REVIEW Avalon By Anya Seton î PDF eBook or Kindle ePUB

REVIEW Avalon By Anya Seton

REVIEW Avalon By Anya Seton î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ê A novel of England during the Viking era from an author who “has vividly and colorfully portrayed life during the tumultuous Dark Ages” Historical Novels Review   The last uarter of the tenth century was a time of conflict and exploration—while the Anglo Saxons S of the Islands of the Blessed perhaps King Arthur’s Avalon “where falls not hail or rain or any snow”   Merewyn grew up in savage Cornwall a lonely girl sustained by stubborn courage and belief in her descent from great King Arthur Chance or fate in the form of a shipwreck off the Cornish coast brought Rumon and Merewyn together and from that hour their lives were intertwined   Bound by his vow to her dying mother Rumon brings Merewyn safely to England keeping hidden t. Avalon is my first Anya Seton read and it is set in 10th century England during the prevalent Viking raids and the ever present discord between Saxons and Danes It tells the story of a young nobleman from Provence who has a vision of Avalon and a Cornish girl who belatedly learns about her disreputable pedigree The two meet by chance after the former gets stranded off the Cornish coast on his way to King Edgar’s court and together they travel to England where their lives radically change along with the changes brought about by the country’s tumultous times I find the story slow moving and the characters a little uninteresting at first but once the historical events from the time of King Edgar whom I have no knowledge of to King Ethelred eventually unfolded and the female character Merewyn showed us a glimpse of what life in medieval Iceland and Greenland was like it became easier for me to appreciate the story I did like the ending for its realistic touch although it was sadder than I had expected

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A novel of England during the Viking era from an author who “has vividly and colorfully portrayed life during the tumultuous Dark Ages” Historical Novels Review   The last uarter of the tenth century was a time of conflict and exploration while the Anglo Saxons fought against the Vikings Norsemen voyaged into the unknown looking for new lands to pillage and so discovered America   Prince Rumon of France descendant of Charlemagne and King Alfred was a searcher He had vision. A historical novel based on events that occurred in the 10th Century in England Iceland and Greenland Avalon did not live up to my expectations of Anya Seton The plot of a bit plodding and fairly unsophisticated However I did enjoy getting a glimpse of this time period which is not one that is encountered that often I now have a better understanding of how the very important Norman conuest came to be and why the Normans came to sit on the throne of EnglandThe story traces a Cornish girl Merewyn who is revealed to be a result of a Viking raid and Rumon a French descendant of Charlemagne Their lives intersect several times as they thread their ways through the royal house of first King Edgar and then Ethelred the Unready The influences of both the raiding Norsemen and the Christian church are well presented It is primarily the person stories that lack impact Merewyn to whom we should feel attached falls a bit flat for me and displays a kind of inconsistency of character that bothers me as well I do feel the section that deals with her life among the IcelandGreenland Norse is better written than her time in England I have had this book sitting on my shelf for years and have always believed it was going to be a book I would love if I could ever get it into the schedule It was not that but I am pleased to be able to say I have read it and that I did walk away with information and impressions of the time period that I did not have at the outset

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Avalon By Anya SetHe shameful secret of her birth He considers his responsibility ended At court he is dazzled by the beautiful ueen Alfrida but when a murderous truth is revealed he turns to Merewyn only to discover that he may have lost her And he will journey across the Atlantic to find her again      From the beloved bestselling author of Katherine and Dragonwyck this is a romantic tale of history and adventure “characterized by an authentic sense of time” The New York Times Book Revi. I love reading books that are based on historical fact that are set this long ago It feels like she's done a great job researching and recreating their world and life I definitely recommend picking this up if you're interested in Medieval history and Arthurian stories