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Her attention She’s a military legacy who’s been trained by her father and exposed to war strategies and societal information no one can know especially an alien spy like Jackson Giving Jackson the information he needs will betray her father and her country but keeping silent will start a war 35 stars This cover It invokes the theme of 2001 A Space Odyssey the music intro doesn't it? Uh yeahthe book wasn't uite that epic Boo Even so I was still kind of vibing on Gravity in spite of there being a severe loss of interplanetary stuffs traveling across worlds through the use of trees doesn't uite give off the same what a massive galaxy to traverse feel I actually liked this book uite a bit It was fun My not super high rating is only reflective of me wishing for sci fi and not at all due to a lack of enjoyment But first a gripe Why have most recent YA space andor alien books been showcasing like paranormal romance instead of sci fi? Even though I like The Lux series it's always bothered me that the books read like pnr and not sci fi Why use aliens for your creatures if you're going to write pnr?Granted I think that Gravity tried a lot harder than Lux did at incorporating sci fi elements There is something of a dystopia factor actually happening here There was a definitive use of alternatefuturistic technology so in the second half of the book even though we aren't getting many of the technical explanations for how it all works I'm honestly less concerned about the plausibility of it all than some other readers might be What I mainly care about is that the author would choose to incorporate some ideas which make me feel like I'm reading the genre I had anticipated I think we have a hit and miss thing happening hereIf I were to gauge the greatness of Gravity as a space or alien themed sci fi the number would be low Using the same gauge to determine dystopia or generalized sci fi this wouldn't be so bad it's not like most current YA dystopia is well sketched out these days anyway What works There's a big conflict revolving around which side humans vs ancients is to be trusted Natural instinct would put the reader siding with the humans initially go home team but soon enough you start to wonder if staying loyal to the human race is the way to go I like the potential for what is to come The universe has been opened up and we might get a chance to see of the alien opinion; we might even be able to sympathize with them The entertainment factor is good There are a variety of elements which keep the story moving at a decent pace everything from romance to danger which is leading up to a point where a showdown is bound to eventually happen And for the record I did end up liking the romance element even though I didn't think I would at first because it was handled very pnr obsessive at the start although I liked the way that the author chose to throw the two lead characters together It's that darn forbidden love angle which gets me every time and makes me start to root for the characters Jackson's a cutie with a hidden soft side What doesn't work The book is split into two very distinct halves which aren't woven together as well as I'd like to see The first half is very pnr romancey with a huge focus on the 'hot guy' who is hanging around Ari Readers who were looking for sci fi will probably put the book down before they get to the actual sci fi part Then the second half starts wandering off into politics and intrigue and the readers who were caught up in boy meets girl spin of the first half might end up feeling alienated pun intended by the second half The verdict While I would have preferred less pnr and sci fi I liked the book for what it was and that's what matters most The romance is cute and the potential is there to showcase real conflict in the future I'll definitely be reading on to see what happens next for Ari and Jackson

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Gravity by Melissa WeIn the future only one rule will matterDon’t Ever PeekSeventeen year old Ari Alexander just broke that rule and saw the last person she expected hovering above her bed arrogant Jackson Locke the most popular boy in her school She expects instant execution or some kind of freak alien punishment b Free on Kindle todayUK I don’t want to do this Please don’t make me do thisAnd then the smooth cloth slides over my eyes blinding me I relax for only a moment then the patch suctions around my eyes as though laced into the bone and I feel it against my temple pressing digging in I want to pull away I scream out for Mom to help me and hear her say over and over that it’s okay everything’s okay This was a really good Sci Fi Alien Dystopian story and even though this is the second time I’ve read it I really liked it Each night I wait by my window my curiosity almost too much to stand while I scan the trees hoping to see one of them emerge I liked the characters in this and I felt sorry for Ari and the way her father expected so much from her No matter what she did it seemed like it wasn’t good enough and the things he expected her to not only agree with but to go along with later in the book were nothing short of horrific “I jolt backward my hands covering my mouth Five lives just disappeared before my eyes This isn’t happening I fight to remain calm I can’t get shaken not now not when I’m this close to learning the strategy” The storyline in this was pretty good and I liked the little twists we got It seemed like every time Ari thought she knew what would happen next things just got totally turned on their head againThere was some romance in this book and it was kind of in the form of a love triangle but it seemed clear who Ari actually liked “He brushes my hair from my face and then before I can say another word he kisses me ignoring the crowd of people in the hall” The ending to this had plenty of twists and plenty of action I really need to read books 2 and 3 now to find out how this story ends “Hold on Please just hold on” he says his voice rattling He calls my name over and over but it sounds distant a cacophony against the peaceful chorus I hear like birds I try to fight off the sound fight off the heaviness of my eyelids but the sound is too beautiful sleep too peaceful My body surrenders relishing in the birds’ melody I smile 85 out of 10

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Read Gravity by Melissa West reader ✓ Kindle Edition ☆ Melissa West ´ In the future only one rule will matterDon’t Ever PeekSeventeen year old Ari Alexander just broke that rule and saw the last person she expected hovering above her bed—arrogant Jackson Locke the most popular boy in her Ut instead Jackson issues a challenge help him or everyone on Earth will die Ari knows she should report him but everything about Jackson makes her uestion what she’s been taught about his kind And against her instincts she’s falling for him But Ari isn’t just any girl and Jackson wants than Incoherent plot the premise lacks believability the events and circumstances are never properly explained No resolution to the story Lack of proper background or world building Incredibly dull weak characters Cheesy nausea inducing insta love