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Free download Doppler By Erlend Loe ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ä Once Doppler lived in a nice house and went to work every morning in his Volvo The shortly after his father died he left his job his home and his family and went to live in the forestFor a while Doppler is strangely content The woods are lovelOnce Doppler lived in a nice house and went to work every morning in his Volvo The shortly after his father died he left his job his home and his family and went to live in the forestFor a while Doppler is strangely content The woods are lovely dark and deep and he finds companionship in the form of a. I've got a thing for Erlend Loe Norwegian author This is only the second book I've read by him I just learn a fun tidbit Erlend Loe shares the same birthday with Bob Dylan and 'me' May 24th Lazy Day's had me laughing out loud Doppler was also humorous satirical whimsical in style a man is conversing with a baby moosebut there are powerful messages being madeand feels a little sad in ways BITTERSWEET is the best way to describe the feeling Doppler takes to living a solitary life in the forest He goes off grid hoping to cleanse his soul Although it seemed he had a successful family and career life he felt society failed him and he failed it He leaves his family and job behind They weren't invited By the way I'm in favor of couples taking solitary well being get a ways but I feel they always work best with the support of 'both' partners That's not 'this' storybut set that aside for a bit another valuable story sneaks up on us After Doppler kills a moose a guy needs to eat Turns out the calf is a female and Doppler feels bad about killing her He begins to explain to Bongo why she is better off not alive Doppler is very convincing Ongoing conversations continue between Doppler and Bongo well Doppler does the talking Bongo the listening it's sweet absurdbut we feel the 'luv connection' Basically Doppler is speaking out loud working out his personal life issues Things begin to change His wife is pregnant and gets message to him that it's his duty to come home Well yes I agree but I wasn't done with the story yet Also a new neighbor is now nearby Doppler is no longer alone Over time Doppler doesn't recognize his own forest any longer It doesn't look uiet and peaceful any longer and he wonders if he and Bongo have come to the wrong forest One problem with people is that as soon as they fill a space it's them UC and not the space Large desolate land scapes stop being large desolate land scapes once they have people in them They defined what the eyes see And the human eye is almost always directed at other humans In this way and illusion is created that humans are important than those things on earth which are not human It's a sick illusion Perhaps elk are the most important creatures when it comes down to it I say to Bongo Perhaps you're the ones who know best but are extremely patient I doubt that of course but who knows It's definitely not humans anyway I refuse to believe that Moral of the story haha if nobody listens to you when you're trying to share something important perhaps consumerism go talk to Bongo She's a great listener

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Tenacious baby elk named BongoBut over time others are attracted to their simple way of life Doppler is joined by his young son who uickly goes into daytime television withdrawal Düsseldorf a depressed miniature soldier enthusiast sets up camp nearby and is followed by an obnoxious right wing dog walk. So if a man decides to leave his family and move out in the forest I immediately assume that there’s something wrong with him What does that say about me Yes I know he just lost his father and then fell on his bike and hit his head but still when reading a book which is a critiue of our modern consumer culture it feels strange to realize that I buy so completely into that culture that I can’t even see it as a valuable life choice And yes I wrote ‘buy into’ deliberatelyDoppler leaves his wife and two children because he is sick and tired of being nice he doesn’t want the only focus in his life to be how much money he makes He want a simpler life Or maybe he had a concussion and is having a breakdown because his father died This is never clear He feels lucky to have hit his head and realized the wrongness of his ways – but whether this is a sudden moral clearness or a brain damage is up to the reader to decide To be fair it’s not really hinted that it could be something wrong with him the author probably intends it as an awakeningBut the fact is Doppler lives in a tent in a forrest just on the edge of Oslo and to sustain himself he steals from the nearby houses – and he kills an elk This elk turns out to be a mother to a young calf and so Doppler ends up adopting a calf which he names Bongo ‘I’ll call the calf Bongo after my father I decide as I’m strolling back into the forrest Even though my father wasn’t called Bongo I’ll name the calf Bongo after him Sometimes you’ve got to be open to associations of this kind’ p 32 33Doppler and Bongo build a close relationship – at least that’s the way Doppler relates it to us They play games they have long talks they pee together and just hang out Even though Doppler thinks Bongo is a bit thick since he doesn’t uite understand even the simplest games he still loves him They build a sort of father son relationship which is obvious since Doppler just lost his father – but strange since he has a young son at home missing him This is not the only father son relationship His son eventually joins him in the forrest and Doppler also meets a man who spends his time recreating the part of World War II where his father lost his life And inspired by this Doppler decides to build a totem pole to honor his father; a pole which seems to honor the idea of a father and fatherhood than the man who was Doppler’s father Maybe because Doppler didn’t really know himThis novel focuses on one man’s struggle to find himself in a world that doesn’t focus all that much on introspection It is difficult for him to find peace in the forest since he gets company soon both from other people and from his young son Maybe also because he didn’t really leave civilization all that far behind Maybe the novel is intended to show us that we are really not capable of living this way anyIt is uirky in a lot of ways and there were parts of it I really liked For instance his annoyance with children shows’ theme songs He actually ends up giving his son’s DVDs away to a robber one night – what parent haven’t imagined that Maybe even dreamed of thatAnother part shows him being annoyed with the Ira war because it comes at a time where he is focused on redecorating the bath room ‘I remember being irritated when I discovered that now we would also have to take a stance on this war It was very distracting As if it wasn’t enough to have to decide on all this bathroom stuff Now we would have to take sides in Ira I didn’t like things going on in the world which in effect reduced what I used my brainpower on to trivia Not only did I not have my perspectives clarified but I didn’t want them to be For weeks it had irritated me that they couldn’t wait to start the bombing down there until we had finished doing up the bathroom’ p 22 I love this uote and it shows something very true about our way of life I think That we are fine thinking about the troubles other places in the world as long as it doesn’t interfere with our own daily livesBut with all that being said I was a little disappointed in this book I had expected something funnier and uirkier uirky in particular With that cover that subject I had expected something that would leave me with a lot of food for thoughts and ideas for other ways to see the world and our society our materialistic culture But I didn’t feel like I got it and in the end I felt I was kind of left hanging like what you get is a short series of impressions with a rather clear beginning but not so much of a clear ending I’m not sure how I would have liked it to end – but what I got wasn’t enough

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Doppler By Erlend LEr Even Doppler's pregnant wife pays the occasional conjugal visitAnd with every convert to his new life in the woods the existence that Doppler foresaw alone in the forest with his elk is disappearingCompelling and perceptive Doppler is a deeply subversive fable from one of Norway's best selling write. Some books just hit a nerve as this did in Scandinavia where it became a bestseller when it was first published in 2004 Just republished in English by Anansi Press of Canada this hilarious comic novel about a worthy man's mid life crisis is destined to be a huge hit in North America Just about everyone I know needs a copy of this for its humor insight and recognition of our commonalities across national boundariesA Norwegian businessman and avid cyclist falls off his bike one day while in the woods and discovers he is much too nice He doesn't like his job his life nor his house He doesn't like people Especially people This short novel is so restorative because here our narrator decides to say what he thinksand in the process he makes friends than he has time for