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The Prince of TidesPAT CONROY has created a huge brash thunderstorm of a novel stinging with honesty and resounding with drama Spanning forty years this is the story of turbulent Tom This is the book that is the reason I read anything at all for pleasure I decided I was going to read it before the movie came out and COMPLETELY fell in love with Conroy's style renewed my love affair with the low country of South Carolina and discovered the joy of diving into a book wholeheartedly Mr Conroy is the reason I read today The stories of what this family went through are heartbreaking at one or moments and hysterical at others I didn't think the movie was half bad but the book is phenomenal

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RnFilled with the vanishing beauty of the South Carolina low country as well as the dusty glitter of New York City The Prince of Tides is PAT CONROY at his very bes Pat Conroy's prose is tragically acuainted with all the misery and glory and pain and beauty of humanity It is also deeply entrenched in the American south I believe he immortalizes his own time and place the way Hemingway did for wartime Europe This story so startlingly brutal and direct in it's engagement of the reader lays out the impressive and failed life of Tom Wingo The plain good virtue and astonishing cruelty of small town South Carolina take shape in an uneasy and inevitable connection vying ferociously with the complicated sadness of modernity This book is treacherous and difficult wounding at the very threshold of a happy or cathartic moment and while it is not always pleasant to read it is provocative and cathartic It is an angry and sensitive book dedicated to an ideal of America and made up of terrific stories It is all tied together in the structure of a novel and ends up being well worth the read

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read The Prince of Tides kindle É Paperback Ö PAT CONROY has created a huge brash thunderstorm of a novel stinging with honesty and resounding with drama Spanning forty years this is the story of turbulent Tom Wingo his gifted and troubled twin sister Savannah and their struggle to triumph over the dark and tragic legacy of the extraorWingo his gifted and troubled twin sister Savannah and their struggle to triumph over the dark and tragic legacy of the extraordinary family into which they were bo Passion swells for this epic The Prince of Tides and so I swim in murky waters here careful in my criticism not to become The Princess of Against the TidesAh hell Who am I kidding? This princess often swims against the tide and her upper body is strongSo let me not mince words Let's get right to itPat Conroy has almost as many devotees as Jesus I'm not sure about the source of the appeal but he looks like a jolly gnome in the pictures I've seen of him and I take him for a man who shook hands vigorously at book signingsOkay so he was affable I'm not entirely sure; you'd need to ask Wife #1 Wife #2 or Wife #3 how she felt about him and I enjoy affable types but I'm not sure why attention hasn't been placed on some of the damnable mistakes in his writingFirst off Mr Conroy is incredibly inconsistent He'll write something lovely and memorable like “when we spoke of our childhood it seemed part elegy part nightmare” Or “I was the son of a beautiful word struck mother and I longed for her touch many years after she had no obligation to touch me”And then he'll carry on for eons with some overly wordy barely readable prose I would struggle page after page reading these “rants” which felt almost like the long winded stories my children tell me as I drive them home from school You know the stories that feel as though they have no punctuation no beginning or ending and reuire the storyteller to say them all in one breath?Also um ahem anyone else made uncomfortable by Tom's mother wanting to make out with him and both brothers wanting to hook up with their sister? Who is this guy John Irving? And last but not least the dialogue For the love of God come on now Even if you love this book I ask you to return to it and read about 20 pages of the dialogue Truly do me this favor before you deem me “harsh” Clearly this was not Mr Conroy's strength as a writer and luckily he is prone to descriptive narrative than passages of dialogue but whenever it occurred it pulled me right out of the story uick example“Where ya going Tom?”“Nowhere Savannah I'm going nowhere Savannah”“But did ya want to Tom? Did you want to go somewheres Tom?”“Nah Savannah But ya know what Savannah? I'm hungry Savannah”I'm telling you I've read better dialogue produced in short stories by high school freshmenSo what made this story all the rage? Was it the occasionally beautiful prose? The imagery? I experienced some of that Was it the focus that was placed on the need for men to pursue mentalemotional support? I liked that too Men need mental health outlets as much as women do and I hate that our society has long made it taboo for them to seek it Was this book instrumental in shifting mindsets? I don't knowI do know that the movie did nothing to help my reading experience I thought almost relentlessly of Barbra Streisand's acrylic nails and Nick Nolte's hair in his famous mugshot as I was reading it And worse than that I pictured Nick Nolte's mouth slack from overdosing whispering to Streisand's lacuered nails Lowenstein Lowenstein Hard to get past that though it's not the book's faultSo back to the book Most Conroy diehards tell me that Tides isn't their favorite; it's typically The Great Santini when I ask I'd be happy to receive Conroy suggestions and I'd be open minded toward another readThis was just surprisingly disappointing to meThree stars says the Princess Against the Tides three stars for some great one liners a fantastic title and th