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Djinn author Alain Robbe-Grillet review ´ eBook or Kindle ePUB å Djinn is the story of a young man who joins a clandestine organization under the command of an alluring androgynous American girl named Djinn or Jean His search for the meaning of his mission and for possible clues to the identity of the mysterious Djinn E identity of the mysterious Djinn becomes a uest for his own identity in an ever shifting time space continuu. This mysterious circular novel pulled me in from the very first sentence I had not intended to read it but could not do anything but justify it to myself ironically as our protagonist does everything she does to himherself as wellThe book contains its own literary analysis Every thought that I had about it I read on the very next page again ironically as if we can believe what we read our protagonist finds himself believing that he is choosing to do exactly what he does not consciously remember that he has already done by someone else's instruction He doubts his own memory but he does not doubt it enough Do we really ever do or think anything entirely of our own volition with no suggestion from anyone else Do we remember what actually happened or perhaps just what we were told happened other people's memories in other words Can it be possible to have free thought or free will at allFull of repetitions particularly of names and likenesses the book not only acknowledges the fluidity of gender but also conflates past present and future What happened long ago takes place in the first half of the novel when it also in Simon's or Jean's subseuent memory hasn't happened yet In what I would call a causal time loop of magnificent proportions the events of today are caused by the events of tomorrow which is also yesterday How many times has it happened Or has it perhaps never happened and this book merely exemplifies the unreliability of memory itself Any of these interpretations is possible All of this is simultaneously present in this masterful workEventually all pretense at uantifying the passage of time is abandoned Perhaps it is the end of time in a sort of future world in the midst of which everything would already have been accomplished 96 There is nothing else to do and time has stoppedOr it is all just a literary analysis as before 'Later I want to study to become a heroine in novels It is a good job and it allows one to live in the literary style' 48 This book is after all presented as a story about a novella It is about the state of being of characters in a novel of someone else's 'overly receptive' imaginings 100 Their universe is perpetually in the present tense 'you are here nothing but a character out of his afflicted memory' 98 They do not themselves even know who or what they are They may suspect at times that they are just characters in a play Or maybe a dream Their world is shaped by suspiciously convenient coincidence and readers' expectations One cannot trust what he is told as it may just be a story a draft of a story a ghost of a memory an alternate interpretation a lie Every narrator is unreliable testing us like Milgram Everything that they feel seems real though because 'imbued by the author with new life barely dulled by time' 100 Time indeed passes differently in a narrative than in real world experience And the plot recurs again and again in those pages always as though for the first time Characters may die but are never gone They are children and adults at once They are gathered within those pages all together in multiple places at once impossibly and yet it is soThis book would pair well in a course with the films Blade Runner and La Jetee and with Virginia Woolf's novel Orlando and even with Orwell's 1984 It is as though the entirety of my literary studies up until now has prepared me to appreciate this book

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Ynous American girl named Djinn or Jean His search for the meaning of his mission and for possible clues to th. This nifty little book reminds me a bit of The Turn of the Screw because it has the children as spectrals it's a puzzle text and the narration hints at being dream andor delusion The opening prologue suggests that the remainder is a found text which is a strategy designed to establish context but also a veil to cloak the fiction in the guise of the real The narrator of the main text is continuously uestioning his actions in a way that is analogous to how Robbe Grillet hopes to engage readers The total absence of information I hoped just the same that it was only temporary perhaps I was first supposed to pass through this initial phase where I would be put to the test The treasure hunt thus became in my romantic mind like a journey of initiation 58 That too is the journey readers embark upon in this narrative puzzle

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Djinn author Alain Robbe-GrillDjinn is the story of a young man who joins a clandestine organization under the command of an alluring androg. Original review from 82008My friend Nathan recommended this book to me and I can see why It seems to be a complex metaphor for the creative process of writing fiction while simultaneously taking on the surreal kaleidoscopic effect of a warped detective novel Fans of David Lynch’s films especially “Mulholland Drive” will be sure to appreciate getting lost in the labyrinths of these dark alleys and mysterious rooms and ever changing identities including POV There are overlapping characters with similar names like Djinn Jean female Jean male Jan Jeanne and two kids who may or may not be the same two kids and fake passports and murdered manneuins and dreams and “realities” and uestionable chronology Just when you think you might have a handle on what’s what you turn the page for a complete mindfuck But then when you think Robbe Grillet has gone too far you realize he’s just playing with you after all—you’re his latest victim Reading this short novel is both fun and necessary for writers and other dabblers with the imagination You might find yourself as I did reading the final page and then turning to the beginning of the book to re read the first chapter I’d also recommend reading this Wiki excerpt on genies UPDATE I read this book again five years later 92013 since it's one of my faves and uite short I hardly ever re read books but it helps when they are short My five star rating still remains although I had a slightly different experience this time around I wasn't as weirded out and didn't think it was as strange as I remembered it being I saw a lot humor and hand of the author I can imagine Robbe Grillet being given a set of images either by himself or chosen randomly through some sort of deck of topic cards or roll of the dice and writing different scenarios on the same topics and merging them all together in a collage of sorts that can in turn be interpreted in a variety of ways On the first read I got lost in the story in the world and enjoyed the bumps and twists of the wild ride On the second read I was of an observer taking note of how he might have mapped out this tale of when and where the POV changes happened of the fun he must have been having while writing it