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Read & Download Far from the Madding Crowd à PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ô This story of a proud rural beauty and the three men who court her is the novel that first made Thomas Hardy famousDespite the violent ends of several of its major characters Far from the Madding Crowd is the sunniest and least brooding of HardyIe for her favor move through a beautifully realized late nineteenth century agrarian landscape still almost untouched by the industrial revolution and the encroachment of modern life. What a story I was going to give it 4 stars but the ending was so intense and wrapped everything up so beautifully that I had to rate it 5 stars What I love the most about this book is that it deals with an unorthodox woman Bathsheba I know what a name is admired by a lot of men; still she keeps on rejecting them one after another She doesn't want to be like every other woman at that time who marries the first man to propose and has children Bathsheba is stubborn and she's insecure and she takes the reader and all her suitors on uite a journey She's human and she just wants to make the right choice and I loved her for that This was my first book by Thomas Hardy and one of the first things I noticed about his writing was that he spends a lot of time on heavily detailed descriptions In particular the beginning is filled with descriptions of the surroundings and nature and while I was a bit frustrated to start with I couldn't deny the fact that these descriptions were beautiful and really set the mood for the book I loved this story because it's honest and very relevant Read it with an open mind and I'm sure you'll end up appreciating it as much as I do Now I've got to watch the movie

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The Madding Crowd is the sunniest and least brooding of Hardy’s great novels The strong minded Bathsheba Everdene and the devoted shepherd obsessed farmer and dashing soldier who v. Bathsheba Everdene a gorgeous mesmerizing young woman 22 the formerly poor now rich girl she inherited a prosperous large farm from her late uncle set in rural Wessex Dorset southwest England in the 1860's has three very different suitors common Gabriel Oak eight years older a shepherd and fine flute player who will soon lose his sheep the first time he sees her Miss Everdene is admiring herself in a hand mirror and smiling William Boldwood a wealthy good looking farmer and neighbor but middle aged bachelor at 40 when she sends the rather standoffish man as a silly joke anonymously a Valentine's Day card telling him to marry her he falls insanely in love after discovering the identity of the writer and the handsome dashing irresistible youthful rake Sergeant Francis Frank Troy a couple of years her senior in the British cavalry he woos by displaying his amazing swordsmanship that both scares and thrills her it is no surprise the winner of this contest Miss Everdene has only one real friend and confidant her patient loyal servant Liddy they are always together in her huge house the independent but still frightened woman is strangely lonely running the big farm solely with no experience to guide her A few days after Bathsheba's arrival a pretty pleasant maid of the house Fanny Robin 20 mysteriously disappears into the night rumors say she fled to be with her lover a soldier in a nearby town but nobody can be sure Later after turning down marriage proposals from Mr Oak and Mr Boldwood to her ultimate regret and considerable sufferings Bathsheba secretly weds the unstable not in her own village of Weatherbury but in another small community the fickle Mr Troy she was understandably dazzled But Frank soon becomes restless bored his nature is to wander he has little to do on the farm the unemployed but capable Gabriel hired to work there has taken charge of the laborers and farm also the love distracted Mr Boldwood's land too By accident Troy meets Fanny on a deserted road with his wife he recognizes her in the dark Bathsheba doesn't but grows very suspicious the unfortunate girl needs immediate help Frank gives her a little money and promises Miss Robin to see her the next dayBut unforeseen events prevents that from happening and terrible conseuences occur because of this A classic novel Thomas Hardy's first big success is his only real happy ending book but tragedy turmoil and heartbreak abounds the unforgiving countryside is shown as beautiful but harsh and mournful the people are a lot brighter than they were given credit for then still life is never easy mistakes are made and deaths follow a masterpiece in literature

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Far from the Madding CrowdThis story of a proud rural beauty and the three men who court her is the novel that first made Thomas Hardy famousDespite the violent ends of several of its major characters Far from. The heart wants what the heart wantsNo that is not from this book I just thought it would have been a good tagline for the 2015 movie adaptation of this classic they went with Based on the classic love story by Thomas Hardy instead Serve you right you silly cowThat is also not from the book but it's a sentence that popped into my mind while reading some later parts of the book Fuck off BoldwoodStill not from the book but I wish it was It is difficult for a woman to define her feelings in language which is chiefly made by men to express theirsNow that is from the book which is brimming with uotable lines Not being a woman I don't know how true it is but I find this one very interesting Thomas Hardy was not a woman either unlike George Eliot but I am sure he had much better insight than I doFor some clarification of this uote please refer to the comments section after the reviewThis is the latest of my ongoing project to read classic books in audiobook format I find that printed books reuire patience and commitment Far from the Madding Crowd is basically the story of Bathsheba Everdene and how her three suitors affect her life This is my second Thomas Hardy book Jude the Obscure was the first I found Jude the Obscure very depressing though uite a gripping read I am glad to report this book is somewhat upbeat somewhat being the operative word What a gloom merchant Hardy seems to be was he a buzz killer at parties I can not fault his talent as a writer though his prose is consistently beautiful and elegant his characters are well developed and vivid His plot twists and turns are often unpredictableLooking at the protagonist Bathsheba Everdene considering her wit and intelligence how she ends up choosing to marry the worst of the three suitors is hard to imagine Obviously in the context of the book she is dazzled by Troy's oily charms but I find it a little out of character and feel like she chooses him to drive the plot forward If she had chosen the best man out of the three we would have ended up with a short story of noneventMay 1 2015 that isOf the other two that Boldwood seems to have a very appropriate name His wood makes him bold sorry His bullying Bathsheba into submission is hard to take apparently he his a man driven by passion or his little fireman Gabriel Oak is the perfect gentleman throughout I am not surprised Bathsheba does not choose him to begin with he seems like a safe and dull choiceIf the overall plot of the book seems like a soap opera I may have misrepresented it There is a lot of psychological insight here about human nature and how we often make the wrong choices based on superficiality As mentioned earlier this novel is not as grim as Jude the Obscure the first half of the book is in generally good spirit the story becomes very dark towards the end of the book but ended on a moderately cheerful note I find the ending a little predictable but very satisfying I imagine most readers would want the book to end just like this and perhaps Hardy did not want to alienate his readers too much and indulge in a gloomy ending as seems to be his wontAn enjoyable book to read when you are in the mood for a classic or some pastoral mayhemI have not read Hardy's Tess of the d'Urbervilles yet but it sounds really depressing Can't waitNotes I do love to read Hardy's uniue brand of depressing fun if you like this review I hope you will check out my other Hardy reviews• Tess of the D'Urbervilles • Jude the Obscure• The Mayor of Casterbridge • The Return of the Native • The Woodlanders • I have not seen any of the film adaptations if you have please let me know what you think in the comments thanks