As well as reconstructing Mallory and Irvine's last actions on the mountain he also gives details of the earlier attempts on Everest and of those that took part with the start of it all being a reconnaissance trip in 1921 and then the first official attempt on the summit in 1922 And on that 1922 expedition George Mallory by then a committed climber had his first taste of Everest so by the time of the 1924 expedition he was a seasoned Himalayan mountaineer But it did not save him from dying on Everest and the conflicting reports of his being sighted on the mountain on the morning of the summit attempt only serve to confuse the issue of whether he made it to the top or not However an ice axe was discovered on the 1933 Everest expedition and this was thought to have belonged to one or the other of the two men who were then missing Hoyland would have liked to believe it to be Mallory's axe but the labelling still present on it seemed to indicate that it was likely Irvine's axe But the location of the find did give some clues as to what might have happened and various scenarios were put forward Armed with the location of the axe in 1998 Hoyland initiated a Mallory search expedition and in 1999 his body was finally discovered The history of attempts on Everest subseuent to the 1924 disaster is analysed and Hoyland comes up with an interesting theory that the ascent is so sophisticated now and has been attempted and climbed by so many that the trip has become as he calls it a trade route And with fixed ropes and ladders along the way it seems that almost anyone with any money and time to spare can join a party to climb the mountain This saddens Hoyland for from the beginning of his mountaineering career he regarded climbing Everest as 'the holy grail' After all his Everest exertions and he said that it had been a big part of his life for such a long time he purchased a boat and enjoyed himself along with his new girlfriend sailing the seven seas Anyway for posterity he has committed his thoughts and experiences to an absorbing account of the Everest story and in particular the search for Mallory and Irvine

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Fateful day Combining his own expert insight with the clues they left behind Graham Hoyland's at last answers the most intriguing of uestions did the two men actually reach the top of Everest I spent all this time to find outwell it's still a whopping good yarn about mountaineering

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Last Hours on Everest The Gripping Story of Mallory & Irvine’s Fatal Ascent15th Briton to climb Everest His investigations led to the finding of Mallory's body; it will be his evidence that will recover Irvine's 'Last Hours on Everest' meticulously reconstructs that No new insight about the “mystery” but that’s expected The bits about Howard Somervell’s life stood out for me He was for me the most fascinating personality on the mountain in the summer of '24 and that’s saying a lot