Free download á Edward Adrift Edward #2 ´ E-book or Kindle E-pub

Free download Edward Adrift Edward #2

Free download á Edward Adrift Edward #2 ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Õ It’s been a year of upheaval for Edward Stanton a forty two year old with Asperger’s syndrome He’s lost his job His trusted therapist has retired His best friends have moved away And even his nightly ritual of watching Dragnet rerunsSpent a summer with his father bringing Kyle along as his road trip companion The two argue about football and music along the way and amid their misadventures they meet an eccentric motel owner who just might be the love of Edward’s sheltered life if only he can let herThe highly anticipated follow up to Craig Lancaster's first novel 600 Hours of Edward. For all of us who came to know and love Edward Stanton in 600 Hours of Edward it is great to get reauainted with him again However it is fair to say that Edward's life is not in great shape when we meet him again Dr Buckley his long term therapist has retired he has lost his job been diagnosed with diabetes and even his Dragnet tapes are broken Plus he is missing neighbour Donna who has remarried and moved away Then Donna contacts him to say that her son Kyle is troubled and has been expelled from school and Edward sets out on a trip to see themDuring this book Edward has to deal with difficult behaviour from Kyle come to terms with his father's death and is even faced with the possibility of finding love Edward is a fantastic character a forty two year old who sees the world a little differently because of his Asperger's Syndrome he is often very literal but always a good friend To be honest I would not read this before reading the first book about Edward as the relationships with his friends and family will make better sense if you know the history between them These novels are a delight though and if you do consider reading them you will not be disappointed

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Hen his friend Donna calls with news that her son Kyle is in trouble Edward leaves his comfort zone in Billings Montana and drives to visit them in Boise where he discovers Kyle has morphed from a sweet kid into a sullen adolescent Inspired by dreams of the past Edward goes against his routine and decides to drive to a small town in Colorado where he once. Last book of 2015 ending on a semi good note 35 starsI enjoyed being back in Edward's world and finding out what's been happening and how he's been coping and for the most part I did enjoy it There were a few things that kept me from enjoying this as much as the first one thoughThe cursing at first it was kind of funny to hear Edward curse but it started to grate on me after awhile I just wanted to pull him aside and politely or not so ask him to cut it out The romance I may be in the minority here but I could not get on board with this Sheila wasn't bad as a character but it all just felt stiff and off balance Partly because we never get details on Sheila's disability we're told that she and Edward are alot alike and he's view spoilerthe 'special man who understands her specialness' hide spoiler

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Edward Adrift Edward #2It’s been a year of upheaval for Edward Stanton a forty two year old with Asperger’s syndrome He’s lost his job His trusted therapist has retired His best friends have moved away And even his nightly ritual of watching Dragnet reruns has been disrupted All of this change has left Edward who lives his life on a rigid schedule completely flummoxedBut w. W O N D E R F U L A 5 star rating after a looong time I liked very much the first book but I loved this If Edward was a real person at first sight you wouldn't notice something special about him If you would talk to him and get to know him better you would find how extraordinary he really is In the first book we see Edward in his comfort zone trying to make the best out of his life making friends and trying to get a job He was very strict in everything he did and very rigorous I love the word rigorous this is a pattern through all the book where Edward confesses his favourite words In this book book #2 we see Edward out of his comfort zone He takes a trip to help his little friend Kyle who struggles with his teenage life and the unfamiliar environment he lives in I was so mad at Kyle for some time but he's a sweet boy and he really loves Edward Their friendship is so pure Do you know what I want for Christmas Kyle”“No”I feel my cheeks getting hot which is strange And then I realize that I’m embarrassed to say what I’ve been thinking But I do it anyway“This trip with you”Many things happen during this trip Edward is outgoing than he was before His life isn't that solid any He tries new things and new experiences When he bought his new iPhone I was laughing so hard Calling it my bitchin' iPhone always listening to REM and playing with it all day was so great to readIn this trip where as he says he is adrift Edward feels like his life is empty and the dreams he has make him want to ask for “Yes Kyle is in trouble and I want to help him if I can Yes I want to see Donna and Victor again But maybe I want something for me too such as not feeling so adrift That seems selfish but I think it’s OK I think my father would think it’s OK too”I feel so sorry for Edward He is such a sweetheart He's 42 but when I read about him I just want to hug him and protect him from everyone and everythingEdward will always be one of the most interesting characters I've ever read about He is loyal and very funny sometimes “I just made a joke I’m pretty funny sometimes”“When they see you coming in a Cadillac they know two things first that you know uality and second that you don’t need their deal You know whyBecause you’re driving a goddamned Cadillac that’s why”Although I liked Edward's mother in the first book I hated her in this one She had no right to do what she did and make Edward feel that bad One of the things that I'll always remember about Edward is his unsent letters where he complains about the things he doesn't like and make him feel angry or sad I should try it sometimes I think that thing really works She said there was something therapeutic in writing the letter and letting my emotions out but that I might get in trouble with people if I actually sent them”I'm so happy Edward found another person like him to love and cherish I doubted Sheila at the beginning but I really liked her afterwards I'm sure they'll both be happy and special togetherI recommend this series to everyone who wants to have a uality reading You won't be disappointed I guarantee you that you will have a great time reading about Edward