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The Human Side Book » ó Reflectionslisburnltd ☆ From above Etta’s life seems to be calming down in the town of uantico Virginia but with every passing moment away from his love Rahovart finds the emptiness unbearableAfter redeeming himself once again as an Arch Rahovart is still unable to let his past go Needing to be Needing to be near Etta he strikes a deal with Father except it turns into a mission with great conseuencesWith Arch Angel Gabriel in tow Rahovart sets out to prove himself worthy of Etta’s love only to face discouragement from Etta’s father John and her n This book was an excellent follow up to The Demon Side I had no problems falling right back into the story even though I had read the first uite a while agoThe characters are well developed and interesting and their world is much like ours In fact it could actually be ours and we just don’t see the demons and angels around us The setting is very realistic and you see the characters battling not only with the battle they are engaged in for good versus evil but also with many modern issues we all deal with – money school fights with parents and friendsI don’t want to say too much about the story and cause spoilers But we do see some old favorites and some new interesting characters in this one And its great to see what happened after the first book I really enjoyed seeing the characters evolve and there was a twist at the end that was completely unexpected Actually there ended up being than one I am sure I read about there being another book I cant wait to read it and find out what happens next and how these twists we encountered might change things for both sidesThis and the first are uick reads And I recommend you read them in order This is a series to catch up on now you want to be ready to see what happens next

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Ew boyfriend Tristan on top of the threats made to Etta Would he be able to protect her if she no longer remembered him or shared the love they once held so dearlyOne thing’s for sure The past with all of its secrets and lies will come back to haunt them all 35 StarsAfter reading The Demon Side I couldn't wait to read The Human Side to see where the story picked up and where it would go It's a year later and Etta doesn't remember Rahovart due to the way the first book ended But Rahovart remembers Etta and can't stay away He strikes a deal of sorts with Father and sets about trying to win her over again hoping she'll remember their past love Turns out their past love is than even Rahovart realizedGreat series Fun read

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The Human Side The Demon Side #2From above Etta’s life seems to be calming down in the town of uantico Virginia but with every passing moment away from his love Rahovart finds the emptiness unbearableAfter redeeming himself once again as an Arch Rahovart is still unable to let his past go I was so very eager to read this seuel after that exciting first book that left things in a sad place for Etta and Ra As follow up stories go this one took me on an exciting suspenseful ride before it finished with uite a few surprise revealsThis one absolutely needs to be read in order behind The Demon Side so that the world building and story arc make sense It picks up about a year from where the other one left offRahovart's arch status has been returned to him and he does the best he can at his tasks but he has not been able to stay away from Etta He checks in on her life and dreams of a time they can be together His actions do not go unnoticed in the heavens so he is given an ultimatum choiceRa chooses to return to Etta in human form and try to win her once again the way his demon form won her before without revealing who he is and what went on before He is joined at the last minute by Gabriel who is also now in human form Rahovart learns really fast that getting back into Etta's life will not be simple She is back where she was before seeing the demons and living recklessly Ra is forced by the agreement into a position of not being able to help her He has to watch a slick human guy help her and to receive her loathing while her father watches him with suspicion and no desire for Ra to be around his daughter Gabriel is ever distracted by Etta's best friend AmyRa finally realizes that he has done her no favors by coming back so he makes the decision to bow out of her life leaving her to be guarded over by the others and let the others figure out why the demonic activity continues around Etta His decision lasts for a few months before the danger escalates and he is forced to take a hand and be willing to make huge personal sacrifices for EttaThe plot on this one was exciting I enjoyed the blend of the action and the character building to the plot The story is told all from Rahovart's point of view and through much of it he struggles hard because he is still learning so much about himself and others I enjoyed seeing him really grow and finally understand what is really important both for himself and Etta The story is just a little bit about the romance because much of the time Etta is with someone else and has no idea who Rahovart really is I wasn't really thrilled with the fact that he had to be cruel to her showing his demon trait as part of his agreement because that felt weird that the God figure would ask that of an angel or that he would allow it done to a human I felt that some of those reveals in the end were was a bit over the top but it did lead to all threads tied together neatly The final scene was do or die that was for sure There is moderate bad language mild violence and no sex in this one but it would probably appeal to older teens and adultsI would recommend this bookseries for those who enjoy YA Paranormal Romance involving angels and demons