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The Ultimate SolutionPopular Books The Ultimate Solution Author Eric Norden There are many. The Nazis win is such a common scenario in alternate history that it has its own Wikipedia article appeal is obvious The Nazis are probably the last historical group that pretty much everyone agrees are unmitigated villains If you want to have pure evil in a non fantasy setting and you don't want to be accused of cultural insensitivity Nazis are your go toDespite this Axis victory literature is on whole really good It's produced a handful of absolute classics The Man in the High Castle and large numbers of slightly obscure but still excellent fiction Fatherland The Children's War etcMost Axis victory literature falls into one of two camps Realistic or moralistic The former is historically rigorous and tries to imagine what might have really happened Usually that means that the US is still alive and well Nazism's influence is mostly limited to Europe large numbers of Jews survive outside the Third Reich etc Fatherland is the classic in this genre The world in these novels is bad but it generally stops short of full blown dystopiaMoralistic novels are different They're less interested in the Nazis as a historical phenomenon and interested in Nazis as the nadir of the human condition These stories usually take place in worlds that are completely dominated by the National Socialists Example Swastika Night by Katharine Burdekin The Ultimate Solution is firmly in the latter camp Norden is not a historical illiterate and he clearly has at least some familiarity with the history and structure of the NSDAP for example he uses terms like Alter Kampfer that a layman probably wouldn't recognize But it's eually clear that the Nazis in his book are only distantly related to the Nazis of the real world For example Norden's Nazis promote animal cruelty and praise homosexuality Hitler had a strong aversion to bothThis can be jarring at first but ultimately Norden is trying to explore the depths of human depravity His Nazis are the perfectly evil society as envisioned by a 1973 authorThis has good and bad points Morality marches on after all The 1973 view of homosexuality is no longer politically palatable But Norden's vision of a civilization completely stripped of redeeming features remains chilling

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T Paperback and others 142 pages and has a text language like English. Haven't read it in years but it was darn spooky 30 years agoAdded just read it again what this guy put in 142 pages is almost too much to bear If you ever have the opportunity to read this do it

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Read The Ultimate Solution ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¸ Popular Books, The Ultimate Solution Author Eric Norden There are many interesting things in this book isbn 9780446751544 > format Mass Market Paperback and others > 142 pages and has a text language like EnglishInteresting things in this book isbn 9780446751544 format Mass Marke. The Ultimate Solution by Eric Norden is a story about the complete opposite of what happened during the Nazi occupation The world is a terrible place People of colour like Blacks are treated worse than being slaves they are treated like “pets” or “domestic animals” They even get their vocal cords cut at birth That is horrifying Other than that anyone who found out to be helping survived Jews even though there was a complete genocide to Jews will be punished severely The society’s way of entertainment is watching Black gladiators nakedly fighting each other to death Plus kids are told to watch television shows that encourage them to kill and torture animals not sure if that also meant the Blacks who are considered “domestic animals” The whole thing is just sickening Norden did a great job on writing this book; it really shows how the world would be if the Nazis won